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USS Excalibur-A


Thera MGia


  • DoB: 236312.14
  • Weight: 73 kg.
  • Height: 1,82 mt.
  • Eye color: Grey
  • Hair Color: White/Silver
  • Birthplace:

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Thera MGia is an Andorian, former Security Ensign. She served at StarBase 118 Ops and later went on the first mission of the USS Excalibur-A.

Character Information

  • Full Name: Thera MGia
  • Race: Andorian
  • DoB: 236312.14
  • Age: 26
  • Gender: Female (Shen)


  • Height: 1,82 mt. (1,84 counting the antennae)
  • Weight: 73 kg.
  • Hair: White or silver but from time to time she dyes her hair brown or red
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Skin: Blue
  • Build: Slim


  • Father (Thaan): Shiras MGia (Federation Counselor)
  • Father (Chan): Shras MGia (Laibok Central College Teacher)
  • Mother (Shen): Vella MGia (Andorian Parliament member)
  • Mother (Zhen): Lyaas MGia (Andor School of Arts Dean)
  • Siblings: none


Thera comes from one of the most prominent Andorian families. Her father Shiras is the current Andorian Federation Counselor and her other father Shras is a History and Political Science teacher at Laibok Central College, the Andorian capitol city main college. Her mother Vella is an influent member of the Andorian Parliament member, many times signalled as a future Chancellor and her other mother Lyaas is the Dean of the Andor School of Arts.

Being the only child of this branch of the family was a heavy burden on Thera. Her parents pampered her, but their status did not permit them to gave her a more normal childhood. As a result she grew up rebellious and sometimes uncontrolled. She was bullied for her family name and her looks, and she would reply with violence and fury.

She changed school many times, although never expelled (something that would be a stain in the MGia family record) she was transfered from almost every good famed school in Andoria. None worked in giving her purpose, or keeping her out of trouble. Actually in the last high school she broke the school Dean's arm, and incident that was covered at great cost by the family influence.

It was by that time that her aunt Fleet Captain Shella MGia talked to her. She could see Thera's potential, and she knew the family pressure. She managed to convince her to enroll in Starfleet, moving some influence due to Thera's previous behaviour. Although none of her parents agreed with the idea at first, it was the only solution found possible.

Her time at the Academy didn't started well, she was back into bar fights and several mishaps, changed rooms and roommates seven times, until she meet another academy cadet called Vitor Silveira. He was also a bit of a mischievous character and they gotten along so well that they began treating each other as brother and sister. She also found in Carol Simpson, her new roommate, a close friend she still keeps.

Gaining some balance from these two she began to calm herself down, and realized it was time she set some goals and purpose in her life. Inspired and thankful to her aunt she decided to seriously dedicate herself to a Starfleet career. She graduated as a Security Officer specially in the area of VIP protection, which lead her to her first post in Federation Council.

She was then reassigned to Starbase 118 at the time of the Klingon attack on Thracian space, but arrived as the Victory was sailing out.

There she reconnected with Vitor and the two of them began dating. They went together to the Odyssey station. She wanted things to go slowly, but after a beach party at the holodeck followed a private party between them at Vitor's place. A party that will change their lives.

Thera was on docking duty when the freighter Astrolabe arrived at the Station. She was the one in charge of Security when they arrived, and entered aboard prior to the freighter's internal explosion. Vitor was injured but she kept her position and when the crew began to riot she tried to calm things down. The arrival of the freighter Captain Mimgar with Counselor Rose only made things worse, and in what she thought was an act of despair Mimgar took her hostage, requesting to see the Captain Nicholotti.

Thera already devised an escape plan, and when she saw a chance took it, putting down Mimgar after a struggle, were she was hurt mainly by his squezzing of one of her antennae. With the help of Counselor Rose she went to sickbay where Doctor MacLaren treated her and they found out she was pregnant. After breaking the news to Vitor she let the situation sink in. After being released from sickbay she went to call on her cousin Thalla. Being a Shen she needed a Zhen to bring the pregnancy to full term. Thalla agreed and traveled as fast as possible joining Thera as they received their orders.

They were reassigned to the newly launched Excalibur A. Hardly settling in they went on the Excalibur's first mission.

Due to her condition she bid farewell to Katy and took station on the Bridge, manning the Security station. The effects of the Iconian gateway, by then still unknown to the crew, had an almost disastrous side effect on her. The uncontrollable craving for cucumbers, to which she didn't knew was allergic, made her faint. Thankfully Thalla was able to get her to Sickbay and Doctor Skyfire helped her.

Still troubled by her pregnancy, and worried with having Vitor locked in a relationship, preventing him from reaching higher, she made the decision to resign, sending a message to Katy and another to Vitor.

She left the Excalibur with Thalla soon after they docked back at Starbase 118.