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USS Artemis-A
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Position Assistant Chief Science Officer
Rank Lieutenant JG
Species Edo
Gender Female
DOB 237310.26
Age 26
Birthplace Rubicun III
Writer ID E239911J11
Service Ribbons
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingBasic 2011.jpg
Scientific Discovery Ribbon.png
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal.png
Legacy Ribbon.png
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg

Innovation Ribbon
Good Conduct Ribbon
Lifesaving Ribbon
Scientific Discovery Ribbon
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal
Legacy Ribbon
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon

Press F to Honor
Friend in need
I See Trees of Phlebotinum
This is Not a Drill
Penny for your thoughts
Friends in high places
Space Space Wanna Go to Space
What's up, doc?
A face for the name
It's all in the details

“If I have a thousand ideas a year, and only one turns out to be good, I am satisfied.”

Alfred Nobel
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For alternate universe counterpart, see Jovenan (alternate).

Lieutenant JG Jovenan is an Edo Starfleet officer. She is currently serving as the Assistant Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Artemis-A. Born on the Edo homeworld in 2373, she enrolled in the University of Hurkos in 2390, when the planet was ending its isolation. Upon graduation with degree in Planetary Sciences, she entered the Starfleet Academy. In 2399, she received the commission as ensign and was posted on the USS Excalibur-A, later transferring to the Artemis with much of the Excalibur crew.


  • Height: 157 cm
  • Weight: 51 kg
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Green

Early life and education

Jovenan was born on Rubicun III, the Edo homeworld. She was raised communally, common in her home region. She had a happy childhood, but as she grew up, she found she had no desire for intimate relations, an important aspect of Edo culture. While the other members of her community were accepting of her, she started to feel herself an outsider in her own culture. This roused her longing to leave Rubicun III.

In 2390, she was accepted to University of Hurkos Bachelor Programme in Planetary Sciences. Pending the permission of the Edo God and governance to leave the still partly isolationist planet, the university allowed her to participate in education remotely from Rubicun III. She excelled in her studies, and she was eventually allowed to leave for Hurkos III. The life in the campus was, however, too large a cultural shock for her, and she also faced harassment due to her culture. She faced mental difficulties, and her grades plummeted. Her community back home pleaded her to return, and she eventually agreed. She spent almost a year on Rubicun III before returning to Hurkos III to complete her remaining studies. This time she passed as human, which made it easier for her to concentrate on studying, and she graduated in 2395.


Jovenan after her graduation from the Starfleet Academy, before her first assignment.

Starfleet Academy

After graduation from the University of Hurkos, she became interested in Starfleet and the possibility to explore strange new worlds. She joined the Starfleet Academy in 2395. Her decision to major in science had been obvious to her before applying to the Academy. Already having a degree in Planetary Science, she chose to broaden her skill set and specialize in something new to her, namely astronomy and xenobiology. She completed a minor in Communications and Operations. She didn’t actively hide her being an Edo anymore, but with so many humans around, very few had reason to think she wasn’t one too. She had almost perfect record in sciences but struggled with the mandatory combat and piloting courses.

She completed Starfleet Academy final examination at the Starbase 118 Campus. The examination was supervised by training officer Commander Genkos Adea, assisted by Lieutenant Commander Wil Ukinix. She assumed the role of the science officer of USS Centris-A during an away mission on Durosa, where they had received a distress call.[1]

USS Excalibur

Jovenan shortly after joining the Excalibur in 2399.

Jovenan was first assigned to USS Excalibur-A, a Vesta class explorer. She was happy to join a vessel with extensive scientific facilities, but she was also uncertain of the Borderlands, the area of operation of the Excalibur.

Her introduction to the ship had to be postponed, as the ship was in middle of a diplomatic mission. After the delegates were poisoned, Jovenan joined the crew she didn't know yet to identify the source and find a cure. She met more of her colleagues during the following shore leave. The leave was however cut short as two officers went missing and were later kidnapped by a group of Klingons wishing to destroy the Excalibur. Jovenan and her colleagues discovered data on their location and status, providing the bridge vital information that helped in avoiding the destruction of the ship. She was awarded her first service ribbons thereafter.

The Trouble with Tacos
The Trouble With Tacos (Excalibur)

She first boarded the ship just before the Excalibur left Deep Space 224 for a diplomatic mission. Since the senior officers were occupied with the important meeting, Jovenan's introduction to the ship had to be postponed until after the meeting. The ship ended up facing difficulties, during which Jovenan offered her assistance.[2] She worked with Chief Science Officer Etan Iljor and Counsellor Seta Jinean to analyse the pathogen that had infected visiting ambassadors. After the sudden departure of the CSO, Counsellor Seta requested Jovenan to take the lead of the scientific endeavour.[3]

Working together with Counsellor Seta, Jovenan created a program that tested their hypothesis by subjecting holographic copies of the cells of the targeted individuals to the pathogen.[3] She also took a blood sample from Counsellor Gott. The blood sample analysis provided them with information that could help them device a cure to the pathogen to avoid future incidents. Jovenan presented their findings to Doctor Genkos Adea, with whom she carried on to work in order to find the cure and analyse the pathogen.[4]

She was awarded the Lifesaving Ribbon for helping discover the cure, although the ribbon could only be awarded after the following mission.[5]

Shoreleave 239912

During her first shoreleave on Excalibur, Jovenan participated on an EVA orientation held by Commander Karrod Niac. She was joined Ensigns Hera Kijana and Hiro Jones, who had joined the crew after her.[6] During the orientation, they encountered a problem when the airlock closed behind them and could not be opened due to remnants of the computer virus from the previous mission. They tried to reach the marine hanger[7] However, they had to opt for jumping to the Deep Space 224 some 200 metres away, where they were docked. After initial success, their anchoring gave in and they hurled towards the station.[8] Luckily, they survived with minor injuries.[9]

She also visited Doctor Genkos Adea for new crewmembers medical evaluation.[10] She received thermal underlayers and permission to control the room temperature when alone after complaining of feeling chilly.[11]

Hide and Seek
Hide and Seek (Excalibur)

Commodore Kali Nicholotti cut the shoreleave short and ordered the crew to return to the ship and the senior officers to report her. In absence of Chief Science Officer, she gathered the science department and reported to the mission briefing.[12] The Commodore informed the senior staff that the First Officer, Commander Addison MacKenzie and Chief Intelligence Officer, Lieutenant Talos Dakora are missing and that they will try to find them.

The Captain ordered Jovenan to join Lieutenant Seta and Ensign Jones and try to find where the two officers had gone and why.[13] Reviewing the evidence, the team tried to deduce what the two officers where intending and what was the heading of the Daisy, the Maquis Raider they used. They also discovered that the two officers had met briefly before their departure under suspicious circumstance. Jovenan informed the Captain of their findings.[14]

Jovenan was ordered to provide them a detailed analysis of the surrounding space. However, en route to the astrometrics lab the Captain ordered her to the bridge instead. Meanwhile, the fake distress beacon exploded in the cargobay, where it had been transported to after being spotted in the empty space[15][16]. The turbolift got stuck and the communications went down, trapping Jovenan.[14] She was soon rescued by Ensign Kawarda, to whom she had been talking to via commlink when the explosion occurred. She decided to go to the astrometrics with Kawarda, as she thought her chances of assisting the Captain were better there than on the Bridge as the necessary equipment were going offline.[17]

In the astrometrics, they conducted an analysis of the data the sensors had received. They found an ion trail to follow, and two transmissions that needed to be decoded. They didn't have appropriate program at hand, so Jovenan had to opt to leave for Shuttlebay 2, where they believed a shuttle not affected by the system malfunctions could be used decoding the messages. She devised a method of communicating between her and Kawarda before leaving.[18] While walking there, Kawarda told her he had analysed the trail and found that the Daisy was hiding in the nearby Azure Nebula.[19]

In the Shuttlebay, she found out that the shuttlebay door was partially open and the forcefield was flickering due to the malfunctions. She chose a shuttle in a hurry. However, she was stopped by Crewman Tripu Lante, who was evacuating the Shuttlebay and whom she ordered to help her.[19][20] With the help of Crewman Lante, she managed to send Daisy’s location data to the bridge.[21] Soon after, she decoded one of the transmissions and found out it was the distress call by MacKenzie and Dakora, who were captured by a group of Klingon renegades. She transmitted the bridge the transcription of the transmission, as well as the description of a method of fighting the nanobots behind the malfunction, which Kawarda had found.[22] When the shuttlebay unexpectedly decompressed, they were stranded in the shuttle Ector.[23] Preparing for the worst, she refamiliarized Crewman Lante to the shuttle's weapons and shields controls, but the fight ended and they were rescued by Ensign Kawarda.[24][25]

She received the Innovation Ribbon and the Good Conduct Ribbon for her actions during the mission.[5]

Shoreleave 240002

During the shore leave, she took part in an emergency drill, held by Lt. Commander Yogan Yalu. The drill was held in a holodeck on Deep Space 224, and Jovenan, together with Hiro Jones and Genkos Adea had to try and evacuate the sickbay of a Galaxy class ship in 5 minutes.[26] Despite their efforts, they had to abandon some of the wounded behind. In the very last seconds, Jovenan stumbles and is helped to the escape pod by Jones. They had to leave the patient Jovenan was helping behind them. She took losing the holographic woman hard and cried after as the program ended.[27][28][29]

She also gave Jones tour in the astrometrics lab, demostrating the microgravity properties while showing him the holographs of the Azure Nebula and her homeworld, Rubicun III.[30] Jones invited her to a movie night, which will be her first time seeing an Earth movie.[31] She also had an appointment with Counsellor Seta Jinean, discussing her fears and doubts about being in Starfleet.[32]

USS Artemis

Jovenan soon after joining the Artemis.

Along with many other officers and crewmembers of the Excalibur, Jovenan was transferred to the Luna class explorer USS Artemis-A in 240002. She first boarded the ship after the brief shore leave on Deep Space 224 wearing her new skant uniform.[33]

Their maiden voyage was to Meranuge IV, where a meteor had hit the city of Tecra. Their relief efforts were cut short after the locals and telepathic crewmembers became aggressive under the effect of Da'allium dust. After the discovery of the cure and a shoreleave on the planet, Jovenan was promoted to Lieutenant JG. During a drill-turned-fight against pirates, Jovenan showed her skills in operating multiple different systems. She was then appointed the Assistant Chief Science Officer.

Impact (Artemis)

Commander Adea ordered Jovenan to report to his office together with Lt Vitor Silveira and the new Science Ensign Sela Kag.[34] Commander Adea informed them they will be heading for the Da’al homeworld, Meranuge IV, where a meteor had hit the city of Tecra, killing estimated 10 000 people. The team would beam down to the Palace of Culture, which operated as an triage centre, and provide relief aid.[35] After the briefing session, Jovenan was asked by Lt Talos Dakora to join him in the Astrometrics. Lt Dakora asked Jovenan to help him investigate why the meteor had hit the city without the locals' knowledge or reaction.[36] However, they had to leave their investigation as they approached the planet.[37]

Jovenan and the team beamed down onto the planet's surface, finding the city largely destroyed. They met Jiah Kleebohn, Da’al rescue coordinator and their contact person. Jovenan scanned the air, not finding anything that could be dangerous to the team.[38] They quickly noticed that Kleebohn was easily agitated, although Jovenan thought mostly about stress and lack of adueqate training. They started beaming down the relief aid and building up a distribution line.[39][40]

Quickly after setting up the distribution line, a large, uncontrollable crowd of refugees residing in the Palace of Culture came to the area. While the senior officers were attempting to establish order, Jovenan received a call from Ensign Jones.[40] She went to a courtyard to talk with him. Jones and his team had discovered an unusual molecular compound from the dust in the crater. Jovenan deduced the substance was created by the meteor impact, although some of the substance's properties remained unexplained. Considering the substance unimportant and unable to find it in the courtyard, Jovenan returned to the distribution area, where the other team members were attempting to control the crowd. However, as soon as she began to explain the call, her tricorder found some of the substance in the distribution area, and she left to contact Jones again.[41] They deduced the substance had caused the Da’al and Commander Adea to behave aggressively, and she went back in to warn the team of the danger.[42]

Commander Adea and Kleebohn, under the influence of the aggression inducing dust, reacted badly to the news. Adea attacked Kleebohn with his cane and had to be subdued by Silveira. However, Kleebohn caught Silveira's phaser and started shooting the Starfleet officers with it, hitting Adea, stunning him. Jovenan called for an emergency beam-out, and the team was quickly transported back to the Artemis. As soon as they rematerialized, she ordered a contamination field to be erected around the transporter platform, in order to avoid the dust from affecting the crew.[43] Silveira checked on Adea, who managed to get a hidden blade from his prosthetic leg and penetrated Silveira's shoulder with it. Working under Silveira's orders, Jovenan quarantined the transporter room and left the platform field, trapping Silveira with Adea. Wanting to avoid further damage to Silveira, she used the transporter to beam him to the sickbay, leaving Adea alone behind the force field.[44]

Having saved Silveira and trapped Adea, she scanned the air and observed that the dust had dissipated after they had beamed up, as she had expected based on the hypothesis that there was something on the planet that kept the usually unstable combound from breaking down. She ended the contamination procedures and let in a security team.[44] She ordered the security team to stun Adea after she would lower the force field. Having stunned him, they took him to the sickbay, where Silveira and Doctor Morgan were waiting.[45]

Adea was restrained in sickbay, while Jovenan and Silveira explained to Morgan what had happened. Adea continued to hackle them. Jovenan informed the Captain of their status and location, although Silveira had wished her to do so earlier, giving him a reason to reprimand her.[46] Jovenan contacted the Captain, informing her of the team's situation. The Captain told that the remaining teams on the planet are deploying a potential cure and ordered them to be prepared to beam them back in. Together with Doctor Morgan, Jovenan resumed studying Adea's condition. He was given neurotransmitter inhibitor Lexorin, which pacified him temporarily.[47]

After briefly meeting the new ensigns Savel and Flint Kader, the team in sickbay learnt that the away teams had been in an explosion and had them beamed up. Jovenan had to face the Captain's questioning over the events that had occured to them, including Adea's aggression towards Kleebohn and Silveira and Jovenan's decision to beam them up and stun Adea.[48] Jovenan joined Jones and Lt Hallia Yellir in effort to emit a pulse that could undo the effects of the "Da’allium" dust over the city. Working silently avoiding detection by aggressive Da’al, they were nonetheless noticed and attacked. She and Jones shot at the Da’al in order to stun them, as did Ensign Luxa Lorana, who had unexpectedly joined them when the shooting began. The pulse was released, causing a wave of nausea over the team.[49] The pulse worked, and the team left the planet.[50]

In a ceremony held in Tecra at the end of the following shoreleave, Jovenan received Scientific Discovery Ribbon for the study of Da'allium, Good Conduct Ribbon for keeping her team alive, Innovation Ribbon and Legacy Ribbon.[51]

Shoreleave 240004–240005

Jovenan reported to the Chief Intelligence Officer Talos Dakora, telling him of Kawarda's report on their analysis why the meteor had hit the city of Tecra. The report indicated that the strike had been artificial and deliberate.[52] They informed Commander MacKenzie of the results.[53] Dakora asked Jovenan to covertly try and find out, where the people who had moved the meteor had launched their vessel, focusing on potential hiding places on the planet. She found out about a canyon, known as the La'kso Canyon, which had large kelbonite deposit. She informed Dakora, who asked her to go and study the place closer.[54][55]

She invited the new Ensigns Savel, Kader and Lorana to join her for a camping trip to La'kso canyon on Meranuge IV. The canyon runs through a deposit of kelbonite, which can block transporter signal.[56] Unknown to the other ensigns, she had planned the trip with intention to study a potential hiding place of the people who had moved the meteor to strike the city of Tecra.[55] They got themselves the shuttlepod Perseus, which they found cramped but sufficient for them.[57] They landed near the canyon and starter their hiking trip with telling stories to one another.[58][59] Their arrival was observed from afar by two Da'al, who suspected the ensigns were there to investigate.[60] The Da'al kept observing them from a hiding place, but were spotted by Lorana. That resulted in an confrontation, where both Jovenan and the Da'al attempted to keep up a façade of innocence.[61][62] However, it failed and the confrontation became more violent as they drew weapons and the Da'al attempted to kidnap them while threatning to blow up hidden explosives on rocks above them.[63] They managed to distract the Da'al so that Lorana and Savel could disable them. However, after a ferocious charge, Lorana fell off a cliff to a ledge c. 10 metres below. Jovenan rappelled down to help her.[64] During the ensigns' stay in the Canyon, Dakora had learnt more about the Da'al hiding there and realized the danger, causing him to organize a rescue team of himself, Adea, Gabriel Osuna and other security officers. The rescue team came to help the ensigns, and Dakora helped Jovenan and Lorana from the ledge.[65] Security officers discovered a hidden hangar with what was likely the vessel used for deorbiting the meteor. As Dakora and some of the security officers remained to investigate, Jovenan and others returned to the ship.[66]

During the shoreleave, she also took part in movie night with Hiro Jones, Luxa Lorana, Flint Kader and Vedic Koleth. They watched the Earth movie "Troll 2".[67][68] She also received a subspace letter from her family, giving delayed congratulations for her graduation from the Academy and getting posted to a ship. The letter was accompanied by an Edo Community leader’s necklace, a gift from her family, indicating their proudness of her.[69]

Near the end of the shoreleave, an awards ceremony was held in a government banquet hall in Tecra. Jovenan was promoted to Lieutenant JG during this awards ceremony.[70]

Drill (Artemis)

After the shoreleave, the Artemis headed to the Paulson Nebula. Commander MacKenzie informed the senior staff that in order to familiarize themselves with the ship they would conduct a tactical drill within the Nebula. The Artemis would engage in simulated space battle against USS Berlin, a Reliant class cruiser on loan from Deep Space 224. Jovenan was assigned to remain on the Artemis and man the science station, while half of the senior staff took control of the Berlin.[71] After a series of questions and tactical discussion, the crew took their stations and the ships entered the Nebula.[72]

Due to the nebula's inhibiting properties, environmental hazards there and their desire to be unseen by the Berlin, Jovenan had to balance sensor usage carefully and keep an eye tightly on the readings.[73] Eventually, she discovered the Berlin in the nebula. In order to avoid being detected for as long as possible, they opted to send out a set of probes to verify Berlin's location.[74] However, the attack against the Berlin was a partial failure, and the Artemis lost its primary sensors. This crippled the Artemis in the dangerous surroundings.[75]

They took some distance from the Berlin and prepared for a new attack. Jovenan deviced a plan, based on a graviton pulse, that could hide them right after their attack in order to avoid Berlin's counterattack.[76] However, their decision to fire the plasma pockets released more ignited plasma than intended and was dangerous for Artemis as well, and the graviton pulse only managed to protect them from the plasma without covering them from the Berlin.[77]

Soon, the crew began to suspect something was wrong. MacKenzie asked the bridge crew to find out if some of the damage the Artemis had sustained was real instead of merely simulated, and Jovenan could confirm that was indeed the case.[78] The crew found out they had been boarded in secrecy by a hostile party, and they terminated the drill. However, multiple systems were offline, and some decks were filled with anaesthetic gas. In a situation briefing an hour later, Jovenan was ordered to find out the way to remove the gas, working together with a new ensign, Doctor Gila Sadar.[79] Their plan was to move the anaesthetic gas to a smaller area by creating an aircurrent within the corridors and turbolift shafts, and then expose the gas to Naloxone, which would render it harmless for a while.[80]

Jovenan and Sadar were joined by MacKenzie and Lt Commander Yogan Yalu. The four officers travelled in the Jefferies Tubes, first to the subprocessor that controlled the environment on deck 5, and then moving downwards, deck by deck. It was Jovenan's duty to interface witht the subprocessor and program it to move the gas to the right direction. Meanwhile, Sadar discovered the gas was a mix of different chemicals, including Anesthizine and Felicium, which made combating them more difficult.[81] They cleared the decks 5-7 until they reached the sickbay. There, they met the Holographic Medical Muppet Teller, their modified Emergency Medical Hologram, and learnt that Dakora and his team had just been there but had left to fight the boarders on a lower deck. The four officers worked on the gas removal and the antidote, but left the sickbay crew to finish it while they were needed on the bridge.[82][83][84]

Back on the bridge, the bridge crew discovered another ship in the Nebula. Soon after them finding the ship, it opened fire against the Berlin.[84] The Artemis moved closer to the Suliban ship to protect the Berlin from the enemy fire. To Jovenan's surprise, the Captain ordered her to take the tactical and fire the Suliban ship, despite her knowing how to use phasers only theoretically. After an initial shot of disputable success, she became enraged at their opponents, hitting them repeatedly until an alarm broke her concentration. The Berlin had backed out and was preparing to fire at the Suliban ship with torpedoes, risking damage to themselves and the Artemis.[85] The Berlin hit both the Suliban ship and the gas surrounding it, damaging the Suliban ship further. Its warp core took damage, while some of the crew beamed onto the Berlin.[86] The Artemis flew closer to the Berlin, and Jovenan beamed the Suliban boarding party on the Berlin to the Artemis' brig.[87]

In the ceremony at the end of the following shoreleave, Jovenan received an Innovation Ribbon for helping clear the ship of the anaesthetic gas and Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal for the fight against the Suliban pirates. She was also appointed the Assistant Chief Science Officer.[88]

Shoreleave 240007-240009

The Artemis spent the shoreleave on Cait Spacedock. Feeling homesick, Jovenan checked the departing slipstream starliners from the Spacedock, but none of them coincided with the shoreleave. She then met Hiro Jones in one of the lounges on the Spacedock Promenade, telling him that she had visited the Spacedock before, as it had been one of the stops for her transport to the Academy.[89] Hiro also told of a matter pressing him, but due to the public nature of their meeting place, they didn't continue further with it. Instead, Hiro asked if Jovenan could show him the Sensor Pod, to which Jovenan agreed.[90] Having sensed Jovenan had more on her mind than she had told, Hiro asked about it. Jovenan confessed that she had started to view the crew as a family and not having seen her old family in more than five years, breaking in tears and instinctively hugging Hiro. After calling him her brother, Jovenan realised she might have crossed the line by hugging him without permission.[91] Hiro, however, was happy to be referred to as her brother, and promised never to judge her for being who she was. After she calmed down, Hiro asked her if he could try out the TOV suit. She offered to hold a training session on the use of it for him.[92] Studying the nearby moon Rea, Hiro passed the training.[93]

Later, Hiro invited her to a "sibling night" to his quarters.[94] After they made sliders together, Hiro told her that she had Lorana had been attacked while on Cait.[95] She was worried of what had happened to them, but hearing they had also been arrested, she also had to consider how her own morals related to the events. Despite the strict Edo moral code, she couldn't be angry at Hiro.[96] They then played "Would you rather?".[97]

While running in the Fitness Centre, Jovenan was urgently called to Chief Tactical Officer's office by Lt Silveira. Despite Silveira's stern look, he ended up praising Jovenan much to her confusion.[98] Revealing the prank, Silveira continued to compliment her actions in the previous missions and her overall growth.[99] He would also give her advice for the future. The conversation ended with Jovenan complimenting him in the same fashion he had did to her.[100]

She briefly also met Dakora in the Brew Continuum at the Cait Spacedock[101] and had a lunch with Lorana in the Elysium lounge.[102]

Both Sides Now
Both Sides Now (Artemis)

The mission takes place in an alternate universe. See Jovenan (alternate) for details.

Personal life


Look Nan, I have seen you grow in the face of adversity. And grow in the right direction.

Jovena is generally shy, although she has grown bolder over the time in Starfleet. Her bad experiences after moving out of her homeworld made her avoid touching other people and being too close with anyone, easily blaming herself of violating others' personal area. Even after her graduation from the Academy, Jovenan was skittish about senior officers. While her "fear" of them has diminshed as she has become more familiar with the crew and she has risen in ranks, she still tends to be formal around them.

She enjoys running. She has taken a habit of going for a run in the ship's Fitness Centre, although she would prefer runs or longer treks in nature. The limited space on the ship and social expectations prevent her from running everywhere, which she prefers over constant walking. This sometimes makes her feel confined.

For cultural and health reasons, Jovenan eats typically vegan food. She isn't opposed to eating meat or other animal-based food, but won't do so without a reason.

Having grown up with strict Edo law, which at the time required death penalty for all crimes, Jovenan has had difficulty in adjusting to the more relaxed moral code. She has poor tolerance of misbehaviour and may sometimes mentally judge people for their missteps from the legal codes. Still, she can also be not as black-and-white as she was raised to be, understanding that some actions might be necessary even if not strictly within the letter of the law.

Jovenan is a follower of the Edo religion. Since the Edo God is a physical, albeit transdimensional, entity, she and the most Edo consider them a part of the reality and not as much something that needs to be believed in. Jovenan has a religious symbol in her quarters, and she prays occassionally.


While on service, Jovenan typically wears the skant variant of the Artemis standard sciences division uniform. She opted to wear the skant variant due to comfort and familiarity to the Edo clothing, despite having suppressed her Edo habits in public. If needed in cooler environments, she also has the basic version of the uniform, in addition to the thermal layers provided my Doctor Adea when she first joined the Excalibur. She typically wears her hair tied to a ponytail or similar style with a blue hair tie.

During off-hours when alone, she prefers to don more typical Edo clothes, such as her light pink romper. She has no problem wearing such revealing clothes when alone or with other Edo, but never wears them with off-worlders due to their reactions. When in civilian clothes with off-worlders, she usually wears typical Earth clothes, such as trousers, t-shirts and skirts.

She has an Edo Community leader's necklace, which she received from her family. She wears it often under the uniform turtleneck.


Jovenan's quarters are located on Deck 3, Sector 03, Compartment 17. She had lived in shared quarters on a lower deck while an Ensign, although the second berth had happened to be empty for the entire duration. After being promoted to the Lieutenant JG, she moved to the upped deck with senior officers, to her own quarters.

As of yet, she doesn't have many items to decorate her room with. She has some flowers, an Edo religious symbol and books around the room. She often listens to Edo music in the privacy of her quarters.

0317 Jovenan
Assistant Chief Science Officer



Noimage.jpg Jarer and Saven
Caring parents, different ideals
Jovenan's parents love and support her very much, even if they don't always understand her.
Jovenan: I was… I didn’t always fit in. I love my family and my home, and they love and care about me, but I didn’t always have the same… mindset about everything. They respected it, but I still felt an outsider.[104]
Noimage.jpg 1 full brother, 3 maternal half-siblings, 4 paternal half-siblings Supportive older siblings. Lovable little scoundrels for younger siblings.
Noimage.jpg Several other communal parents and siblings Being raised communally, Jovenan considers many of the older adults in her community her parents and kids her age her siblings.


HiroJones.jpg Hiro Jones
Space brother
Hiro joined the Excalibur soon after Jovenan, and they have served together since. Finding Hiro easy to approach, Jovenan has spent much time with him, including freejumping across empty space and watching stars in the Astrometrics. During one emotional discussion, Jovenan admitted viewing the crew as family and called Hiro her brother, a title he was happy to receive.
Jones: Jovenan, listen very carefully. One: You never ever have to apologize for being your genuine self with me. I will never judge you for it, hold it against you, or think any less of you for it. I will always be someone with whom you can be free and honest, ok? That's a promise. Two: I never had any siblings. I didn't really even have many friends until fairly recently. I'm thrilled to be called your friend, and it is the highest honor I can think to be called your brother.[105]
Kawarda.jpg Kawarda
Valued colleague, great supporter
Jovenan and Kawarda both serve as science officers on Artemis, and Excalibur before that. Kawarda has come in her rescue in more than one occasion, and she values greatly his work and support.
Kawarda: Ensign Jovenan, you did a good job. You should be proud of yourself. ::a pause to consider:: Would ... you like a hug?[106]

Highly regarded colleagues

2400-MacKenzie-WM-Long.png Addison MacKenzie
The adventure maker
Jovenan's first XO on the Excalibur and CO on the Artemis. Jovenan didn't meet her until after her rescue mission and learnt quickly to appreciate her dedication.
Jovenan: Th- Thank you for your confidence, sir. I’ll try to live up your expectations.
MacKenzie: Expectations, perhaps not. More like, possibility. I will say that you’ve demonstrated critical thinking and good judgment in your time here so far. That counts for a lot in my book.[107]
Adea-2400-CMO-Coat.png Genkos Adea
Early source of reliance
Not only is Adea Jovenan's CMO on the Excalibur and the Artemis, he was her Academy final training officer. This made him the first approachable officer after assignment.
Adea: You want to know everything there is to know about Genkos, eh? ::he chortled:: Well, I’m not going to tell you everything I’ve ever done - we don’t have enough time, and there’s several past girlfriends, and at least one boyfriend who wouldn’t be best pleased.[108]
Sil-Picard Uniform.png Vitor Silveira
Man of Metal
During their first shared mission on Artemis, Silveira took punches and even an sword through him. Impressively, he continued to direct Jovenan with clear and sensible orders.
Silveira: I am truly very proud of you. You are one of the best officers I ever served with. And an example to follow. ::He raised his finger as if to add a point.:: Correction your an example I follow. Very well done.

Jovenan: ::confused, blinking fast:: I… Excuse me… sir?[99]

Lt Dakora Artemis Portrait.jpg Talos Dakora
Action hero with a soft side
When Jovenan first met him, she wary of him. After a partially failed covert mission Jovenan had gotten herself into, Dakora came to their rescue. Jovenan noticed that he wasn't the dangerous spy charicature after all.

Former colleagues

Kali Nicholotti
You will always remember your first captain
Nicholotti became Jovenan's first CO when she was assigned to the Excalibur. Even though they have only met a few time, Jovenan holds her in great respect.
Nicholotti: =/\= Well, you've done great getting us this far, Ensign. Thank you. =/\=[109]
Seta Jinean LT.png Seta Jinean
Jovenan had worked with Seta in conditions where neither of them were too sure about themselves. Not only that, Seta has amazing counselling skills that can soothe even Jovenan.
Seta: I think being scared is very normal, and having doubts is... normal too. The last few weeks were a lot more stressful than life in Starfleet has any right to be. I was scared too, or at the very least unsure what to do, and I've been in Starfleet for a while now.[110]


Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 2395 - 2399 Starfleet Academy
DS9style-ens blue.png
Ensign 239911.07 - 240002.11 USS Excalibur-A
USS ExcaliburA logo.png
Science Officer
PICstyle-ens blue.png
240002.11 - 240005.19 USS Artemis-A
USS ArtemisA-logo.png
PICstyle-ltjg blue.png
Lieutenant JG 240005.19 - 240009.03
240009.03 - Present Assistant Chief Science Officer
Awards and Service Ribbons
For OOC awards, see User:Jovenan#Awards
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 2399
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Innovation Ribbon 240002.02
USS Excalibur-A
“For all that was done to get us on the other side of certain destruction” [5]
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg
Good Conduct Ribbon 240002.02
USS Excalibur-A
“For taking the risks necessary and making sure vital information got to the bridge allowing us to find and mitigate issues regarding the Daisy [5]
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingBasic 2011.jpg
Lifesaving Ribbon 240002.02
USS Excalibur-A
“Even as a brand new Academy graduate, your knowledge and taking of calculated risks saved many, many lives.” [5]
Scientific Discovery Ribbon.png
Scientific Discovery Ribbon 240005.19
USS Artemis
“From developing the hypothesis that the dust might be the culprit to designing and implementing a solution that worked on an individual and large-scale basis likely saved us all” [51]
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg
Good Conduct Ribbon 240005.19
USS Artemis
“[Y]our quick thinking in calling for an emergency beamout back at the Palace of Culture prevented Ms. Kleebohn from murdering you and your crewmates, and saved the entire group.” [51]
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Innovation Ribbon 240005.19
USS Artemis
“You were required to do a lot with very few resources, and you had to come up with creative solutions to get out of very sticky situations.” [51]
Legacy Ribbon.png
Legacy Ribbon 2340005.19
USS Artemis
“[F]or the successful reinstatement of the USS Doyle, now USS Artemis-A.” [51]
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Innovation Ribbon 240009.03
USS Artemis
“When many of the decks of the Artemis were filled with gas and many of our systems unresponsive, you two came up with a plan that allowed our teams to get in and neutralize the Suliban threat.” [88]
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal.png
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal 240009.03
USS Artemis
“[B]ecause of our dealings with the Suliban pirates” [88]


This is not a full list of Jovenan's sims, nor is it a list of "best" or "favourite" sims either. It's simply a list of sims referred to in this wiki article.

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  10. This time without mysterious viruses, hopefully, Ens. Jovenan, USS Excalibur-A, 239912.02
  11. It's Getting Hot In Here, So Put On Some More Clothes, Cmdr. Genkos Adea, USS Excalibur-A, 239912.04
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  27. This is just a simulation. You can do it., Ens. Jovenan, USS Excalibur-A, 240002.15
  28. Click Trip Boom, Ens. Hiro Jones, USS Excalibur-A, 240002.15
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  33. ...but the life goes on, Ens. Jovenan, USS Excalibur-A, 240002.18
  34. New beginning, new deck layout, Ens. Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240002.20
  35. The Roll Call of the Semi-Skilled, Ens Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240002.22
  36. I always do my homework just before the class, Ens Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240003.01
  37. Collision in a faraway orbit, Ens Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240003.03
  38. Just another geological curiosity?, Ens Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240003.07
  39. The Pain of the Unknown Knife, Ens Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240003.12
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  41. There's something in the air and it ain't love, Ens Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240003.18
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  65. From the abysmal pit I have risen, Ens Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240005.19
  66. Bye bye, Meranuge hills, Ens Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240005.23
  67. Plans for the evening, Ens Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240004.28
  68. More questions than answers, Ens Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240005.05
  69. P.S. I miss you (part 2), Ens Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240005.15
  70. Honoring Traditions (Part 2), Cmdr. Addison MacKenzie, USS Artemis-A, 240005.19
  71. Drilling through the Nebula, LtJG Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240005.27
  72. Yellow is mellow, red is dead, LtJG Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240006.03
  73. In a haystack, LtJG Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240006.05
  74. Please have your boarding passes ready for the flight to Berlin, LtJG Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240006.08
  75. You take fries with those fried sensors?, LtJG Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240006.10
  76. Playing with plasma because fire isn’t hot enough, LtJG Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240006.17
  77. Eye of a fire storm, LtJG Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240006.20
  78. When the fun turns to tears, LtJG Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240006.08
  79. Enemy within the mist, LtJG Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240006.28
  80. Well planned is half done, but the rest is just as important, LtJG Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240007.02
  81. Let it flow, LtJG Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240007.05
  82. What is that and where can I get one?, LtJG Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240007.07
  83. Should have taken more biochemistry classes, LtJG Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240007.10
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  91. We're All Broken Within, Brother, LtJG Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240007.22
  92. Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder, LtJG Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240007.25
  93. First time teacher here, how do I grade a test?, LtJG Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240008.01
  94. A rescue from loneliness, LtJG Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240008.19
  95. You’ll never stop worrying about your family, LtJG Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240008.21
  96. Of Laws, Morals, and Family, LtJG Jovenan, 240008.23
  97. I would rather..., LtJG Jovenan, 240008.27
  98. Reprimand of a kind, LtJG Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240008.22
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  102. There's almost 400 people aboard, I can't know them all, LtJG Jovenan, USS Artemis-A, 240008.23
  103. Prank and praise., Lt Vitor Silveira, USS Artemis-A, 240008.23
  104. Longing for the Paradise, Ens Jovenan, USS Excalibur-A, 240002.10
  105. Catharsis, LtJG Hiro Jones, USS Artemis-A, 240007.24
  106. Just a Pointy-Eared Teddy Bear, Ens Kawarda, USS Excalibur-A, 240002.02
  107. Just Roll With It, Cmdr. Addison MacKenzie, USS Excalibur-A, 240002.07
  108. Getting Personal, Cmdr. Genkos Adea, USS Excalibur-A, 239912.05
  109. And They All Fell Down, Cdre. Kali Nicholotti, USS Excalibur-A, 240001.12
  110. When We're Scared, Lt. Seta Jinean, USS Excalibur-A, 240002.14

NPC Listing   ·   USS Artemis-A Crew Manifest   ·   Crew History
Commanding Ofc.
Addison MacKenzie
Executive Ofc.
Yogan Yalu
Helm Ofc.
Flint Kader
Hallia Yellir Picard Uniform.png
Chief Eng. Ofc.
Hallia Yellir
Engineering Ofc.
Sil-Picard Uniform.png
Chief Tactical Ofc.
Vitor Silveira
Ensign Savel.png
Security Ofc.
Lt Dakora Artemis Portrait.jpg
Chief Intel. Ofc./2XO
Talos Dakora
Jovenan LtJG 2400.png
Asst. Chief Sci. Ofc.
Luxa Lorana Ensign close up.png
Science Ofc.
Luxa Lorana
Genkos Adea.png
Chief Medical Ofc.
Genkos Adea
Hiro Jones
Medical Ofc.
Gila Sadar
USS ArtemisA-logo.png
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