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USS Octavia E Butler
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Etan Iljor
Position First Officer
Rank Commander
Species Bajoran
Gender Male
Pronouns they/them, he/him
DOB 237502.28
Age 26
Birthplace Tamulna, Musilla Province, Bajor
Writer ID C239203TW0
Service Ribbons
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Commander Etan Ijor is an officer of the Federation Starfleet assigned to the USS Octavia E Butler as Executive Officer. Prior, he served as XO of the USS Oumuamua. He was formerly stationed aboard the USS Excalibur-A as Chief Science Officer and the USS Resolution as a Science Officer. As part of his studies on the Starfleet Command Training Program he was also seconded to the Black Tower aboard Starbase 118 as a Data Analyst.


  • Height: 1.82m (6')
  • Weight: 74.8kg (165lbs)
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Build: Lean, slightly athletic.
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous


While not shy by any stretch of the imagination, Iljor is a contemplative and quiet man and not one given to loquaciousness. There is a serene grace about him. He is perhaps most animated discussing his passion in life: archaeology. He is also extremely humble, eschewing recognition when he receives service ribbons and is almost always embarrassed by the attention. The kind of person to study and take in a room before engaging, he is diligent and careful in everything that he does. He approaches assignments with scientific methodology such as proposing a debate (as opposed to a diplomatic summit) between the Thama and the Nascaik over the rights to an uninhabited planet.

When he first entered Starfleet, he was often reluctant to confide in people when faced with a personal challenge, believing that if he does he will be burdening them with his problems. When he was confronted with allegations about his parents' activities in the Occupation of Bajor (see below for more information.), it was several months before he confided in somebody.

During the course of his service aboard the USS Resolution and the USS Excalibur-A, Iljor grew in confidence and found it easier to make connections with people. After the destruction of the USS Resolution he developed a more assertive streak, which initially led to clashes with Lieutenant Vitor Silveira- but the two quickly became friends. Others aboard the Excalibur have remarked that he has become a more commanding presence.



  • Mother: Etan Oona: Farmer. Former member of the Bajor Resistance during the Cardassian Occupation, currently awaiting trial for war crimes in prison. In 2398, Evidence came to light that thirty-three years earlier she was involved in the unwitting massacre of Cardassian religious refugees as part part of an Obsidian Order false flag operation. Iljor was made aware of these allegations but did not immediately act upon them. Eventually, he confronted both Oona and Rehr and found out that the allegations were true and that the massacre was covered up by the Vedek Assembly who were sheltering the refugees. She was then banished from Bajor, settling on the Tender Colony with Rehr before returning to Bajor sometime between 2369 and 2375. She enjoyed making a fuss of her only child- especially in matters of the heart. She was seemingly unable to grasp that romance was not a priority for Iljor and frequently attempted to set him up with a myriad of unsuitable partners.
  • Father: Etan Rehr: Farmer. Former member of the Bajor Resistance during the Cardassian Occupation, currently awaiting trial for war crimes in prison In 2398, Evidence came to light that thirty-three years earlier he was involved in the unwitting massacre of Cardassian religious refugees as part part of an Obsidian Order false flag operation. Iljor was made aware of these allegations but did not immediately act upon them. Eventually, he confronted both Oona and Rehr and found out that the allegations were true and that the massacre was covered up by the Vedek Assembly who were sheltering the refugees. She was then banished from Bajor, settling on the Tender Colony with Rehr before returning to Bajor sometime between 2369 and 2375. It was Rehr who uploaded the data given to Iljor to the public communications networks. Rehr was a quiet and contemplative man who loves the land he works upon. He was immensely proud of Iljor but could not deny that he was disappointed by his decision to enter Starfleet, rather than take over the running of the farm.
  • Paternal Grandmother: Etan Sobra: Iljor's grandmother at one time considered a life as a member of the Bajoran clergy but instead chose to marry Iljor's grandfather. Iljor relayed her tale to Crewman Hamsan in an attempt to help the medical technician make a decision about his own romantic dilemma. [1]. She passed away at some point prior to 2398- with Iljor believing that she did so of a broken heart after her son and daughter-in-law where banished from Bajor. Note: Iljor's grandmother was not named in the linked post above. She has been named for the purposes of this biography.


  • Creej Tavron: A close friend from his time at Starfleet Academy. A member of the Brikar species who Iljor believes smells like lilacs and Bajoran peat bogs.
  • Lieutenant (J.G.) Vitor "Sil" Silveira - After some friction between the two men over their differing approaches to situations (Iljor going by evidence and Sil trusting his gut)- a friendship blossomed between the two following the Cytarix mission. Following their assignment together on Demes II where they posed as adoptive brothers, Iljor found that he had become consider Sil as such. He is still occasionally irritated by Sil's tendency to rush into a situation without thinking- but trust his good friend enough to know that he always has an exit strategy (or can come up with one on the fly). During CloQ's second encounter with the Excalibur's crew- Iljor referred to Sil several times as his best friend.
  • Lieutenant (J.G.)Yogan Yalu - Roommate aboard the Resolution. Yogan and Iljor quickly bonded, with the former inviting him to participate in his zhian'tara. During the time he embodied Yalu's second host, Edanne revealed to Yogan that Iljor considered him akin to a big brother. During one routine surgery mission, the two stumbled across an adrift Type-7 shuttlecraft emerging from the Celendi Nebula. Iljor asked Yogan for advice when he was considering expanded into the command track.
  • Lieutenant (J.G.) Meidra Sirin - After the two worked together in preparation for diplomatic summit aboard the Resolution a friendship began to develop between them. A weekly lunch began between the two of them and Iljor also spent some time during his first shore leave with Meidra and her boyfriend, Dwich. When she was threatened by her grandfather, Iljor was the one to pull her out of harms way. She also takes an active interest in Iljor's love life, having attempted to set him with an Orion visitor to DS224. Iljor is aware that Meidra keeps a lot of herself guarded from others and while understandably curious, he respects her decision. Meidra was also the first person that Iljor told about the accusations that his parents participated in a massacre of Cardassian refugees during the Occupation and she also agreed to travel to Bajor to help him confront his parents. She was present when Oona and Rehr confessed their part in the massacre and was there when they were arrested by Bajoran Security.
  • Lieutenant (J.G.) Aine Sherlock - Aine and Iljor's friendship began during his first shore leave after the conclusion of the Thama-Nascaik peace summit. They quickly developed a rapport but were both bemused when people repeatedly mistook them for a couple. She worked in cahoots with Meidra Sirin to introduce Iljor to Niera, an Orion passing through Deep Space 224 during the shore leave follow the Thama/Nascaik peace treaty. She subsequently promised Iljor not to meddle in his love life (while cautioning him that Meidra might continue to do so). She also took it upon herself to find Iljor a drink from her homeland that he would like. It was her that introduced him to Tyrconnell, an Irish whiskey.
  • Lieutenant Commander Karrod Niac - Before their assignment to Demes II, Iljor considered Karrod to be just a superior. But having posed as adoptive brothers, Iljor found a bond forming with the perpetually harumphing and grumpy Trill. When Karrod proposed a rescue mission for Tina Kuppasoop, Iljor didn't think before joining him. Niac was Iljor's sponsor for the Command Training Program.
  • Crewman (Second Class) Hamsan Dwich: Introduced to each other by Meidra Sirin, Dwich's girlfriend, the two have bonded over their shared devotion to The Way of The Prophets. Iljor helped Dwich navigate the pitfalls of potentially moving in with Meidra over drinks in an Irish tavern aboard Deep Space 224.

Romantic Interests

  • Niera: Iljor's romantic interest. An itinerant student that Iljor was introduced to via Meidra Sirin and Aine Sherlock. Although, he was annoyed at their 'matchmaking' scheme, he was still attracted to Niera. Several weeks later they met once more, Niera having been invited to Addison MacKenzie's promotion celebration (by Meidra). They took a walk away from prying eyes where they both confessed their attraction to one another. Niera asked Iljor on a date and he accepted. Shortly afterwards, they kissed for the first time. Niera went to Bajor on a whim, having felt called there- and became the second person that Iljor told about his parent's history with the Resistance during the Occupation. Their courtship later fizzled out, but they have nothing but warm feelings towards one another.


Bajoran Farmland similar to the Etan family homestead.

Born to resistance fighters- turned-farmers on the outskirts of the Tamulna Municipality in the Musilla Province on Bajor. He became interested in history relatively young after his mother read him stories of Bajor’s storied past and was encouraged to study archeology by a teacher at the local secondary school. His parents were supportive of his choice of career, although he believes that his father was somewhat disappointed by it at first. At the age of sixteen, he was selected as a volunteer at the excavation of the Holy City of B'Hala. He joined Starfleet as he compelled to give something back to the organisation that- in his mind- had helped his people recover from the Occupation. Holding Benjamin Sisko, a Starfleet officer, in reverence was also a deciding factor in his enrolment in Starfleet. In his spare time, he is a springball enthusiast, both a participant and as a spectator.

As a teenager he became aware that his parents were former resistance fighters but did not pursue any details after seeing his mother's reaction to his initial question. He was unable to quantify the look in her eyes, but he knew it was enough to stop from delving any further into the topic.

He is a devout follower of The Way of The Prophets and believes that his gods have laid out a path for him to follow. He took a copy of a holy text-Yalar's New Insights -with him when he was assigned to the Resolution. He also visited a Bajoran temple on Vulcan shortly after he reported for duty aboard the Resolution. He is noted for viewing everything in his life through the prism of his beliefs and through science, which plays a similarly important part in his life.


Beginnings Aboard the Resolution.

Vulcan, where Iljor joined the crew of the Resolution.

Assigned to the USS Resolution as a science officer, he joined the crew at Vulcan where they were recouperating after an arduous mission involving time travel. A short while later, the Resolution was assigned to mediate talks between the Thama Scientific Sovereignty and the Nascaik Defence Coaltion- stellar neighbours whose individual claims to the uninhabited world of Vionus IV had pushed them to the brink of war. He is first tasked with help First Officer Addison MacKenzie come up with a plan of action and to uncover the murky motivations of both species. Iljor proposed treating the situation scientifically by asking each party to present detailed proposals for why they should lay claim to Vionus. He was troubled by apparent similiarities between the Nascaik and the Cardassians and sought the counsel of Meidra Sirin.

When the Resolution arrived at Vionus IV, Iljor was assigned to an away team to study the planet in the hopes of finding out why both the Thama and the Nascaik were so interested in the planet. After he discovered deposits of astatine in the planet's crust, the away team located a crashed probe and the team extract the data core. Upon further examination of the data core's contents, Iljor uncovered the truth behind the Nascaik's interest in the planet: rare and previously unknown minerals that would solve a population crisis. After he reported this to Commander MacKenzie, Iljor then turned his attention to a spate of systems failures aboard the Resolution, brought about a terrorist attack engineered by a Thama delegate. He and Ensign Yellir quickly realised that pollen dispersed throughout the ship by the renegade Thama delegate was causing the ship's bio-neural circuitry to have an "allergic reaction" and was part of the time that helped to develop an antidote against it.

An Inconvenient Truth.

Shortly after the completion of the summit between the Thama and the Nascaik, Iljor was invited to participate in the zhian'tara of his roommate, Lieutenant Yogan Yalu. He embodied Yalu's second host- a kindly farmer called Edanne. He found the experience to be profound and through Edanne revealed that he had come to see Yogan as the older brother he never had. Shortly afterwards, however- he was approached by a Cardassian whistleblower- Akhbett Jirall- who presented him with evidence that his parents were involved in the unwitting massacre of a group of Cardassian religious refugees during the Occupation of Bajor and that their involvement was covered up the Vedek Assembly who had been sheltering the refugees. They had been fed information that the refugees were part of an Obsidian Order operation. He did not know what to do with the information, returning to the Resolution deeply unsure. [2][3]

During this time, Iljor was promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade) for his work during the Thama/Nascaik mission, with Lieutenant Commander MacKenzie noting that his dedication to science was 'infectious' and that he set an example people should follow. [4][5].

First Contact with the Skarn.

The Briar Patch

Shortly after Iljor's promotion, the Resolution was assigned to investigate the disappearance of a Federation science vessel in the Briar Patch. Iljor was first assigned to discover all he could about the region and the potential hazards that the Resolution might have faced. He later briefed Mission Specialist Tai Ilsam, Commander MacKenzie and Fleet Captain Nicholotti. He manned the science station when the Resolution discovered a rogue planet within the Patch before it was assaulted by a gravimetric energy wave and hundreds upon thousands of rocks. The ship crashed onto the surface of the planet, but he was uninjured. Captain Nicholotti then assigned him to an away team to scout the area, where they eventually came upon survivors of the doomed U.S.S. Hanno and two Romulan vessels that had also gone missing in the region. The away team discovered that the planet was inhabited by non-corporeal aliens known as the Skarn who were oppressed by their leader, Arbelo. Taken to meet them, Arbelo accused the away team of attempting to steal the source of their power- stones that Iljor hypothesised might act some kind of telepathic resonator or amplifier, allowing Arbelo to exert his powers over a vast area (including beyond the limitations of their homeworld and thus causing the Resolution, the Hanno and the two Romulan vessels to crash upon the planet's surface). Iljor survived Lieutenant Sherlock's explosive solution to the situation and befriended one of the survivors of the Hanno. He was also present when Ferdzy, an elderly Romulan survivors, disembarked to live out the remainder of his years with the Skarn.

Personal Indecision & Celendi Nebula Discovery.

Upon the Resolution's return to Deep Space 224, Iljor was once more consumed with the accusations levied against his parents by Akhbett Jirall and found it increasingly difficult to relax. Several members of the crew began to notice the change in Iljor's mood and he inadvertantly sought help from Doctor Genkos Adea who- without knowing the specifics of the issues plaguing the young science officer- assured Iljor that should he choose to face the situation head on, the crew would be there to pick up the pieces for him. [6] This was also echoed in a conversation that he had with Aine Sherlock. Around this time, Iljor also helped Crewman Hamsan Dwich deal with his own personal dilemma- whether to move in with his girlfriend, Meidra Sirin. Iljor advised him to speak to Meidra and assured him that she would not judge him for wanting to pursue a life of spiritual service. He belatedly realised that the advice also applied to him: Meidra would not judge him based on the accusations brought against his parents and he resolved to seek her assistance. [7] He reveals his struggle to the counsellor a short while later who agrees to accompany him to Bajor to confront his parents. [8][9]. Shortly after this conversation, Iljor awarded the Explorer's, First Contact and Scientific Discovery ribbons for his actions during the Resolution's visit to the Skarn Homeworld.

Before he could travel to Bajor, Iljor participated in a routine survey mission of the Celendi Nebula with Lieutenant Yogan Yalu where they discovered a Federation Type-7 shuttlecraft formerly attached to the USS Ibn Battuta, adrift. Upon boarding it they discover no evidence of its occupation, even though Federation records point to it going missing with the Ibn Battuta's first officer and a shuttle pilot aboard. Further scans also revealed that the shuttle was apparently without anyone on board, creating something of a mystery. With limited resources and eager to find out the fates of the Ibn Battuta's missing crew members, the two return to the Resolution with the derelict in tow.

Caught In CloQ's Trap

A Klingon D-7 class battlecruiser.

During a routine survey of the Borderlands, the Resolution was attacked by an old Klingon D-7 Class battlecruiser, the IKS qor'Du. Iljor was in Engineering at the time discussing potential modifications relating to the ship's recent trip to the Borderlands. A warp core breach suddenly began and Iljor was tasked with venting plasma from the nacelles, despite his inexperience with matters relating to Engineering. He reported that the core breach had somehow accelerated and was present when the time around him seemed to freeze before time seemed to loop back 5 minutes. The second time around, the crew ejected the core and Iljor was sheltering outside engineering when the shockwave from the core breach destroyed the Resolution. He was also present when it was discovered that the Resolution had been transposed to a cube-shaped reality approximately 1.6 light years across. At the beginning of the third loop he collapsed to the deck, disorientated by the sudden shift, although he quickly recovered. As the team in engineering began to realise that the loops were being manipulated by an unknown intelligence, Iljor suggested that in order to attract the attentions of whomever was responsible, they should create an inverse tachyon pulse. The team- consisting of Hallia Yellir, Zy Matu and Addison MacKenzie- began the pulse, but it quickly began to weaken which Iljor took as further proof that there was an intelligence at work. He also hit upon the idea of using a radiometric converter to purge waste antimatter from the ship- thus preventing the warp core breach. During the course of their attempts to escape from the pocket universe, Iljor began to find himself floating between his current reality and an alternate version where he was a farmer of Bajor. A temporally unstuck Meidra Sirin attempted to direct him back to the prime reality, only succeeding when she touched him. This was enough for him to become anchor in the correct reality, just in time for the time loop to reset. Iljor's suggestion of using an inverse tachyon pulse eventually bore fruit when paired with a graviton beam and the Resolution is able to return to the 24th century.

Return To Bajor

Following the encounter with CloQ, the Resolution returned to Deep Space 224, where Fleet Captain Nicholotti was allowed use of the USS Excalibur-A to ferry the crew to Bajor for shore leave. They arrived in the midst of the global Gratitude Festival, however Iljor- having made plans with Meidra Sirin- decided not to attend the festival with his friends and instead returned to his parents farm on the prairies of the Muscilla Province, intent on questioning his parents over Akhbett Jirall's allegations that they had been involved in a massacre thirty years earlier. He found being back at home to be strangely unsettling and opted to attempt to enjoy one last night of normality with his parents (who were immediately taken with Meidra, his mother especially) before confronting them. He discovered that his parents were indeed involved in a massacre, just as had been described to him by Akhbett Jirall- that they had been tricked into participating and that both of them had lived with the guilt ever since. He also learned that several days after the event, they were smuggled off Bajor by the Vedek Assembly and sent to live at Tender Colony. He fled the farmhouse for a while, overwhelmed at the truth and accompanied by Meidra. Shortly afterwards, they were summoned back to the house and discovered that his father had uploaded the entire contents of Akhbett Jirall's data rod to the public comments so that everyone on Bajor would learn what happened that night. A short while later, Iljor and Meidra were forced to watch as both his parents were arrested by Bajoran security. Iljor decided to return to the Excalibur-A the following morning, realising that there was nothing left for him on the farm.

Encounter With Genesis Technology

The Genesis Wave.

During a routine patrol mission, the Resolution answered a vague distress call from a small science outpost - Rinascita Station. Iljor was assigned to reconnoiter the station's science facilities to make sure that everything was in order. He and an away team consisting of Commander [[Cayden Adyr], [Aine Sherlock]] and Hallia Yellir were met the station's Chief of Security "Nat Careswell" and a Dokkaran scientist, "Grendle". Iljor and Hallia viewed Grendle's laboratory where he claimed he was perfecting the science of water reclamation- but knowing how advanced such technology was within the Federation, Iljor harboured doubts. After scanning some of Grendle's plants- including a fully grown Khobeerian Orchid that should have taken months to reach that size- Iljor discovered that they were days old and realised that Rinascita Station scientists had been experimenting with Genesis technology (a possibility that had been floated after references to Carol Marcus had been discovered by Acting Captain Genkos Adea while the Resolution was en route. "Careswell" then revealed himself to be an imposter who had been seeking the Rinascita Genesis Device (illegal under interstellar law) and trapped the away team in Grendle's laboratory. Another away team managed to make contact with them and shared that the people behind the problems on Rinascita Station were in fact Suliban. Iljor was assigned to secure the station's Genesis Device along with Acting XO Yogan Yalu, Doctor Grendle and Rinascita's Chief of Medicine, Zak Keita. Shortly after securing the Device it was beamed to the Resolution by another of the station's turncoats and they away team and their now prisoners were forced to escape the dying station aboard it's yacht. They were rescued by the USS Carpathia as the Resolution was destroyed with a skeleton crew aboard in an attempt to prevent another Genesis detonation.


Rescued by the USS Carpathia, the crew of the Resolution were ferried to Risa for shore leave and psychiatric evaluation, which was standard for a crew whose ship had been destroyed. Iljor found visiting Risa in the wake of the Resolution's loss to be distasteful and tacky. Profoundly affected by recent events, Iljor retreated into himself and isolated himself from his friends and colleagues. When invited to a dinner party by Lieutenant Silveira, he almost declined but a conversation he had with Hallia Yellir put things into perspective and he realised that he had slipped into a depression and needed professional help. Genkos Adea surprised him after the dinner by promoting him to Lieutenant and the position of Chief Science Officer of their next posting. Iljor was present when Kalianna Nicholotti promoted Adea to Commander and Iljor joined in the toast.


The Cytarix Swap

The USS Excalibur-A.

On Stardate 239811.17, Iljor was assigned to the USS Excalibur-A (along with the survivors of the USS Resolution) as it's Chief Science Officer. He had previously expressed incredulity at the idea of being assigned to the ship given his relative inexperience and his relatively recent graduation from Starfleet Academy. Shortly after launch, the Excalbur-A was assigned to investigate unusual radiation signatures from the uninhabited and unimportant Cytarix V. Iljor was unable to offer any theories about the strange radiation or where it had come from. He was present that Arlo Thornton uncovered evidence of a strange gravitational anomaly in the same star system. Joining the landing party on arrival, Iljor suggested that they begin investigating a nearby forest and crater-like formation, although there was little way to determine the source of the radiation thanks to its deleterious effects on sensor resolution. A situation developed involving an unknown spherical object that seemed to deft gravity and shortly afterwards, the shuttle Lyonel was somehow swallowed by the ground. Rescued aboard the runabout Questing Beast, Iljor returned to the ship shortly afterwards- and suddenly found himself in the body of Commodore Nicholotti! Now part of the chain of command preservation plan due to his new body, Iljor was forced to remain aboard the Excalibur while an away team returned to Cytarix V to determine what had caused the mass body-swapping and to find a way of undoing it. The Commodore- who was inhabiting Iljor's body- left him in command of the bridge while she visited sickbay- and he found himself exhilarated by the experience. Iljor was present when Ensign Talos Dakora- with whom he had begun to build a friendship- managed to uncover a method of communication with the strange Sphere-Aliens (he refused to call them 'Orbs' as others were, fearing it would be blasphemous). A short while later, he returned to his own body and helped the Sphere-Aliens to find a new home in the magnetosphere of a neutron star in a trinary star system.

The Demes II Incident

After an uneventful shore leave, Iljor was summoned back to duty along with the rest of the crew for a mission to Demes II, a world undergoing an ice age and anomalous technical innovation. Upon learning that the mission was scheduled to last three months and that he would part of a deep cover infiltration team, Iljor expressed doubt that the mission would be a success given that such deep cover roles in pre-warp societies required weeks (if not months) of training. However, Commander MacKenzie expressed confidence in Iljor's abilities and called on him to help coach those taking part in the role. Iljor is assigned to the away team investigating strange goings on in the fishing village of Jupe, which had undergone rapid expansion in the preceding few years. On his first morning in the village, Iljor ran afoul of the local shipping captain- Sydonia Thrike- although he was saved from an unpleasant fate by local tavern keeper, Fingus Lakar. He became Fingus' bookeeper as part of his cover. Over the following week and a half, Iljor grappled with growing homesickness, an inability to explain the preternatural fog that covered Jupe at night and a growing concern that fellow away team member Lieutenant Faustina Kuppasoop was dangerous. One afternoon, the fog rolled in to town much earlier than expected. Concerned, Iljor used a tricorder that Commander Karrod Niac had smuggled on to Demes II (in contravention of orders) and found that the fog was emitting a subspace dampening field. He realised that the fog's arrival coincided with Sydonia Thrike's return to Jupe. He, Niac and Fingus Lakar (who had stumbled across the two men at the fog shrouded port) were then captured by Thrike and her lackeys. They were then taken to the caves around Jupe and tied up for unknown purposes. Thrike and her lackeys took Iljor, Fingus Lakar and Niac to an abandoned Starfleet installation where Iljor realised that the cultural contamination had come from the Federation. They managed to escape Thrike's clutches but were trapped in the caves by an unstable Tina Kuppasoop who was now being controlled by a holodeck character from the Excalibur. They managed to give her the slip and then contact another team on the planet. After seeing Fingus home to safely to Jupe the away team then retreated to an emergency shelter where they were beamed back aboard the Excalibur who had responded to a distress call issued by Commander Niac.

Three days later, Iljor volunteered to return to Demes II after the unstable Tina/Mary Daniel hailed the Excalibur and indicated that she wants to return to the ship after her new life did not work out. Joining Sil, Karrod and Commander MacKenzie, Iljor infiltrated the city of Shmuopolis through its fetid sewer system. The journey gave him the opportunity to consider Starfleet's response to the situation (simply removing the technology) and he came to believe that the organisation instead had a duty of care to help the Demesians navigate their new situation rather than simply deny them it. He spoke of his feelings on the subject to Commander MacKenzie while infiltrating a building where the team believed Tina/Mary was being held. Shortly afterwards, they stumbled across Tina / Mary and Iljor joined the effort to convince her to return to the Excalibur.

Command Aspirations

Deep Space 224, where the Excalibur returned after the classified mission to Demes II.

During the ensuing shore leave, Iljor spoke at length to both Commander MacKenzie and Doctor Adea about his burgeoning command aspirations. MacKenzie told him that the Command Training Program was available to him and Adea believed that he had what it took to be a command officer. Buoyed by their belief, Iljor went to Commander Karrod Niac and asked him to sponsor him for the program. Niac asked him bluntly whether he was able to make life and death and decisions, at which point Iljor told him how he had travelled to Bajor the previous year to confront his parents over the Talmulna Massacre- which resulted in their arrest, something Iljor had by then learned to live with. Niac gave his approval and gladly became his CTP sponsor.

Shortly afterwards, Iljor was recalled to Bajor to oversee the final stages of the sale of his parent's farm and homestead- a sobering and unpleasant experience. He returned to the Excalibur-A two weeks later, where he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander by Commodore Nicholotti, who cited that he had served with distinction.

Falling Through Time

During the awards and promotion ceremony, Iljor suddenly found himself in unfamiliar surroundings with Commodore Nicholotti, Sil and Ensign Seria Tiberius. He then meets Damiyo Il Naosuke, a human feudal lord from 18th century Japan on Earth and he realised that they had travelled through time. Before the Starfleet officers could begin to figure out how this had occurred or how to get back to their own time, they were thrown through time again and arrived at the construction of one of the ancient Pyramid of Giza. They were accosted by guards of the Egyptian Pharaoh and were made to trek across the Sahara Desert to meet with the all power leader. How time shifted once more and the away team- plus a now temporally displaced Naosuke- found themselves in an alien jungle, the prey of a Hirogen hunter. Iljor and Sil quickly drew parallels between the Resolution's encounter with CloQ and their current predicament. Shortly after Sil refused to play CloQ's game by sacrificing his life (which earned Iljor's ire)- the displaced officers and Naosuke were shifted once more, this time to Magna Roma where they assisted in a prison break before being apparently returned to the Excalibur- although it quickly became obvious they were in the past, on the day that then-Captain Nicholotti lost her life to 'The Scar'. Before the group could make any headway, CloQ summoned them and demanded that Commodore Nicholotti apologised for her crew's disrespect towards them- something which he bluntly refused to do. Sil thanked CloQ for the opportunity to grow and enraged, the Q reversed-aged him as an act of punishment forcing him to relive traumatic events. They then returned the crew to the Excalibur, as if no time had passed.

Beginning the Command Training Program

Iljor began to work on a defence against CloQ in the immediate aftermath of their latest visit, collaborating with Addison MacKenzie and Hallia Yellir. A short time later, he was awoken in the middle of the night by Karrod Niac who announced that Iljor's first examination as part of the Command Training Program had begun. He was tasked with escorting a specialist- Niac- to the bridge using only the ship's crawlspaces and tube. The caveat was that they had to go via engineering to pick up a critical piece of equipment. A short while into the examination, an 'explosion' rocked the Excalibur, forcing Iljor to take a detour to investigate. It transpired that a photon grenade had exploded during routine maintenance, trapping two crewmen behind isolation fields and endangering their lives. Iljor came up with a solution and was determined to help despite Niac's protestations that it might cost him marks in his examination. Despite this, Iljor was unmoved and was determined to render aid. Once the examination had finished, Iljor realised that the true test was how he faced making command decisions in a situation where there was no right answer. Commander Niac then revealed he had passed with flying colours- although both of them were subsequently were ordered to appear in front of Commander MacKenzie, who had not been briefed on the examination thanks to a clerical error on the part of Commander Niac. MacKenzie allowed the result of the examination but put the 'fear of the Prophets' into Iljor, who already found her incredibly intimidating.

Some time after the examination, Iljor visited Sil to check on him after their encounter with CloQ. During their dinner, Iljor began to realise that he was feeling burned out and while he was reluctant to do so, he made an appointment the infamous Doctor Gott. Around this time, Iljor also met Maz Rodan and Quentin Collins whose starship, the USS Arrow was visiting Deep Space 224 after an unintended trip outside the galaxy. The trio embarked on an expedition to investigate a Category-5 ion storm in The Borderlands.

At a ceremony on the hull of the Excalibur, Iljor was awarded the Good Conduct, Quantum Reality Service and Department Chief Ribbons.

A Diplomatic Disaster

A Son'a Battlecruiser

After an extended stay at Deep Space 224, the Excalibur was assigned to mediate an unknown dispute between the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Republic and the Son'a Solidarity. At the ensuing briefing, Iljor briefed the senior staff on all three parties and was then assigned to find ways to make the visiting delegations more comfortable, with the aim of making them more flexible during the negotiations. During this time, the replicator in his office (along with every other aboard the ship) malfunctioned and Iljor overstepped his responsibilities when he ordered Hallia Yellir to take the replicators offline. He was then assigned to greet the Klingon delegation and took a shine to Ambassador Tork. He also shared his unease at their assignment with Genkos Adea before arriving early for 'Taco Night'. During the dinner, Iljor gave up his seat for Doctor Gott when the Ferengi arrived as Tork's "plus one". He was knocked to the ground when Tork collapsed and took the aforementioned Ferengi with him. After Gott began to panic and the other Ambassadors had also collapsed, Iljor escorted him out of the Round Table and then turned to investigating what had happened. After he discovered a microvirus in a chili, he reported it to Commodore Nicholotti and Commander MacKenzie and recalled that Acamarians had developed a method of targeting specific people's DNA through the use of a virus. He then suggested that the Acamarians may have traded that knowledge or that another species had developed something similar.


Temporary Reassignment

After the diplomatic summit concluded, Iljor was transferred on a temporary basis to StarBase 118's infamous Black Tower intelligence division as part of his Command Training Program. He was subsequently assigned to the Long-Range Threat Assessment and Response Division as a Data Analyst. His Command Training Program proctor during this time was a Commander Onan, also assigned to the station's intelligence contingent.


Return to Starship Duty.

The USS 'Oumuamua NCC - 81226.

At the conclusion of his temporary assignment to the Black Tower, Iljor was expecting to return to the USS Excalibur-A to resume his position as Chief Science Officer. However, Starfleet Command saw fit to reassign him to the Luna class USS Oumuamua as Mission Specialist. Command believed that this would best serve his command aspirations, allowing practical field experience of every department aboard the explorer. Prior to his assignment, he cut his long shoulder length hair into a more manageable style, although he adopted a pompadour style which some argued was even more difficult to maintain than his top-knot style. He arrived on Stardate 240001.22 and was subsequently invited to dine with Commodore Ossa V'Airu, Lieutenant Katsim Peri and Ensign Avander Promontory. Shortly afterwards, he reported in the 'Oumuamua's First Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Wes Greaves and discovered that the two had a mutual acquaintance, the Excalibur-A's Commander Addison MacKenzie.

Two days after arriving, Iljor is the ranking officer aboard the ship when a distress call comes in from the outer edges of the Seytoxal system and he leads the response aboard the shuttlecraft Nichols (due to the system’s volatile bow shock) with the blessing of Commander V’Airu and Colonel Greaves. Boarding the stricken freighter, he discovers that at least one member of the vessel's crew was directly involved in the attack upon the USS Thor and that the ship was hauling kemocite- a dangerous unpredictable substance that is usually tightly regulated. After overseeing the evacuation to the shuttlecraft Nichols, Iljor orders a 'skeletal lock' to beam survivors as well as Toxin Arlill and V'Len Kel off the wrecked engineering section. The rescue successful, he orders the away team to return to the 'Oumuamua. Several days later and Commodore V'Airu offered the Iljor the additional position of Second Officer contingent on him passing the Command Training Program. He readily accepted the challenge.

Temporal Displacement aboard the USS Intrepid.

En route to Earth for upgrades, the crew of the ‘Oumuamua suddenly found themselves aboard a Constitution-class starship, the Intrepid, in the mid 23rd century. Etan was quickly assigned to oversee efforts to repair and restart the ship’s propulsion system, along with Lieutenant Arlill and Chief Engineer Kammus Corelli. Discovering that the engines were filled with confetti, the team devised a way to quickly remove it, although Iljor had to caution Corelli about acting impulsively. After the team restart the engines, they discover that the Intrepid was en route to render aid to a non-affiliated world, Gelf, that was facing an extinction-level event thanks to an approaching rogue pulsar. Arriving at Gelf two days later, Etan was tasked with helping evacuate the denizens of the planet’s capital city to underground shelters designed to protect against the pulsar’s deadly radiation. He- along with Katsim Peri and Charles Tyber- struggled to convince an elderly woman and her son to evacuate to the shelters, although they eventually succeeded. The situation worsened when the pulsar appears to inexplicably jump closer to the planet and after seeking permission from Colonel Greaves, the trio set off to liaise with the Gelf government. There, they met the ruling ‘Grand Papasta’ and Iljor reaffirmed Starfleet’s commitment to assisting his people in whatever way they could.

Once disaster had been averted and the pulsar had passed, Iljor was left in command of the Intrepid when Commodore V'Airu and Lieutenant Colonel Greaves beamed to the surface for diplomatic and humanitarian talks. He was asked to 'supervise' Doctor Kel who had displayed insubordinate and unstable behaviours. He was present on the bridge when they discovered a signal emanating from the pulsar and a small Nexus-like phenomenon that seemed to contain the Intrepid's original crew members. He authorised Lieutenant Katsim's plan to use Crewman Rox's abilities to return to the 25th century. Upon their return, Iljor found himself on the bridge of the ‘Oumuamua once again.

Becoming First Officer.

The Esh-o Micronebula

Once the 'Oumuamua returned to Earth for its planned upgrades and refit, Iljor reported to Starfleet Command for the Bridge Officer Exam, the final test of the Command Training Program. Overseen by Commander Lia Rouiancet, and accompanied by Lieutenants Avander Promontory and Jack Kessler, Etan passed the exam which saw him dealing with an attack on two California-class vessels by Acamarian Gatherers and negotiating with a representative of the Talarian Republic. During shore leave, he made plans to visit Stonehenge and also joined Lieutenant Toxin Arlill in researching spatial trajectory technology. At a ceremony to celebrate and recognise the achievements of the 'Oumuamua crew, Iljor was formally promoted to Commander and assigned as the ship's First Officer, succeeding Lieutenant Colonel Wes Greaves who was recalled to Earth to lead a Starfleet Marine combat battalion. Shortly after his promotion, a representative of Starfleet Humanoid Resources, Lt. Commander Faakand jav Klaaf, boarded the 'Oumuamua to investigate an accident involving newly assigned Ensign Josh Herrick. When it became clear that Klaaf was simply investigating the situation to cause trouble for starship crews (he himself bitter than he had never served on one), Etan ordered him off the ship and threatened to file a complaint with the Tellarite's superiors. Although Klaaf complied, Iljor suspected that he had not seen the last of the administrative officer.

The Esh-o Micronebula and Yansamin Anchorage.

Upon returning to the Gamma with the newly appointed Exploratory Taskforce, the 'Oumuamua responded to a distress call from a pre-warp civilisation, the Esh-o, who had made first contact with the United Dominion of Planets. Investigating, the crew discovered that an unexplained micro nebula in the system that was disrupting their home star system. Iljor was assigned to lead a small team aboard the shuttlecraft Nichols to chart a course towards the centre of the phenomenon, which was putting out a significant amount of radio signals. On the team were the newly assigned Lieutenant Anton Richards and Ensigns Dahlquist and Tyber. Shortly after departure, the away team began to experience strange surges emotions that appeared to be coming from the nebula. The shuttle was caught up in a strange ‘bubble’ that appeared to be taking them to the phenomenon’s centre. Rescued by an Esh-O ship, the shuttle returned to the ‘Oumuamua after Ensign Dahlquist collapsed and the emotional outbursts became more pronounced.

A short time later (once a defence against the emotional effects had been devised), Iljor was dispatched to Yansamin Anchorage- a non-aligned space port at the very edge of the Esh-O system- to investigate rumours that Zet agents were attempting to force the native species from the station. Joining him were Katsim Peri, Toxin Arlill and Ensign Tyber. Within minutes they met the Oumuamua’s former First Officer, Roger Hartmann, who was operating independently, and Nanjjii- an Boslic who seemingly owned a bar, and who helped them to avoid station security and pointed them in the direction of an information broker known as “Jenklar”. After traversing the station’s service tunnels and almost running afoul of Zet agents near a food court, the away team made it to The Exchange, a commercial sector, where they once again met Nanjjii- who revealed herself as Nanjjii and that her bar was merely a front for her information brokering. She revealed that the Zet were indeed on the station, but they were in the employ of a third part, whose identity remained unknown to her. Shortly after this revelation, her compound is bombed and a fearsome avian creature is loosed up on them. The away team (now including Hartmann and Nanjjii) narrowly escape with their lives, utilising a small shuttle owned by the Boslic. They fled from Yansamin Anchorage, but were pursued by Zet interceptors. After Ensign Tyber took out one of the interceptors (crippling the shuttle in the process), the away team made for a “Stellar Veil” to avoid further detection. Iljor and his team eventually made it back to the Oumuamua and he was present to witness the disappearance of the nebula phenomena.

Discoveries on Alpha Brenkelvi II & Encounter with the Ohalvaru.

Alpha Brenkelvi II

During a routine science mission on Alpha Brenkelvi II, Etan lead an away team consisting of 2nd Lieutenant Arturo Maxwell and Lieutenants Toxin Arlill and Josh Herrick. They were to investigate a mysterious energy field in the Northern Hemisphere that defied conventional explanation. This led them to a vast series of underground caverns and chambers, many of which seemed to have religious significance. Each member of the away team experienced visions or apparations of individuals close to them who were deceased; Iljor saw his grandmother. Their investigation led them to an ancient outpost some 250 million years old that was out of sync with the space-time continuum. Here they made contact with the 'Spirits of the Deceased'- a species who had come to Alpha Brenkelvi millennia earlier and evolved thanks to their proximity to the outpost. They also met Na'Shaala- a representative of the Manraloth, the builders of the outpost. Here they learned that the planet became a religious Mecca for those who sought to heal their grief at their loved ones. They also learned that a group of Bajorans settled on the planet some 65,000 years earlier. Na'Shaala- curious to see the galaxy after 250 million years old- sacrificed her ability to ascend to her native realm- to return the away team to their shuttlecraft.

After the Oumuamua returned to Deep Space 9 for repairs, the Vedek Assembly asked Iljor and Katsim Peri to take the Orb of the Prophets that the latter had discovered on Alpha Brenkelvi II. En route, the Gamma Glider was shot down by violent separatists known as the Ohalavaru, who were after the Orb. Crash landing in the remote Glyrshar Canyon, Peri and Etan soon split up, with Iljor carrying the Orb and Peri acting as a decoy. Making tracks for Vanadwan Monastery, Iljor soon encountered a kindly Vedek and after some initial suspicion, agreed to allow the man to escort him to the monastery on a quad bike.


A New Dawn.

Following the temporary decommissioning of the Oumuamua and the extended leave of absence of her CO, Commodore V'Airu, Iljor was transferred to the newly launched USS Octavia E. Butler under the command of Captain Lia Rouiancet. He served First Officer, immediately falling in love with the ship.

Alternate Realities & Timelines

  • During the Resolution's encounter with the being known as CloQ, Iljor began to slip between the prime reality and one where he was a farmer on Bajor and had not entered Starfleet. The shifting of realities left him disorientated and confused, with his body in a state of molecular discohesion. Only a touch from a similarly displaced Meidra Sirin brought him back to the prime reality (Resolution: Time In A Bottle) .

Service History

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 2394 - 2398 Starfleet Academy
Ensign 239802.02 - 239805.04 USS Resolution
Science Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade 239805.04 - 239810.13 USS Resolution
Science Officer
Lieutenant 239810.13 - 239905.31 USS Excalibur-A
Chief Science Officer
Lieutenant Commander 239905.31 - 239911.01 USS Excalibur-A
Chief Science Officer
Lieutenant Commander 239911.01 - 240001.22 Long-Range Threat Assessment and Response Division, The Black Tower, StarBase 118
Data Analyst
Lieutenant Commander 240001.22 - 240006.09 USS Oumuamua
Mission Specialist
Commander 240006.09 - 240102.08 USS Oumuamua
First Officer
Commander 240102.08 - PRESENT USS Octavia E Butler
First Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards General ScottyCross 2011.jpg
Scotty Cross Stardate 239806.22
USS Resolution
Awarded given for extreme creativity while solving a plot dilemma or in character plot twist.
Awards General NebulaBar 2011.jpg
Nebula Bar Stardate 239806.26
USS Excalibur-A
Awarded to a simmer who has demonstrated great imagination in creating or expanding upon planets, stars, stellar phenomena, and other physical environments and settings, such that these settings create a convincing, descriptive, realistic environment that inspires other simmers or improves the flow of a given plot.
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Stardate 239801.25
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Awards ServiceRibbons Peacekeeper 2011.jpg
Peacekeeper Service Ribbon Stardate 239805.04
USS Resolution
Awarded for assisting in efforts to forge an agreement between the Thama Scientific Sovereignty and the Nascaik Defense Coalition.
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Innovation Ribbon Stardate 239805.04
USS Resolution
Awarded for the use of science in ridding the Resolution of a biological pathogen.
Awards ServiceRibbons diplomacyribbon 2014.jpg
Diplomacy Ribbon Stardate 239805.04
USS Resolution
For services and advice rendered that led the successful agreement of a treaty between the Thama Scientific Soverignty and the Nascaik Defense Coalition.
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Explorer's Ribbon Stardate 239807.11
USS Resolution
Awarded for being present at the discovery of the Skarn Homeworld and the Skarn species.
Awards ServiceRibbons FirstContact 2011.jpg
First Contact Ribbon Stardate 239807.11
USS Resolution
Awarded for being present during first contact with the Skarn.
Scientific Discovery Ribbon.png
Scientific Discovery Ribbon Stardate 239807.11
USS Resolution
Awarded for providing scientific information that allowed for the successful completion of the mission on the Skarn Homeworld.
Awards ServiceRibbons TemporalFlow 2011.jpg
Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon Stardate 239809.15
USS Resolution
Awarded for actions in preserving the timeline despite CloQ's machinations.
Legacy Ribbon.png
Legacy Ribbon Stardate 239902.03
USS Excalibur-A
Awarded for being assigned to the USS Excalibur during it's reactivation as a frontline starship.
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Explorer's Ribbon Stardate 239902.03
USS Excalibur-A
Awarded for being present in the Cytarix system and discovering a new form of life.
Intelligence Star.png
Intelligence Star Stardate 239905.28
USS Excalibur-A
Awarded for commendable actions taken during a covert mission to Demes II whilst also dealing with little in the way of actionable intelligence.
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg
Good Conduct Ribbon Stardate 239909.06
USS Excalibur-A
Awarded in recognition of good conduct during the Excalibur's second encounter with CloQ
Quantum Reality Service Ribbon.png
Quantum Reality Service Ribbon Stardate 239909.06
USS Excalibur-A
Awarded for experiences within an alternate reality- in this case, CloQ's Playground
Awards ServiceRibbons DepartmentChief.jpg
Department Chief Ribbon Stardate 239909.06
USS Excalibur-A
Awarded for leading the science department aboard the Excalibur with distinction
Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg
Joint Meritorious Unit Award Stardate 240006.13
USS Oumuamua
Awarded for working with the Gelf to save their world
Leadership Excellence Ribbon.png
Leadership Excellence Ribbon Stardate 240006.13
USS Oumuamua
Awarded for exemplary leadership during the Gelf Crisis
Awards ServiceRibbons FirstContact 2011.jpg
First Contact Ribbon Stardate 240010.16
USS Oumuamua
Awarded for making first contact with the Esh-o.
Leadership Excellence Ribbon.png
Leadership Excellence Ribbon Stardate 240010.16
USS Oumuamua
Awarded for exemplary leadership during the away mission to Yansamin Anchorage.
Starfleet Investigation Ribbon.png
Starfleet Investigation Ribbon Stardate 240101.02
USS Oumuamua
Awarded for a thorough, logical, and exemplary inquiry conducted during to the mission to Alpha Brenkelvi II
Scientific Discovery Ribbon.png
Scientific Discovery Ribbon Stardate 240101.02
USS Oumuamua
Awarded for contributions to Bajoran archaeology and history on Alpha Brenkelvi II.


A springball court
  • Iljor did not consider himself well versed in temporal mechanics, having barely scraped a passing grade at the Academy.
  • He had a copy of Yalar's New Insights- a religious text- with him aboard Resolution.
  • He was a casual spring ball enthusiast.
  • Iljor was equally fond of and perplexed by human aphorisms.
  • He believed that Genesis Device was the single most destructive force in the known galaxy, recognising it's effects on a stellar body with life already on it.
  • It is hinted on multiple occasions that Iljor has something of a weak stomach. The thought of Demesian tea (reputed to smell like feet) made him nauseou as did having to wade through sewage. Additionally the smell of whiskey had made him wretch on more than one occasion.
  • Iljor was utterly intimidated by Commander Addison MacKenzie- something that became more pronounced when she caught him reading Klingon erotica.
  • He occasionally daydreamed about solving the mystery of the galactic barrier, something that fascinated him.
  • As a child he was often babysat by his grandmother, Sobra, who made him watched holovids of fictional crime series. She also encouraged him to finish his sentences if he had started speaking, suggesting that he was prone to trailing off mid-sentence.

Sim Archive

  • Let The Winds of Change Carry Us - (Stardate 239802.02 - Newly commisioned Ensign Etan reflects on his time and the academy and his excitement about what the future may bring.)
  • The Fairest Blossom - (Stardate 239802.03 - Ensign Etan speaks of his reasons for joining Starfleet to Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie.
  • New Ensign Smell - (Stardate 239802.05 - Iljor meet shis new roommate, Lieutenant Yalu).
  • Nothing Happens Until Something Moves - (Stardate 239802.11 - Iljor assists the Acting Chief of Science and a colleague with the fall out from Resolution's recent trip to the distant future).
  • Seeing Light In The Heart - (Stardate 239802.13 - Iljor visits a Bajoran temple on Vulcan and reflects on his faith).
  • "The Land And The People Are One" (Stardate 239802.16 - Iljor discusses life on his parents farm on Bajor].
  • Nature's Masterpiece - (Stardate 239802.18 - Iljor continues to discuss his family life as well as his love of archaeology.)
  • Carpe Diem, Quam Minimum Credula Postero (Stardate 239803.02 - Iljor is given his first mission assignment- one that is in his wheelhouse.)
  • "We Are Only Who We Always Were" (Stardate 239803.08 - Iljor hits on idea that could shape the mission ahead.)
  • No Man Is Born Perpendicular Part I (Stardate 239803.12 - After a meeting, Iljor and Meidra discuss the issue of biased judgements over dinner.)
  • No Man Is Born Perpendicular Part II (Stardated 239803.12 - After a meeting, Iljor and Meidra discuss the issue of biased judgements over dinner.)
  • Interregnum (Stardate 239803.13 - Iljor prays for the success of Resolution's mission).
  • A Word Home (Stardate 239804.18 - After the completion of their recent mission, Iljor writes home) - Posted to the Appreciations forum by Genkos Adea.
  • Watch It Grow Part I (Stardate 239804.18 - Visiting Trill for Yogan Yalu's zhian'tara, Iljor lends his body to former Yalu host Edanne.) - A joint post written as part of a multi-part arc with Yogan Yalu.
  • Watch It Grow Part II (Stardate 239804.18 - Visiting Trill for Yogan Yalu's zhian'tara, Iljor lends his body to former Yalu host Edanne.) - A joint post written as part of a multi-part arc with Yogan Yalu.
  • An Inconvenient Truth Part I (Stardate 239804.28 - Iljor discovers some disturbing information about his parents) - Joint Post with Yogan Yalu.
  • An Inconvenient Truth Part II (Stardate 239804.28 - Iljor discovers some disturbing information about his parents) - Joint Post with the Yogan Yalu.
  • With A Finer Spirit Of Hope And Achievement Part I (Stardate 239805.04 - Iljor's hard work and determination during the Resolution's recent mission is recognised by Captain Nicholotti and Lt. Commander MacKenzie).
  • With A Finer Spirit Of Hope And Achievement Part II (Stardate 239805.04 - Iljor's hard work and determination during the Resolution's recent mission is recognised by Captain Nicholotti and Lt. Commander MacKenzie).
  • O Brave New World, That Has Such People In't. (Stardate 239805.26 - After a hard landing on a rogue planet, Iljor takes his first steps on the planet). - - Posted to the Appreciations forum by Yogan Yalu.
  • "To Seek Out New Life..." (Stardate 239805.28 - Iljor and the away team have a strange encounter, leading him to make a startling hypothesis).
  • A Disquiet Follows My Soul (Stardate 239806.10 - A departure aboard the Resolution gives Iljor pause for thought about his own familial situation.)
  • A Cage Without A Key (Stardate 239806.23 - Iljor's personal troubles lead him to Sickbay and assistance from an unexpected quarter.)
  • I Stand Alone (Stardate 239806.25 - Confused and upset, Iljor visits Sickbay to elicit Doctor Adea's advice on how to deal with the problems in his personal life).
  • The Hour Of The Wolf (Stardate 239806.28 - Doctor Adea gives Iljor the clarity and direction he needs.)
  • ...In Mysterious Ways (Stardate 239807.08 - Over a friendly drink, Iljor helps Crewman Hamsan look for answer to his questions... and finds answers of his own.)
  • Pains To Light Part I (Stardate 239807.09 - Iljor finally confides in Counsellor Sirin, revealing the accusations levied against his parents.)
  • Pains To Light Part II (Stardate 239807.09 - Meidra resolves to help Iljor confront his parents.)
  • It's Gloria, From Cleveland Part I - (Stardate 239807.12 - A routine survey mission in a shuttle craft for Iljor and Yogan Yalu offers the roommates a chance to bond.) - A joint post written as part of a multi-part arc with Yogan Yalu.
  • It's Gloria, From Cleveland Part II - (Stardate 239807.13 - Still surveying the Celendi Nebula, Yogan and Iljor discuss the recent relocation of Romulan survivors and Yogan's trip to their new home.) - A joint post written as part of a multi-part arc with Yogan Yalu.
  • It's Gloria, From Cleveland Part III - (Stardate 239807.13 - Yogan and Iljor's surveying assignment takes an unexpected and mysterious turn.] - A joint post written as part of a multi-part arc with Yogan Yalu.
  • It's Gloria, From Cleveland Part IV - (Stardate 239807.13 - Going aboard the apparently derelict shuttlecraft yields more mysteries for Iljor and Yogan.) - A joint post written as part of a multi-part arc with Yogan Yalu.
  • It's Gloria, From Cleveland Part V - (Stardate 239807.13 - The mystery of the Ibn Battuta's shuttlecraft deepens.] - A joint post written as part of a multi-part arc with Yogan Yalu.
  • "How Far Away The Stars Seem..." - (Stardate 239807.19 - Away from prying eyes, the attraction between Iljor and Niera deepens.)
  • Here Nor There - (Stardate 239808.17 - Lost between realities, Iljor struggles to comprehend what is going on until an encounter with Meidra brings him back to his senses.)
  • Here And Now - (Stardate 239808.17 - Back to his senses, Iljor swings back into action and explains what has happened].
  • Constant In All Things - (Stardate 239808.24 - Iljor ruminates on his friendship with Meidra on the eve of their visit to Bajor to confront his parents).
  • Heroes & Villains - (Stardate 239810.05 - Iljor confronts the truth of Rinascita Staion).
  • "Now I Am Become Death" - (Stardate 239810.13 - Recent events in Iljor's life collide with the life and death situation aboard Rinascita Station).
  • No Explanation Is Necessary - (Stardate 239810.25 - In the wake of the Resolution's destruction, Iljor discusses his faith with Genkos Adea.
  • Saudade - (Stardate 239902.27) - The toll of an extended assignment take its toll on Iljor.
  • The Widening Gyre - (Stardate 239903.09 - On an undercover assignment to investigate the rapid and anamalous technological progress on Demes II, Iljor finds himself in ever deepening trouble with a local tavern keeper and Commander Karrod Niac.)
  • A Question of Responsibility - (Stardate 239904.08 - Returning to Demes II to bring home a member of the crew, Iljor finds himself faced with difficult questions about Starfleet's duty of care towards the Demesians).
  • A Key For A Cage - (Stardate 239904.12 - Iljor is there for a friend in need).
  • Escort Duty - (Stardate 239907.09 - Awoken in the middle of the night unexpectedly, Iljor is put to the test as part of the Command Training Program).
  • Matters of Life and Death - (Stardate 239907.11 - Iljor's Command Training Program examination takes a dangerous left turn, forcing him to call the shots).
  • New Beginnings - (Stardate 240001.24 - Iljor reports to his new assignment, the Luna-class USS 'Oumuamua).
  • Once a Scientist - (Stardate 240002.02 - Barely aboard for more than a few days, Iljor is thrust into the latest crisis to befall the ship).
  • Never Surprise a Bajoran - (Stardate 240002.18 - Iljor is offered the opportunity of a lifetime).
  • The Chair - (Stardate 240004.17 - Lost in time, Iljor still finds time to ruminate on command).

NPC Listing   ·   USS Octavia E Butler Crew Manifest   ·   Crew History
Lia Rouiancet CDR.png
Commanding Officer
Lia Rouiancet
Etan iljor commander.png
Executive Officer
Etan Iljor
Katsim Peri LCDR.png
Chief of Science
Katsim Peri
Science Officer
Karen Stendhal
Toz LtJG.png
Acting CMO
Avander Promontory LCDR xo.png
Director of Intel
Avander Promontory
Josh Herrick.png
Acting Chief Engineer
Josh Herrick
Toxin Arlill LT.png
Chief of Ops
Toxin Arlill
Lhandon Nilsen Ensign OEB.png
HCO Officer
Lhandon Nilsen
Aine Sherlock LCDR.png
Chief of Security
Aine Sherlock
1stLT Michelle Winters.png
Act. Chf. Tac. Ofc.
Michele Winters
Arturo Maxwell 2nd Lt.png
Marine Ofc.
Arturo Maxwell
Jacen Xaivis 2nd LT.png
Cmbt. Resc. Ofc.
Jacen Xaivis
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