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USS Resolution
Etan Iljor.png
Etan Iljor
Position Science Officer
Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade
Species Bajoran
Gender Male
DOB 237507.31
Age 22
Birthplace Tamulna, Musilla Province, Bajor
Writer ID C239203TW0

Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Etan Ijor is currently serving as a Science Officer aboard the USS Resolution.


  • Height: 1.82m (6')
  • Weight: 74.8kg (165lbs)
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Build: Average
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous


While not shy by any stretch of the imagination, Iljor is a contemplative and quiet man and not one given to loquaciousness. There is a serene grace about him. He is perhaps most animated when playing springball or discussing his passion in life: archaeology. Otherwise, he is the sort of man to study and take in a room before engaging; diligent and careful in everything that he does. He approaches assignments with scientific methodology such as proposing a debate (as opposed to a diplomatic summit) between the Thama and the Nascaik over the rights to an uninhabited planet.



  • Mother: Etan Oona: Farmer. Former member of the Bajor Resistance during the Cardassian Occupation. In 2398, Evidence came to light that thirty-three years earlier she was involved in the unwitting massacre of Cardassian religious refugees as part part of an Obsidian Order false flag operation. Iljor was made aware of these allegations but did not immediately act upon them.
  • Father: Etan Rehr: Farmer. Former member of the Bajor Resistance during the Cardassian Occupation. EIn 2398, Evidence came to light that thirty-three years earlier he was involved in the unwitting massacre of Cardassian religious refugees as part part of an Obsidian Order false flag operation. Iljor was made aware of these allegations but did not immediately act upon them.


  • Creej Tavron: A close friend from his time at Starfleet Academy. A member of the Brikar species who Iljor believes smells like lilacs and Bajoran peat bogs.
  • Lieutenant (J.G.)Yogan Yalu - Roommate aboard the Resolution. Yogan and Iljor quickly bonded, with the former inviting him to participate in his zhian'tara. During the time he embodied Yalu's second host, Edanne revealed to Yogan that Iljor considered him akin to a big brother.
  • Lieutenant (J.G.) Meidra Sirin - After the two worked together in preparation for diplomatic summit aboard the Resolution a friendship began to develop between them. A weekly lunch began between the two of them and Iljor also spent some time during his first shore leave with Meidra and her boyfriend, Dwich. When she was threatened by her grandfather, Iljor was the one to pull her out of harms way.
  • Lieutenant (J.G.) Aine Sherlock - Aine and Iljor's friendship began during his first shore leave after the conclusion of the Thama-Nascaik peace summit. They quickly developed a rapport but were both bemused when people repeatedly mistook them for a couple.


Born to resistance fighters- turned-farmers on the outskirts of the Tamulna Municipality in the Musilla Province on Bajor. He became interested in history relatively young after his mother read him stories of Bajor’s storied past and was encouraged to study archeology by a teacher at the local secondary school. His parents were supportive of his choice of career, although he believes that his father was somewhat disappointed by it at first. At the age of sixteen, he was selected as a volunteer at the excavation of the Holy City of B'Hala. He joined Starfleet as he compelled to give something back to the organisation that- in his mind- had helped his people recover from the Occupation. In his spare time, he is a springball enthusiast, both a participant and as a spectator.

He is a devout follower of The Way of The Prophets and believes that his gods have laid out a path for him to follow. He took a copy of Yalar's New Insights with him when he was assigned to the Resolution. He also visited a Bajoran temple on Vulcan shortly after he reported for duty aboard the Resolution.

Starfleet Career

Beginnings Aboard the Resolution

Assigned to the USS Resolution as a science officer, he joined the crew at Vulcan where they were recouperating after an arduous mission involving time travel. A short while later, the Resolution was assigned to mediate talks between the Thama Scientific Sovereignty and the Nascaik Defence Coaltion- stellar neighbours whose individual claims to the uninhabited world of Vionus IV had pushed them to the brink of war. He is first tasked with help First Officer Addison MacKenzie come up with a plan of action and to uncover the murky motivations of both species. Iljor proposed treating the situation scientifically by asking each party to present detailed proposals for why they should lay claim to Vionus. He was troubled by apparent similiarities between the Nascaik and the Cardassians and sought the counsel of Meidra Sirin.

When the Resolution arrived at Vionus IV, Iljor was assigned to an away team to study the planet in the hopes of finding out why both the Thama and the Nascaik were so interested in the planet. After he discovered deposits of astatine in the planet's crust, the away team located a crashed probe and the team extract the data core. Upon further examination of the data core's contents, Iljor uncovered the truth behind the Nascaik's interest in the planet: rare and previously unknown minerals that would solve a population crisis. After he reported this to Commander MacKenzie, Iljor then turned his attention to a spate of systems failures aboard the Resolution, brought about a terrorist attack engineered by a Thama delegate. He and Ensign Yellir quickly realised that pollen dispersed throughout the ship by the renegade Thama delegate was causing the ship's bio-neural circuitry to have an "allergic reaction" and was part of the time that helped to develop an antidote against it. (Resolution:The Ties that Bind)

An Inconvenient Truth

Shortly after the completion of the summit between the Thama and the Nascaik, Iljor was invited to participate in the zhian'tara of his roommate, Lieutenant Yogan Yalu. He embodied Yalu's second host- a kindly farmer called Edanne. He found the experience to be profound and through Edanne revealed that he had come to see Yogan as the older brother he never had. Shortly afterwards, however- he was approached by a Cardassian whistleblower who presented him with evidence that his parents were involved in the unwitting massacre of a group of Cardassian religious refugees during the Occupation of Bajor and that their involvement was covered up the Vedek Assembly who had been sheltering the refugees. They had been fed information that the refugees were part of an Obsidian Order operation. He did not know what to do with the information, returning to the Resolution deeply unsure. [1][2]

During this time, Iljor was promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade) for his work during the Thama/Nascaik mission, with Lieutenant Commander MacKenzie noting that his dedication to science was 'infectious' and that he set an example people should follow. [3][4].

First Contact with the Skarn

Shortly after Iljor's promotion, the Resolution was assigned to investigate the disappearance of a Federation science vessel in the Briar Patch. Iljor was first assigned to discover all he could about the region and the potential hazards that the Resolution might have faced. He later briefed Mission Specialist Tai Ilsam, Commander MacKenzie and Fleet Captain Nicholotti. He manned the science station when the Resolution discovered a rogue planet within the Patch before it was assaulted by a gravimetric energy wave and hundreds upon thousands of rocks. The ship crashed onto the surface of the planet, but he was uninjured. Captain Nicholotti then assigned him to an away team to scout the area, where they eventually came upon survivors of the doomed U.S.S. Hanno and two Romulan vessels that had also gone missing in the region. The away team discovered that the planet was inhabited by non-corporeal aliens known as the Skarn who were oppressed by their leader, Arbelo. Taken to meet them, Arbelo accused the away team of attempting to steal the source of their power- stones that Iljor hypothesised might act some kind of telepathic resonator or amplifier, allowing Arbelo to exert his powers over a vast area (including beyond the limitations of their homeworld and thus causing the Resolution, the Hanno and the two Romulan vessels to crash upon the planet's surface). Iljor survived Lieutenant Sherlock's explosive solution to the situation and befriended one of the survivors of the Hanno. He was also present when Ferdzy, an elderly Romulan survivors, disembarked to live out the remainder of his years with the Skarn. (Resolution: Stranded)

Service History

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 2394 - 2398 Starfleet Academy
link=Starfleet Academy
Ensign 239802.02 - 239805.04 USS Resolution
Science Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade 239805.04 - Present USS Resolution
Science Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Year or Stardate
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Awards ServiceRibbons Peacekeeper 2011.jpg
Peacekeeper Service Ribbon Stardate 239805.04
USS Resolution
Awarded for assisting in efforts to forge an agreement between the Thama Scientific Sovereignty and the Nascaik Defense Coalition.
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Innovation Ribbon Stardate 239805.04
USS Resolution
Awarded for the use of science in ridding the Resolution of a biological pathogen.
Awards ServiceRibbons diplomacyribbon 2014.jpg
Diplomacy Ribbon Stardate 239805.04
USS Resolution
For services and advice rendered that led the successful agreement of a treaty between the Thama Scientific Soverignty and the Nascaik Defense Coalition.


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