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“I have been bent and broken, but - I hope - into a better shape.”

Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

Crew of the USS Ronin


Lieutenant JG Hiro Jones

Hiro rejoined Starfleet as a medical doctor aboard the USS Excalibur-A, and was part of the initial crew for the recommissioned USS Artemis-A. Upon seeing a need and a wealth of highly-gifted medical officers, he requested to be reassigned to his old position. Following some severe injuries during a mission, Hiro transferred to the USS Ronin, where he now serves in the hybrid role of counselor/medical officer.


  • Full Name: Hiro Yancey Sato-Jones
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant JG
  • Race: Terran
  • Date of Birth: 236511.29
  • Place of Birth: Chicago, IL, Earth
  • Gender: nonbinary
  • Telepathic status:n/a
  • Height: 175cm (5' 9")
  • Weight: 62 kg.
  • Hair Color: black
  • Eye Color: dark brown
  • Ronin Quarters: 05-0609

Chronological History

236511.29-238012.15 - Childhood

Hiro was born in Chicago, IL on Earth's North American continent to Sato Hiroshi, a historical architecture preservationist and Tanya Jones, a florist and boxing instructor. Hiro's early years were characterized by a balance of pressure to succeed at whatever they attempted and an awareness of and respect for limitations. By the time Hiro was in his early teens however, they'd become the target of neighborhood bullies. Tanya began training Hiro in the martial art of boxing, all the while reinforcing the lesson that knowing how to fight doesn't mean it's always the solution. Hiroshi, Hiro's father, was often overheard lecturing Hiro on the importance of appreciating the journey all people have taken to bring them to the point at which their life and Hiro's intersected. It was crucial, Hiroshi would repeat, to be aware of all the things you didn't know.

238101.01-238407.31 - Late Teens

At the beginning of 2381, Hiro had recently turned 16. Far from a "wild child," Hiro had already set their sights on the future. Excelling in studies, earning every achievement recognition offered at school. Soon, Hiro set their gaze on Starfleet. The prospects for advancement there appealed to Hiro, so the application was sent. There was no surprise in the Sato-Jones household when the acceptance communication came through.

230408.01-239302.17 - Starfleet Round 1

Keeping pace, Hiro sailed through Starfleet Academy and into a career in counseling. Stationed at Starbase 104, Hiro was driven by a need for acknowledgement and achievement. The result was that in almost exactly four years from his commissioning, Hiro was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. This rank however, would hold for longer than Hiro felt was reasonable. In frustration, Hiro tendered their resignation papers.

239302.18-239712.24 - The Civilian Interim

Upon returning home, Hiro helped his parents part-time in their businesses, but Hiro's focus was on entering medical school and the advances possible through publication and research. Because of their service record and previous achievements, Hiro was admitted into an apprenticeship under Dr. Branson at the Chicago Institute of Virology and Pathology while completing their general medicine prerequisites - a track through which Hiro could complete their medical training much faster than was usual. Hiro rose to the challenge, but was frequently cautioned by Dr. Branson, who pointed out the blindspots created by Hiro's own ambition and need for acclaim.

239712.25-239911.29 - A Turning Point

Christmas Day, 2397, Hiro received a message from an old friend named Michael. There had been a tragedy: Michael's younger sister had taken her own life. The family had learned after the fact, by reading through personal logs, she'd been struggling with a great many issues, but never sought nor received the help she needed. This terrible news shook Hiro to the core. Hiro had been a counselor. Hiro had been in the position to help people just like this poor girl. Had there been missed opportunities in Hiro's career to do good? Had Hiro failed to lift up a fellow cremate? They had no way to be sure, but these questions tore at Hiro's mind for days. The purpose of life, they realized, was not acclaim, accomplishment, or personal advancement. The purpose of life was to in some way elevate the experience of living for all those around them in whatever way possible for as long as it was within their power to do so. On that mark, Hiro had been failing for a very long time. After a long, tearful conversation with Dr. Branson, Hiro decided to apply for re-commissioning into Starfleet - this time with new motivation and open eyes. The request was granted, but Hiro begged one condition for their return: that their prior service record be completely expunged, leaving only the original Academy graduation ribbon. The end compromise was that all awards and recognitions would be redacted and sealed, Hiro would rejoin the Fleet at the rank of Ensign upon completion of retraining, but that his record of rank would remain. Even though Hiro knew this would one day raise questions, they gladly accepted the terms, and threw themself headlong into becoming the best Starfleet Officer they were capable of being - for the sake of the whole. On their 34th birthday, Hiro completed retraining, and was given orders as a Medical Officer aboard the USS Excalibur-A.



Jovenan LtJG 2400.png
Chosen Sister, USS Artemis-A

Hiro joined the Excalibur not long after Jovenan did. They first met during a would-be routine EVA walk on the exterior hull of the Excalibur. Due to a lingering systems malfunction however, the team was unable to re-enter the ship. They were forced to jump from the ship toward a bay door facing them on DS-224, where the ship was docked. There are some friendships that start less dramatically, but how many are so memorable?

Some time after this, they both transferred to the USS Artemis, both were promoted to LtJG, and both were feeling differing levels of homesickness. Following a dangerous mission involving Suliban pirates, Jovenan and Hiro bonded in the Artemis' sensor pod while there for a sensor training exercise. Many emotions and tears were shared, leaving the two with a close, familial bond.[1] Jovenan will always be Hiro's sister.

Character Page: Jovenan

Mother, Historic Architecture Restorer/Preserver, Florist, Boxer

Hiro was far closer to his mom. Never failing to sieze a new interest, her love of horticulture led her to open a florist shop in East Chicago. She taught Hiro how to box from his "tween" years as a means of stress relief and a way to gain self control.

Father, Historic Architecture Restorer/Preserver

Hiro respected his dad, but their relationship couldn't really be considered "close." Hiroshi impressed upon Hiro the importance of learning Japanese customs in order to remember where their people came from. He wanted Hiro to study kendo, as he had done, but in a single act of defiance, Hiro took up Kali (Philipino martial art using short sticks) instead.


Luxa final glazed.jpg
Double Trouble, USS Ronin

The first time Hiro and Luxa spent time together socially was when Hiro hosted a "bad movie night" in his quarters with a few of his (then) fellow Ensigns.[2] She hadn't really known what to make of "Troll 2," but seemed to have fun. At any rate, it didn't scare her off pursuing a friendship. Following a particularly hazardous mission, the USS Artemis enjoyed shore leave at Luxa's homeworld of Cait. While there, she played the part of tour guide, showing Hiro some of the truly remarkable sights there.[3][4][5] This culminated with the two of them getting involved in a bar fight[6][7] and being detained by local authorities. Commander MacKenzie had to come and bail them out.[8]

Character Page: Luxa Lorana

Unlikely Friend, USS Artemis-A

During a mission to the Da'al homeworld, Yogan was bitten by a tick-like insect behind his knee. His reaction to the ensuing infection was severe enough to warrant Hiro encasing the Trill officer in Styrolite while administering treatment. The treatment, though drawn-out and arduous was successful, but unbeknownst to Hiro, while in a semi-comatose state, the Commander had a pretty wild dream in which a figure that looked (usually) like Hiro guided him through a series of life-examining flash-backs/sideways/forwards. When Yogan regained normal consciousness, he felt a connection to the ensign doctor, sparking interest in building a friendship.[9][10][11][12][13]

Character Page: Yogan Yalu

Friend?, USS Artemis-A

Gila was always standoffish toward Hiro. Maybe he came on too strong, maybe he smelled bad, or maybe she just didn't connect with his openness and eagerness to share any/everything on his mind. (He was a counselor though, what do you expect?)

Eventually, he convinced the Mizarian to attend a series of counseling sessions. The first found the pair sitting in silence for nearly the entire time. The second session was very surface-level. Progress in getting her to warm up to the idea of therapy was slow, but Hiro was undaunted.

Unfortunately, Hiro received orders that took him away from the Artemis before they'd really "clicked," but Hiro isn't giving up hope. He sees something in Gila he suspects she may not yet see in herself.

Character Page: Gila Sadar

Sil-Picard Uniform.png
Damaged, but still good, USS Artemis-A

Sil could best be described when he and Hiro first met as gregarious to the point of caricature. He was beyond personable, and a ready friend to all. Things changed a bit after a tragic emotional rollercoaster during one mission though.

He'd fallen in love with a woman from another reality, who was murdered in cold blood shortly thereafter. The personal fallout left Sil broken and adrift. He and Hiro had an incredibly frank conversation, which resulted in some small first steps toward healing.

When Hiro left the Artemis, bound by orders to the Ronin, he promised to follow up. There hasn't been a day since where Sil hasn't at least crossed Hiro's mind.

Character Page: Vitor Silveira

Ensign Savel.png
Mr. Personality, USS Artemis-A

One of Hiro's first encounters with Savel was observing the Vulcan unwittingly struggling in a social situation. Hiro was surprised when Savel later approached him, asking for help in grasping the intricacies of social interaction with emotionally-driven beings.

Since then, the two experienced a lot of life together, and very nearly death in the same manner. Savel quite likely saved Hiro's life after he'd been stabbed through with a Klingon Dagger, and was present when the explosive device that nearly took Hiro's life went off.

(And for what it's worth, Savel has made great strides in his social aptitude.)

Character Page: Savel


Ronin Niac.jpg
Oh Captain, My Captain, USS Ronin

At the risk of sounding like an overzealous Ensign, fresh from the Academy and eager to prove himself, Hiro found himself promising to "do all within my abilities to protect this crew, this ship, and the spirit of Starfleet and the Federation. I will give you and everyone I encounter my best at all times. I can't promise that will always be enough, but you'll never have to wonder at my commitment." He immediately cringed inside at his enthusiasm, but as the CO seemed to take it in stride, he pressed on.

Character Page: Karrod Niac

DekasBLTAvatar Blue.png
Fellow Plant Lover, USS Ronin

The first thing Hiro noticed when he walked into the counseling suite to report for duty was the plentiful flora in the lobby. Upon entering Dekas' office, there was even more greenery. That was the first mark in the other counselor's favor for Hiro. After they'd spoken for a short time, the newly-transferred LtJG knew he and the Chief Counselor were going to get on just fine.

Character Page: Dekas

CMO, USS Artemis-A

The Captain of the Artemis-A was one of two Starfleet Officers who oversaw Gila and Madison's final test before graduation. Though Gila had little opportunity to converse with her future Captain, she felt both excitement and deep fear at the idea of being assigned to her vessel. The two of them spent most of Gila's first mission in close proximity, and while the Captain seemed competent and reasonable, her willingness to risk the lives of Suliban pirates astonished the new Doctor. A small altercation occurred, after which an ashamed Gila tried to avoid the Captain as much as possible, and yet somehow, the Human woman seems to have an almost otherworldly ability to find the Mizarian when she least expects it...

Character Page: Genkos Adea

Mission Log

Both Sides Now (USS Artemis-A, NCC-81287) - SD 240009.09 - 240012.01

During an extremely routine analysis mission, a type of bubble in reality formed and popped near the Artemis, disgorging two larger vessels, a badly-damaged shuttle, and a handful of fighters. One ship: the CIC Desdemona hailed the Artemis, revealing her to be crewed by alternate versions of most of the Artemis' personnel, requesting assistance in fighting the other large ship. At this point, the other ship fired (ineffectually) on the Artemis. The Artemis was then forced to respond to the hostile action, destroying the ship. Shortly after, the senior officers from the Desdemona were invited aboard the Artemis for medical assistance and cultural exchange. While the newcomers look familiar, it quickly becomes apparent they have very different priorities.

Drill - SD 240006.26 - 240007.19

Wanting to put the Artemis through its paces, Commander MacKenzie acquisitioned the USS Berlin to run a friendly combat training exercise. The Berlin is captained by Commander Adea and crewed by Hiro and a handful of others. After Hiro, Dakora, Osuna, and a contingent of security personnel beamed over as a boarding party, it soon became apparent a group of Suliban pirates had also boarded the Artemis with their own plans. This rapidly ended the exercise, turning it into something far more real and dangerous.

Impact (USS Artemis-A, NCC-81287) - SD 240002.19 - 240004.17

The Artemis was dispatched to the Da'al homeworld to assist with relief efforts following a meteor impact, which left approximately 10,000 Da'al dead and thousands more wounded and/or unhomed. When they arrived, the crew found a compound in the airborne dust particles Hiro dubbed "Da'allium" owing to a Gallium core. This compound only existed because of the Da'al's telekinetic ability creating a sustaining field, but it had a significant effect on the Da'al: it made them incredibly aggressive. Hiro worked with Lt Yellir to modify a stasis field generator (brought as a medical tool) to generate a disruptive blocker, which allowed the Da'allium to dissipate naturally, thereby curing the Da'al.

Hide and Seek (USS Excalibur-A, NCC-41903-A) - SD 240001.01-240002.02
Blue Nebula.png

When Commander Addison MacKenzie and Lieutenant Talos Dakora went missing in the former maquis ship the MV Daisy, Commodore Nicholotti called upon Commander Genkos Adea to serve as First Officer during MacKenzie's absence. For this duration, Hiro was put in charge (much to his chagrin) of sickbay. As the Excalibur set off in the most likely direction of the Daisy's trail, Hiro, Ensign Jovenan, and Lieutenant Seta Jinean were tasked with trying to ascertain the intended destination and as far as they could, the motivation for the sub-rosa departure of the two officers.

Service History

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet Fourth Class 238408.01 - 238506.09 Starfleet Academy
Cadet Third Class 238508.06-238606.05
Cadet Second Class 238608.04-238706.07
Cadet First Class 238708.08 (238710.31)
Ensign 238711.02-238801.02 Starbase 104
Junior Counselor
Lieutenant JG 238901.02-238903.01 Counselor
Lieutenant 238903.01 - 239111.19
Lieutenant Commander 239111.19 - 239302.17
Civilian 239304.01 - 239806.12 Chicago Institute of Virology and Pathology
Starfleet Medical.png
Medical Student
Cadet First Class 239811.21 (239911.29) Starfleet Academy
Re-commission training
Ensign 239911.29 - 240001.01 USS Excalibur-A
USS ExcaliburA logo.png
Medical Officer
240001.01 - 240002.02 Acting CMO
240002.02 - 240002.14 Medical Officer
PICstyle-ens blue.png
240002.14 - 240005.19 USS Artemis-A
USS ArtemisA-logo.png
Medical Officer
PICstyle-ltjg blue.png
Lieutenant JG 240005.19 - 240007.22
240007.22 - 240012.31 Counselor
240101.01 - current USS Ronin
USS Ronin-logo.png
Counselor/Medical Officer
For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards and Service Ribbons
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 238710.31
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Redacted 238711.04
Redacted 238801.13
Redacted 238801.13
Redacted 238806.06
Redacted 238901.22
Redacted 238904.04
Redacted 238910.26
Redacted 239002.14
Redacted 239007.04
Redacted 239007.04
Redacted 239011.29
Redacted 239103.01
Redacted 239108.10
Redacted 239111.30
Redacted 239211.27
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239911.29
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy. Hiro received this second citation when completing his recommissioning training
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Innovation Ribbon 240002.02
Kali Nicholotti
Awarded to an individual who distinguishes themselves by the innovative application of science or technology to resolve a dangerous situation
Scientific Discovery Ribbon.png
Scientific Discovery Ribbon 240005.19
Addison MacKenzie
Awarded to an individual who plays a direct role in a new breakthrough in any scientific field.
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Innovation Ribbon 240005.19
Addison MacKenzie
Awarded to an individual who distinguishes him or herself by the innovative application of science or technology to resolve a dangerous situation
Legacy Ribbon.png
Legacy Ribbon 240005.19
Addison MacKenzie
Awarded to an individual who has served during the reactivation and assignment of an existing vessel or installation to a new mission
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingSilver 2011.jpg
Silver Lifesaving Ribbon 240009.03
Addison MacKenzie
Awarded to an individual who has saved the life of another member of Starfleet.
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal.png
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal 240009.03
Addison MacKenzie
Awarded to an individual who participates in a conflict against pirates of any faction.
Quantum Reality Service Ribbon.png
Quantum Reality Service Ribbon 240101.19
Addison MacKenzie
Awarded to an individual who has served in a mission that took place in an alternate reality.


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Marty Tucker
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Alidar Raedai
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Science Officer
Luxa Lorana
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Quentin Beck
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