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The Crew of the Juneau wakes up in an odd version of America, July 1969.

Other Important Characters

The Unknown
An entity taking over the Juneau, gaining cognitive abilities and other powers as it feeds on the ship.

Sunrise New York.jpeg


The crew has found themselves in the small City of Sunrise New York, around an hour's commute outside New York, New York.


  • University of Sunrise, East and Main
  • Fire House - Hamilton Street, between Main and Addams
  • Beach Street Antiques, Beach Street
  • Santosha (yoga studio), Beach Street
  • The Green Crow Diner, Meechum Avenue at Main Street
  • Main Street Park, Corner of Main Street and Elwood Avenue
  • Sunrise Central Library, Hamilton Street


  • Jansen Orrey is a local chef who left New York City in 1965 to open a diner of his own in the city of Sunrise, New York. He has worked hard over the last four years to become an anchor of the community as well as the owner of the local eatery. Jansen loves to cook and the community leadership place relates back to his position as XO.
  • Raissa Moonsong is a Librarian living a simple life with her daughter. She loves books and research and hopes to someday get a degree in archeology.
  • Elijah Deckett has lived in the city of Sunrise for three years now, he works the night shift as a bouncer at a small bar on a street corner and a part-time job at a nearby café. He moved here in hopes to make enough money to either attend the police academy and join the NYPD or attend The School of American Ballet in New York. He can't decide yet but hopes he'll make up his mind soon.
  • T'Lea owns an Antique and Collectibles Shop by day, and is a blackmarket fence by night.
  • Cadfael Peters is a small-time novelist who writes mass market paperbacks. His books aren't bestsellers, but they're a good read. Every time a new novel comes out, he always gets a paragraph in the local paper that mentions his latest book and lists his previous works.
  • Oddas Aria is a Professor of higher math at the local University.
  • Karise Indobri is a nurse at the local hospital ER and does painting and sculpting in her spare time.
  • Arik Tierney is an early follower of B.K.S. Iyengar, one of the most pivotal scholars on yoga in the early 60s, and runs a small yoga and transcendental meditation practice. He is looking forward to attending Woodstock in August to hear Swami Satchidananda speak...and maybe partake in the power of peace and love.
  • R'Kala is a law school student but works part-time as a freelance journalist, getting her career started by reporting on Shirley Chisholm's congressional race. She does most of her reporting on NYC issues.
  • Dave Shark is a New York Police Homicide Detective, a Vietnam War veteran who became a police officer after being wounded. He lives with constant nightmares due to the war traumas and when he returned with a purple heart and a bronze star on his chest, he decided to take the course at the academy and today he is a detective with complex feelings in search of his love and companion. life but his war wounds and traumas make him not get his love but make him an excellent detective. A great chef because in the army he was recommended a hobby and he chose cooking. Lives with his dog, his only company.
  • Kalos Fiorr is working in New York with the nation's best and brightest in developing new computers. The plan is to make them more efficient and smaller so they can one day be made available to the general public. He takes the train to the big apple every day and is looking for some property to buy. So far that's not going well so until then he keeps traveling to and from the city. Assuming the sim starts at Friday he should be close to home after a work shift.
  • Kettick is a construction worker, but finds himself out of a job at the moment. He's a dependable, hard-working man and a good neighbour, but his current situation has led him to realize he had little to nothing in life outside if his work. He's currently in a soul-searching phase, that could just as well lead him to find God or to enlist in the Forces.
  • Kiran Han: one of the local firefighters and amateur historian and genealogist in his spare time. In his late 20s, he's always been told he has an old soul, although he really doesn't know what that means.

Part One - July 4th, 1969

Without knowing how, or even that it is happening, the Juneau crew finds themselves as inhabitants of Sunrise, New York, a small city outside New York, New York on July 4th 1969. Unaware anything is amiss the crew celebrates Independence Day with no detail out of place, except for a fireworks display which looks suspiciously like exploding consoles.

Part Two - July 11th, 1969

The morning of July 11th, 1969 finds members of the crew split going about their days - only to be interrupted by an Earthquake. Aria, Elijah, and Cadfael - on a train bound for New York City, find themselves in train car turned to its side which is sliding toward the side of a cliff. The three attempt to keep other passengers calm and safe as they deal with minor injuries to themselves. T'Lea, Shark, and R'Kala are caught in the antique store even as a fire rages, caused by the earthquake which might serve the proprietor's aims. Riassa, Han, and Fiorr are taking shelter at the library - seeking refuge from falling pillars, books, and other items. Jansen, Tierney, and Indobri - in Orrey's diner, take shelter as the building threatens to come down around them.

Unbeknownst to the crew an Unknown organism has attached to the Juneau and begun spreading itself through the ship, attaching to consoles, the ship, and other key systems. The entity's intrusions seem to be responsible for the Earthquake, and for several members of the crew seeing small signs that some things are wrong with the world they are living in - recognizing prosthetics, asking for med-kits, referring to alert statuses, and other slips.

Part Three - July 20th, 1969

Worried about the Earthquakes and fires, the citizens of Sunrise - the crew - have gathered in Orrey's diner for an impromptu town meeting to compare notes and to watch the moon landing. The events of the moon landing are quickly overshadowed by the reality of the USS Juneau bleeding through to Sunrise. Various members of the crew begin to experience sounds and sights of the real world, including red alert sounds, images of crew slumped over their consoles, and more. Several members of the crew - mostly those with telepathic abilities - experienced memories of their time aboard the Juneau and communications with other crew members.

After repeated breakthroughs into the real world one group - led by Aria - headed for T'Lea's Antique's store, which the crew deduced was a stand-in for the Juneau's Main Engineering. Another group, headed up by Orrey stayed in the Diner to distract the Unknown, to give the smaller group cover. After detective work on both group's part, and not insignificant effort on the Telepaths' parts, the group lead by Orrey was able to break through the delusion and assist the Engineering team to do the same.

Both groups are now attempting to do make contact with the Unknown and to repair damage done to the Juneau.

Part Four - Present Day

Fully awake, the crew makes rudimentary contact with the creature, telepathically and through the ship computer. Several plans are bandied about, but ultimately the shuttle craft Herring, piloted by Kiran_Han and Dave Shark lures the Unknown out of the Juneau. The Engineering crew, led by Cadfael_Peters leads an effort to make the Juneau inhospitable and the Bridge works to convince the Unknown to leave through telepathic communication.

The Unknown does leave, chasing the Herring but is ultimately destroyed as the Shuttle's warp core is ejected to save the lives of the pilots.