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If any of you don't know who I am, I'm Admiral Vivian Hauke, sector commander. I apologize for calling you here on late notice. I'm not one who's big into drama, but a lot of things have happened in the last two days and everyone needs to be prepared. So, I won't beat around the bush. Your crew broke a lot of rules for the very best reasons. The reality is, not everyone understands what needs to be done out here on the fringes of civilization.-Admiral Vivian T. Hauke

FNS Headlines

Mission Summary

Act I: All Hail Captain Storm Bomba

Ah, Starbase 118. The largest base in the sector.  ::He smiled again, it was an expression that settled easily upon his features.:: I am extremely excited to be here, though I wish things had happened a bit more slowly - it seems that everything just went whirlwind fast!  ::he said it with an air of excitement and without a hint of apology. Bomba understood that the crew of StarBase 118 were close to their former Captain, but in Storm’s mind the man had broken the rules. Besides, he counted himself as more attractive, more charming and more able to win people over than most anyone else. There was no way the former commanding officer could hold a candle to his brilliance.:: - Captain Storm Bomba

Captain Storm Bomba
In the days following the Chennel incident, Ops found themselves struggling to regain normalcy. Something that seemed to elude them for days to come. In light of what happened the Federation thought it necessary to replace Captain Taybrim with a Captain ‘better’ suited to their whims. Admiral Hauke brought the news that Captain Bomba would be commanding the station indefinitely. But Sal Taybrim wouldn’t be removed from the station just yet, just a change in title, Ambassador.

Captain Storm Bomba made waves as he moved through the station, most of which were ugly, insulting and arrogant. The Ops crew saw a definite difference between themselves and him. Those who had been out on the front lines for a long time and the one who sat at a comfy desk and said all the right things at the right time.

Captain Storm Bomba Called the sr. staff together to discuss the latest mission, a convention for the Valaxian trade consortium. Those not present were LtCmdr Antero Flynn, Lt JG Arturo Maxwell and Ambassador Sal Taybrim. Deemed not important, the current commander of the station carried on with the briefing.

Flynn and Maxwell, along with a few other, had made themselves busy with investigating Chennel’s dreadnaught, “Skullmasher”. It was in main engineering that they tripped a trap that put them to sleep, a small window for criminal’s to make their move, one in particular to get out from under the shadows. Izirae Talyx seized control of the dreadnaught and began to make a break for it. In the process, breaking the ship and station.

Morse code, old Terran forms of communication was received by the stations command center, informing those on the station the dreaded news. Their people had been kidnapped and the dreadnaught hijacked. It was then that Captain Bomba showed his true, lacking colors. His reaction was to shoot the ship down, endangering their crew and the station itself. Cmdr Theo Whittaker found himself forced to take the lead again.

Quickly to the USS Columbia, did the remaining crew go too, in order to chase down the dreadnaught. All hoping that those kidnapped were alive and well…

Act II: ??

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Act 2 summary

Act III: ??

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Act 3 summary

Dramatis Personae

One Last Gasp
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Storm Bomba Antosian Captain of Ops Sal Taybrim Captain Bomba was temporary captain of Starbase 118 when Captain Taybrim was under investigation. It was believed he was better suited for the role...
Izirae Talyx Rodulan Ishani Kasun Izirae was one of Chennel’s minions, who had been able to hide away from Starfleet on a junk Dreadnaught, “Skullmasher”. She was out to make a get away and to get out from under shadows to make a name of her own. She kidnapped several officers and sold them into slavery before coming face to face with Starfleet’s finest.
Pitee Ferengi Rustyy Hael Pitee, a sick dog looking woman, was once an underling of Chennel before becoming one of Izirae Talyx’s minions. She was weak under the scrutiny of Starfleet
Omari Damarkus Orion Slave trader/ Overlord of Dominicus dilithium mines Sal Taybrim Omari was a slave trader and a pimp. He ran the dilithium mines on Dominicus VI. He bought Cmdr Flynn, Maxwell and Zel from Izirae at a really good price.
Turo-Varr Orion Theo Whittaker Turo-Varr is an underling of Izirae.
Sakon Vulcan Slave Aitas A slave who offered to aid Flynn, Zel, and Maxwell in the hope of reuniting with his daughter.

Crew Participating in the Mission

Officers taking part in the Mission
Name Position Notes
Sal Taybrim Commanding Officer
Theo Whittaker First Officer
Antero Flynn Chief of Helm/Comm/Ops
Harold Turak Comm/Ops Arrived 293407.29 - Left 293408.16
Tatash Marine Commander
Tyler Kelly Marine Officer Arrived 293407.03
Ishani Kasun Asst. Chief of Security
Vitor Silveira Security Specialist Arrived 293405.15
Diego Beyett Security Officer Arrived 293407.04
Arturo Maxwell Tactical Officer
Rustyy Hael Chief Engineering Officer LOA 293407.17
Ziron Antraydin Engineering Officer
Mirra Ezo Chief Medical Officer
Taelon Chief Science Officer
Valdar Sorna Science Officer Arrived 293408.13
Trel'lis Head Diplomatic Officer
Aitas Chief Intelligence Officer

Gallery and Quotes

Dominicus VI, Dilithium mines
Zel’s Map of the Dilithium Mines
Omari Damarkus, overlord of the mines

  • ::nodding slightly:: Understandable. I'm going to give you the booster just to be extra cautious, ::stepping away for a moment, she returned with a loaded hypo, administering the vaccine in one swift motion.:: I need you to report to me immediately if you experience any sudden intense headaches or nausea. Oh, ::with a "silly me" expression:: And if you began bleeding from your gums, or discover any facial lesions, I want to be the first to know. We've had the intensive care unit refitted to support radiation poisoning. - Mirra Ezo
  • Pitee, a much too small Ferengi girl who had the looks of a bald, sick dog with a flea infestation. Her ears were small, even for Ferengi women and she certainly didn’t have the lobes for profit.
  • Zel, believe me pal, there is no other time I’d ask you this. But you need to put your hand in my trouser pocket…. - Arturo Maxwell
  • :: hesitantly :: Well... I did take the Piloting 101 module during my second year at the academy. It did contain small scale starship piloting lessons. I've never flown a vessel the size of Columbia before... but I could it in a pinch. :: he was reasonably confident he could, even though his instructor for the module described his abilities as 'distinctly' mediocre. - Theo Whittaker
  • From what I've heard our center chair is depriving some village of their idiot - Tyler Kelly
  • ::shouting, she began to run:: Well, half of them, FOLLOW THAT CART!!! - Mirra Ezo
  • =/\= I...tell him i’m happy for him. And...that i’m going to kill him? =/\= - Zaina