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USS Victory
Petty Officer T'tala
Petty Officer T'tala

It is through your deeds that you are judged by your peers... how you act towards man's inhumanity to man, to acts of barbarism or wrath or jealous rage. How you treat those around you... and the deeds you do while you live.

-- Petty Officer Third Class T'tala to Lieutenant Breeman, Starbase 118 Commercial Sector, 238711.09


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Petty Officer Third Class T'tala is a Vulcan security officer who was taking an extended leave of absence due to an unplanned pregnancy. For a time she had resolved to continue and desired strongly to return to duty, but without the encouraging influence of her good friend Fiona Shelley she felt unable to cope with raising a child on a warship.

But... somehow the paperwork didn't go through right. When she arrived at Starbase 118, four months pregnant, she was told she was still on active duty and to report to the USS Victory.

More recently, upon learning of the fate of most of the Romulan race, T'tala shaved her head as per the traditional Romulan grief ritual.

T'tala is a PNPC simmed by Alleran Tan.

Biographic Information

  • Full Name:T'tala of Vulcan.
  • Age: 60
  • Species: Vulcan
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Green/brown
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Telepathic status: T3
  • Place of Birth: The Jek'telen, a Vulcan freighter in Breen space at the time.
  • Tattoos/Body Modifications: None
  • Skin Tone: Tan with significant freckling.
  • Handedness: Right.
  • Date of pregnancy: 238708.29


  • Parents: T'tala's parents died during a Breen raid on the Jek'telen; she was raised aboard the ship by the crew, until she was transferred to an orphanage on Vulcan.
  • Siblings: None that live.
  • Spouse: None officially. Currently engaged in a relationship with Petty Officer Danilo Pitik. Captain Sidney Riley and her direct superior, David Whale both know about the relationship and condone it.
  • Children: None. T'tala is currently pregnant, with twins, to Pitik; Pitik is not aware of this development.


  • Quarters: Pitik and T'tala are offically quartered apart, although unofficially they were living together for five months prior to Pitik's injury.
  • Favorite Room: As a Vulcan, T'tala would stress that she has no favoured room; every room has a specific function and forging an emotional attachment to a specific area is not logical.
  • Mannerisms/Habits: T'tala doesn't wear her hair in the standard Vulcan bob, instead preferring to let her hair down just a little.
  • Temperment: T'tala is typically standoff-ish and short, although by Vulcan standards she is remarkably friendly; she can occasionally make subtle jokes, smiles rarely and has engaged in a sexual relationship with a fellow crewman. In that regard, she's the life of the party... for a Vulcan.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: T'tala attempts to adhere to typical Vulcan philosophies regarding logic and reason, but in her own words she "... is a poor student."



  • Shelley, Fiona - Doctor Shelley is T'tala's only friend, aside from Dr Mike on the USS Independence. She was the first to learn of T'tala's pregnancy and she trusts her implicitly.
  • Breeman, Kevin - The strange scientist Kevin Breeman struck up an incredibly fast friendship with the standoff Vulcan. The two opened themselves to each other, causing a spontaneous outburst of emotion which T'tala still does not know how to deal with. One thing is certain; she has found a new friend.
  • Riley, Sidney - Captain Sidney Riley showed T'tala a great deal of kindness when she was injured by Marari on the USS Independence-A. Riley saved Pitik's life, something which T'tala was extremely grateful for.
  • Jaxx, Andrus - Commander Jaxx took in T'tala when she needed him most and gave her a position, something to make herself useful... and a new purpose in service. T'tala owes Jaxx a debt she is uncertain she can ever repay.


Pitik, Danilo - In direct violation of Starfleet Fraternization Guidelines, T'tala was engaged in a romantic/sexual relationship with the leader of her team, Petty Officer Danilo Pitik. Both her boss and Captain at the time approved of her relationship. Mostly recovered from his injuries, Pitik visited Starbase 118 while the Victory was docked; T'tala finally told him of her pregnancy. Frightened by the prospect Pitik left her.

Furious, betrayed and devastated T'tala told him to never speak to her again. They have since reconciled and made arrangements regarding the unborn children, but T'tala permanently terminated their relationship.

Starfleet Career

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
E3-Crew1st-Gold.png Crewman, First Class 238704.15 - 238704.30 Starbase 118 Security Team One
238704.30 - 238706.26 USS Tiger Security Team One
238706.26 - 238706.27 Deep Space 17 Security Team One
Second Battle of Eratis 238706.27 T'tala's team is annihilated during the battle and she is reassigned to Security Team Six under Danilo Pitik.
E3-Crew1st-Gold.png Crewman, First Class 238706.28 - 238708.28 USS Tiger Security Team Six
Wounded 238706.27 T'tala is severely wounded by Marari. Her recovery takes some months and she is personally promoted by her new CO, Captain Sidney Riley.
E4-PO3rd-Gold.png Petty Officer, Third Class 238706.28 - 238710.19 USS Independence-A Security Team Six
Leave of Absence 238710.19 - 238711.2 Doubts about her ability to raise twins on a warship without her only friend lead T'tala to take a leave of absence.
00-Blank-Silver.png Civilian 238710.19 - 238712.5. USS Victory Civilian.
E4-PO3rd-Red.png Petty Officer, Third Class 238712.5 - present. USS Victory Commander Jaxx's Assistant.

Work in progress below!

Personal Story Arcs
Name Location Dates Theme Music Assignment Notes
"Catalyst" USS Tiger 238704.30 - 238706.26 Security T'tala begins a romantic relationship with Danilo Pitik.
"Into the Dark" USS Independence-A 238708.28 - 238710.19 Security T'tala and Pitik are critically wounded by Marari.
"Cracking the Shell" USS Victory 238711.03 - present Civilian T'tala and Pitik terminate their relationship, but remain in contact for the purposes of taking care of their as-yet unborn children. T'tala begins to change, embracing slightly-more-than-occasional touches of an emotional existance- most notably, she lets her hair out a little.


"Petty Officer Third Class T'tala, on her first day as Commander Jaxx's Assistant."
Petty Officer Third Class T'tala, on her first day as Commander Jaxx's Assistant.
"T'tala's haircut around 238801.18, before she shaved it in grief over the loss of Hobus."
T'tala's haircut around 238801.18, before she shaved it in grief over the loss of Hobus.

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