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USS Octavia E Butler
[[File:Lhandon Nilsen Ensign OEB.png|240px]]
Lhandon Joseph Nilsen
Position Helm, Communications, and Operations Officer
Rank Lieutenant JG
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 237702.04
Age 24
Birthplace Gault
Writer ID O240007LN1
Awards & Service Ribbons
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons LegionOfMerit 2011.jpg
Denali Invitational Ribbon.png
Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons diplomacyribbon 2014.jpg

Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Legion of Merit
Denali Invitational Ribbon
Joint Meritorious Unit Award
Diplomacy Ribbon

"He's a good kid, with a good heart, he just doesn't make the greatest of choices''

Lieutenant JG Lhandon Joseph Nilsen is a human serving as a helm, communications, and operations officer aboard the USS Octavia E Butler and previously serving on the USS Oumuamua. Born on February 4th, 2377, Nilsen is the third child of Harold Nilsen, Moganie Thompson, Nilsen was born on Gault, a small farming colony in federation space a few sectors away from Starbase 118, close to the Klingon/Federation boarder.

Nilsen has a keen interest in rugby, cooking and motorsport.Nilsen is known for his resourcefulness, innovative thinking, and commitment to peaceful conflict resolution. He is effective in communication and empathetic, quickly rushing to the aid of others;[1] and often able to switch into "work mode" instantly in high-stress situations[2]. He speaks with a soft-rising accent influenced by Siberian and Eastern European dialects.

However his career has been a troubled one, with instances of his temper leading to rash and reckless decisions leading him into trouble, and a number of cases where he gets in his own way.

In the Operations Department, Nilsen acts as an unoffical assistant & right hand man to the Chief of Operations, by virtue of his friendship with Toxin Arlill on the USS Oumuamua.

As of early 2401, Nilsen is experiencing a period of uncertainty about his future and is at a crossroads in his life.

Basic Profile Information

Nilsen stands at 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 meters) and weighs in at 266lbs/121kgs. He has a tight, lean and stacked build,which was devopled though his upbring as a farmer and a love of rugby. Nilsen has somewhat unkempt brown hair. His eyes are blue. He speaks with an accent that has elements of Federation Standard, but there's a touch of Siberian and Eastern European influence in it. It's described as a soft-rising accent with a bunch of unaccented vowels [3]

Traits & Personality

An overview of Nilsen's Postive Personality Traits:

  • Resourceful: During a mission on Alpha Brenkelvi II Nilsen proposed using a probe as a relay to boost communication with the away teams, potentially overcoming the limitations of the combadges' range.[4] In training Nilsen stabilized the USS Centris after it was attacked and assessed damages during a system malfunction. [5]
  • Peaceful conflict resolution: He emphasizes the need to exhaust all communication options before resorting to force. He managed to form a temporary alliance with Private O'Reilly, setting aside personal differences for the sake of their home. [6]
  • Sociable: In general, Nilsen aims to be a sociable person, who is easy to get along with. It is a source of pride that he has built up an extenstive network of contacts. Nilsen does enjoy some positive relationships with the majority of his crewmates, and has friends in every department. [7] He enjoys a close friendship with Toxin Arlill, his current roommate and the two after often seen together working on some kind of project. Nilsen is known for the boundless amount of energy he seems to possess.

An overview of Nilsen's Negative Personality Traits:

  • Short Tempter: He has been known to "fly off the handle" at a moment's notice when a sensitive or triggering topic comes up. [8][9] However he working thought this with Counselor Nesre Salo [10]
  • Unresolved issues: Nilsen is still haunted by a shuttlecraft incident during his time in Echo Squad a SARS training squad for cadets at Starfleet Academy. This used to lead to a habit of second-guessing his choices and to a lack of confidence in his own abilities. If Nilsen does make a mistake, he will immediately take steps to correct it, however, this can lead to a certain obsession over the mistake and a single-minded mindset to correct it.
  • Change in attitude: After the Denali Invitational in mid-2400, those close to Nilsen noticed a shift in his attitude, he seemed to gain a degree of confidence but some would argue perhaps too much confidence. This has led to Nilsen becoming more reckless, disobedient, Impulsive and having difficulty controlling his temper, he became known as someone who can snap quickly from 0-100.[2] After almost being kicked out of Starfleet and narrowly advising criminal charges[11] he has come to the conclusion that he needs to do something about it. He has admitted to his best friend Toxin Arlill, that he felt that something was wrong with him and he didn't know who he was anymore

Other traits:

  • Diving head first: Nilsen has been known to dive into projects and assignments without thinking it through. This also extends to choices in life: one notable example was during first contact with the ancient Bajorans of Alpha Brenkelvi II where Nilsen allowed them in their non-corporeal state to use his body to communicate with the away team while his consciousness was kept safe.
  • Stubborn: Commodore V'Airu described this trait when she presented Nilsen with his second Legion of Merit award: "you also performed the admirable and unusual task of doing so successfully and, to my great relief, living to tell the tale, and for your convictions, your perseverance, and your downright bullheadedness" [12]
  • Driven: Nilsen can take a task to completion but often cares more about the results then the process. It matters not to him how he does a task, only that he does the task. This can mean he can get things done often quicker then others but comes with downside potenally inconveniencing others in the process (cite needed/JP coming in)
  • 21st century references: When explaining details surrounding engines or shuttles, he may rely upon references to cars and automobiles from Earth from the late 20th century to the early 21st century. This is somewhat of a specialist topic for him however the references are often lost upon others.
  • Lack of poker face: Lhandon has a poker face that can often give away what he is thinking or feeling. [13]

Key Skills and Competencies

Nilsen is a highly competent HCO Officer and finds success in all three area of the role.

Ensign Lhandon Joseph Nilsen's Key Skill's and Competencies
Helm, Navigation and Piloting Operations Communications & Language
Helm Expert Systems Bajoran (Modern) Limited working
Navigation Expert Transporters Basic Bajoran (Ancient) Full Proficiency
Sub-Light Maneuvers Expert Replicators Basic Dominionese Elementary proficiency
Warp Field Geometry Advanced Holodecks Intermediate Federation Standard Professional working
Craft Types Sensors Advanced Ferengi Professional working
Shuttle & Small Craft Expert Logistics Klingon Bilingual Proficiency
Transport & Midsize Craft Advanced Computer Resources Intermediate Romulan Elementary
Luna/Sovereign Size Craft Expert Quartermaster Advanced Vulcan Elementary
Galaxy Class Intermediate Resource Allocation Advanced
Maintenance Schedule Expert

Skill Legend

  • Being Developed: the individual demonstrates a minimal use of the competency and is currently developing it
  • Basic: the individual demonstrates limited use of a competency and requires additional training to apply without assistance or frequent supervision
  • Intermediate: the individual demonstrates a working or functional proficiency level which enables the competency to be exercised effectively (has working or functional command of the competency)
  • Advanced: the individual demonstrates in depth proficiency level ; is able to assist, consult or lead others in the application of a competency
  • Expert: the individual demonstrates broad, in-depth proficiency; is recognized as an authority or master performer in exercising the competency

((OOC: Credit to User:Erik Johnson for helping me to put this together and quantifiy Nilsen's skills)

Interests & Hobbies

Nilsen has been reminded to make sure he partakes in his interests & hobbies. The following are list of those activities that he finds the most enjoyable.

Cooking Nilsen is a keen cook and will not resist any opportunity to cook for himself or his crewmates. He will aim if possible to not use the replicators.
Rugby Lhandon found a passion for rugby after joining Starfleet Academy. His height and build made him well-suited for the game.

On stardate 239706.25, Nilsen collided with another player and suffered a broken nose. He laughed off this incident and continued playing. Only later seeking medical assistance when forced to by his teammates.

Fitness & Combat Sports Nilsen has found that keeping up a fitness regime has helped to support his mental health and provided him with some joy. Nilsen perfers to work out alone.

In an effort to control his temper, Nilsen has turned to combat sports and as of 2400, he is trying different styles to find the one that is suited to him. So far this endeavour has been unsuccessful.

Motorsport Lhandon is a passionate enthusiast of sports cars spanning from the late 20th to the early/mid 21st century. This interest significantly influences the way he perceives and describes starships in flight. For instance, on one occasion, Nilsen once compared the USS Centris, a Nova class training vessel, to an MX5 sports car—a type of ship that, according to him, could perform sideways drifts around an asteroid field simply by kicking the nacelles out.

When he can get onto the holodeck, one of Nilsen's favourite programs revolves around a dramatised version of the Formula 1 championship that is based loosely of the 2020's. If Nilsen forms a strong bond or friendship with someone, he warmly extends an invitation to that person. This program also contains a co-op campaign in which two people may participate as drivers of their preferred team


Lhandon and Kei'ran circa 2395

Nilsen enjoys an overall positive relationship with his family, even if his environment growing up could be considered somewhat chaotic, with fights breaking out between siblings and then resolving in the blink of an eye. Lhandon is closest to his younger brother Kie'ran however as children, the two fought the most. Most of the family live on or near the farm, but Lhandon is the first to leave the planet for such an extended period. After Lhandon joined Starfleet Academy, his younger brother Madison left home and secured a role in law enforcement on Deep Space Nine. Lhandon's younger sister Isabella has expressed an interest in following in Lhandon's footsteps and maybe planning to join Starfleet.

Lhandon will try to get a message back home when he can, and enjoys the massive data drop he gets when all of the family will send their messages in one bulk transmission. His family are proud of him, particularly after his turned his life around after a spate of petty crime.

The Nilsen Family
Paternal Grandmother - TBC Paternal Grandfather - TBC Paternal Grandmother - Althea Nilsen

Althea Nilsen was a commander in Starfleet and was known her piloting skills. She would have been proud of Lhandon and overjoyed that he was a HCO [14]

Maternal Grandfather - TBC
Morgain Nilsen (nee-Thompson).png Mother - Morgain Nilsen (née: Thompson) -
Harold Nilsen.jpg
Father: Harold Nilsen
  • DOB: 2347.12.24 | Age: 53
  • Occupation: Social and Support Worker
  • DOB: 2343.08.29 | Age: 57
  • Occupation: Farmer
Moganie Nilsen (née: Thompson) has chosen a career path that aligns with her innate desire to support and uplift others. She has a commitment to improving the lives of individuals and families, mirroring the values of empathy and service that she tried to instil in her children. Harold Nilsen has deep roots in the agricultural traditions of Gault. A farmer by trade, Harold has dedicated his entire professional life to the agriculture industry of Gault and was a key player during the Dominion War when Gault's reserves were opened up. His reserved and practical nature is balanced by a profound sense of pride in his family's heritage and a commitment to preserving their farming legacy for future generations.
Sariah Nilsen.jpg Older Sister - Sariah Nilsen Marcus Nilsen.png Older Brother - Marcus Nilsen
  • DOB: 2372.01.29 | 29
  • Occuption: Social and Support Worker
  • DOB: 2374.04.03 | 27
  • Occupation: Farmer
Sariah is the oldest sibling. She is often the one who keeps the remaining siblings in check. Sariah as found her calling as a social worker, following in her mother's footsteps. Marcus followed his father's footsteps and developed a deep passion for agriculture from a young age, thanks to his father's influence. He possesses a strong work ethic and a deep sense of responsibility, both to his family and to the land he cares for.

Marcus has steady and dependable nature. He's known for his reliability, level-headedness, and his ability to stay calm under pressure.

While Marcus had chosen a life dedicated to agriculture, his dreams are changing, he is considering that now may be the time to sell the Nilsen farm, and split the profits with his family. The other siblings are as of yet unaware of this plan, but he is expecting a negative reaction.

Emilia Nilsen.jpg Older Sister - Emilia Nilsen Kei'ran Nilsen.jpg Younger Brother Kei'ran Nilsen
  • DOB: 2375.08.12 | Age 25
  • Occupation: Artists and Political Critic
  • DOB: 2378.06.23 | Age 22
  • Occupation: Musician & Troublemaker
Emilia Nilsen is a creative and outspoken person, known for her passionate opinions and artistic pursuits. She expresses herself through both painting and song. Emilia is an outspoken critic of Starfleet and her concerns can be summarized in five key points:
  • Centralization of Authority:
  • Military Concerns:
  • Cultural Imperialism:
  • Resource Allocation:
  • Accountability and Transparency:
Kei'ran is the most mischievous of the siblings and continues to work on the family farm. He possesses an infectious enthusiasm for life and a natural charm that draws people to him. His sense of humour is often described as irreverent. Kei'ran remains close to Lhandon however Lhandon is glad to be away from the pranks. Lhandon and Kei'ran did commit some minor crimes during Lhandon's pre-Starfleet days, these include trespassing and vandalism
Madison Nilsen Deep Space Nine.png Younger Brother - Madison Nilsen Isabella Nilsen.jpg Younger Sister - Isabella Nilsen
  • DOB: 2380.01.04 | Age: Age 21
  • Occupation: Security officer
  • DOB: 2380.01.04 | Age: Age 21
  • Occupation: Starfleet Cadet
Madison Nilsen is the twin of Isabella, and he is the most stoic and reserved of the Nilsen Siblings. He is a member of the Bajoran law enforcement and is currently stationed on Deep Space Nine. In 2399, Madison met and entered a relationship with Elys Varaan, a Bajoran Archaeologist. After this, Madison elected to move full-time to Deep Space Nine. Madison is the most reserved and most observant of the Nilsen siblings Isabella Nilsen is the twin of Madison. Isabella's ultimate goal is to become a chief engineer in Starfleet. She possesses a natural aptitude for engineering, often taking apart and reassembling mechanical devices on the farm when she was younger. She will be graduating Starfleet academy soon.


Uno Nilsen - Family Pet - The Goodest Dogo

Friends & Relationships

Personal Relationships
Overall Nilsen aims to have positive relationships with most of his crew despite his tempter. He has a tight friendship with a handful of crew members.
Toxin Arlill LTJG.png
Toxin Arlill
Nilsen enjoys a very positive friendship with Toxin Arlill, a fellow HCO officer and roommate. Arlill and Nilsen met when they were assigned as roommates and the two quickly found a number of shared interests. This friendship grew quickly and Nilsen considers Arlill to be "just another brother" and Arlill's wellbeing is often at the forefront of his mind.

Arlill makes up one of the three members of the crew who retrofitted and modified the Taxalin Freighter known as the Foxy Lady and entered it into the Denali Invitational 2400

Ensign Simon Vomek.png
Simon Vomek
Nilsen also has a good relationship with most of his crew including fellow HCO officer Simon Vomek with the two finding a shared interest in linguistics and piloting. The two met through Dr Kel who organised a pilot training program for the HCO's.

Vomek makes up one of the three members of the crew who retrofitted and modified the Taxalin Freighter known as the Foxy Lady and entered it into the Denali Invitational 2400.

Vomek has since been transferred to the USS Ronin

Ens Tyber.png
Nilsen enjoys a very positive friendship with Tyber, the two finding a level of respect between each other. In 2400, Nilsen hyped Tyber up and helped him work through his nerves to ask Lina Dahlquist out.

Ensign Tyber has since left the Oumuamua

Arturo Maxwell 2LT.png
Arturo Maxwell
The two met during the Esh-O mission in 2400 and Nilsen considers Maxwell to be a good friend and someone he can turn to when he needs words of wisdom, or someone who can taste test his latest culinary creation.
Negative Relationships
While Nilsen does aim to have positive relationships with those he meets, sometimes things do not go as he planned.
Harrison Blackwood.png
Harrison Blackwood
The two were in Echo Squad together and never got on, Blackwood is a by-the-books officer while Nilsen is a dive-in and worries about the paperwork later kind of officer. This sparked a rival between the two and at least one physical altercation between the two. This rivalry continued throughout their time in Echo Squad.
Thomas O'Reilly Private.png
Thomas O'Reilly
Nilsen's relationship with Private O'Reilly is at best, uncomfortable. While the two of them are from the same planet, disagreements between their families is threatening to spill over into their work. The first meeting was not pleasant, while Nilsen did not recall the history between the two families at first, O'Reilly was antagonistic towards Nilsen as he soon learned of his fellow Gaultian
Romantic Relationships
As of 2400, Nilsen has at least one romantic relationship. In late 2400, Nilsen was attracted to a fellow crew member and has just recently (2401.01) expressed his interest in said crew member.
Elijah Kovacs Ensign.pngElijah Kovacs Nilsen was aware of Elijah's posting with the two passing each other as lower deckers but it was not until Kovacs took a temporary assignment to Operations that Nilsen got to know Kovacs and a friendship was formed. Nilsen was first attracted to Kovacs at the start of the Alpha Brenkelvi II mission where both were assigned to the bridge. Nilsen found himself showing off somewhat and trying to make Ops seem like a place Kovacs would want to transfer to permanently. [15] Nilsen held on to his own attraction to Kovacs until he could process what he was feeling.[16][17] These feelings developed over the course of his friendship but came to a head when he found Kovacs attacked by Dask in the cargo bay of Deep Space Nine by Dask Cronin.[18] Nilsen rugby tackled Cronin to disarm him and in that moment realised that his actions which could be described as protective where in part to protect a friend, but also to protect someone he cares a lot about and would like to peruse a possible relationship with. When he came to this realisation, he first told Salo that he was going to ask Kovacs out, and the ensign at the time asked for advice on what to do.[19] After taking her, Nilsen somewhat awkwardly asked Kovacs to join in with coffee, the two got along quite well and have agreed to meet up again. [20]

However, Nilsen is unaware the Lt Herrick also has a interest in Kovacs.[21]

Alex Høgh Andersen - Face Claim For Finn Johanas.jpg
Finn Johanas
(2396-2398) Nilsen's former boyfriend was training to be a marine at around the same time that Nilsen joined Starfleet Academy. The two connected at first over a shared love of photography. There relationships ended in 2398 as a consequence of Nilsen's crash and the media attention surrounding those events. [22]
Professional relationships
Commodore Ossa.pngCommodore Ossa V'Airu Nilsen has a respectful and professional relationship with Commodore V’Airu and she is someone he looks up to . He has been seen seeking her guidance in challenging situations and responding to her instructions effectively during missions⁠. In one instance, Nilsen expressed trust in V’Airu by accepting her hand in a mindscape scenario⁠[23]⁠. Despite sometimes showing nervousness and allowing the commodore to be one of the few people who has seen the scared side of Lhandon, he demonstrates a willingness to learn under her command⁠, seeking her guidance and advice when needed. Etan iljor commander.pngCommander Etan Iljor Nilsen and Etan Iljor relationship started positively[24] however this has become a strained relationship. Nilsen's reckless behaviour during the Denali Invitational led to a reprimand from Etan that has affected Nilsen deeply⁠.⁠[25][26]. Nilsen regrets his actions and is seeking to mend his relationship with Etan⁠⁠⁠. Despite this, Nilsen still admires Etan and seeks his approval.
LT Aine Sherlock 7.png Lt.Aine Sherlock Initially, there was tension and misunderstanding between the two, with Nilsen feeling that Sherlock treated him with unwarranted suspicion.[27] However, after an intense confrontation, they came to an understanding.[28] Sherlock even acknowledged that Nilsen's "isn't that bad" even though she has one eye on him at all times[29].
Lieutenant Colonel Wes Greaves
Nilsen admires Greaves and sees him as an influential figure and someone he looks up to.[30] He's eager to interact more with Greaves and learn from his experiences.



Nilsen leaving Gault for Starfleet Academy. Circa 2396

Nilsen was born and raised on the farming world of Gault. He was a part of a large family with six siblings. Nilsen's upbringing, while stable, was chaotic. He would frequently fight with his brother Kei'ran. However, as both siblings entered adulthood, they found they had more in common than they realized.

As Nilsen entered his teenage years, he found that he had a natural talent for operational matters and keeping things organized on the farm. He took on administrative duties, managed logistics, and handled supplies. However, his heart and passion were in flying, and he would take every opportunity to take the family shuttle out on trips, which grew longer and longer.

Soon he developed an independent streak and would often bite off more than he could chew but as he reached 17, he found that he lacked a direction in life and entered a rebellious phase.

Fueled by a desire for excitement and a break from routine, Lhandon and his brother Kei'ran connected over a spate of petty crime, inculding tresspassing, joyriding, theft, and anit-socal behaviour. On several occuations he participated in a graffiti spree that left a mark on several public buildings in the local community, with both brothers venturing out under the cover of night.

However, he could see that this was a path that was not going to serve him well, and this was hammered home by both siblings being caught by their father trespassing on another farm, who did more to set him straight then any law enforcement officer.

Soon he needed a way out, and while he loved his home of Gault, he didn't see a future there, there was no space for him, his older brother would take care of the farm, and his other siblings would find their own paths. He learned that some years back, the Rozhenko family's adopted son joined Starfleet, but the details were fuzzy. In many ways, Nilsen saw Starfleet as his ticket off Gault, and he signed up as soon as he turned 18.

Nilsen tried to persuade Kei'ran to join Starfleet with him but was not successful.

Cadet: Starfleet Academy, 2396-2400

During his training, he excelled in Operations but faced challenges with academic subjects like PHYS101 and BIO101. However, his exceptional operational skills and ability to keep things running smoothly more than made up for this.

Starfleet Academy logo 2368.png

Nilsen pursued a major in helm and navigation, with a minor in communications and operations. His soon earned an invitation to join Echo Squad, a specialized program for cadets focusing on search and rescue piloting operations.

Echo Squad (SARS Training Squad)

Nilsen was invited to join Echo Squad, A program for cadets who would be specialising in search and rescue piloting operations. Nilsen fitted in well and his flying style seemed to fit well and at the start of his second year it was suggested by the groups commander that he should start thinking about a leadership role in the squad. Nilsen agreed.

However, on stardate 239803.12, Nilsen plans took an unexpected turn. During a training flight with Echo Squad in Shuttle FH-421 in the Kuiper Belt, as part of "Tactics: Combat, Shuttles and Runabouts" his shuttle lost control and collided with another, resulting in a devastating crash into an asteroid.he impact was so intense that the bulkheads of the shuttle slammed around him. The shuttle became a wreck and was almost Nilsen's coffin The incident nearly led to Nilsen's expulsion, and rumors spread throughout the academy. [31].

This also lead to Nilsen relationship with Finn Johanas coming to an end, and a slowly growing rivaly with Harrison Blackwood turning into a full blown enemies.

She walked up to where the two other ensigns were already practicing moves and exchanging light blows. Being the security/tactical officer of the group, Kaito was the logical choice to emerge as victor in a physical altercation between the two young men. He was also taller than Harrison. However, while at the academy, Esma had heard "gossip" among some of the other cadets about an incident involving Harrison and a fellow cadet named Lhandon Nilsen.[32] - Ensign Esma: Fists of Fury

Dismissed from Echo Squad due to the crash, Nilsen had to reconsider his career trajectory. Dropping his major in Helm/Navigation, he pivoted to the Operations (Ops) track. Given his farm upbringing, Ops suited him well, and he discovered a passion for the communication aspect of the HCO role. Building on this, Nilsen honed his language skills[33] Though skilled at operations and communications, Lhandon couldn't shake his desire to return to the helm, and he quietly harboured the hope of one day getting to fly again.

It is because of this, that Nilsen gratuated as a qualified HCO officer rather then a dedicated Helm officer as he orignally planned.

Ensign: Starfleet Career - Mid To Late 2400

USS Oumuamua

USS 'Oumuamua-logo.png

Hoping to leave the stain of his academy years behind him, Nilsen's first posting was to the USS Oumuamua, as a helm, communications, and operations officer. During this time, Nilsen has been working hard in the lower decks and tried to make himself a valued member of the operations team. He joined the Oumuamua in mid 2400, met his roommate who he affectionally refers to as his "brorooomy," made a huge impact in his first mission and was showing a positive change in his behaviour. He was also valuable in helping the operations team to install their new Operations Centre as a part of the Focused Operation Refit Taskforce (Project Fort). He also took part in a secret mission to learn more about possible Zet behaviour in the Alpha Quadrant.

Nilsen was on track to becoming a model Starfleet officer however his time on the Oumuamua has not been without incident. Old issues, a chip on his shoulder and past failures all affect his present day relationships as well as wreckless behaviour at the Denali Invitational. According to Commander Etan "It was clear that Nilsen was a gifted and promising officer, but he kept getting in his own way." [34]

Mission: The Esh-o Micronebula

Nilsen's first mission aboard the Oumuama was described by Commodore V'Airu as "complex." While in the lower decks, Nilsen felt the full force of the nebula's effect and during this time wrote his resignation letter. [35]

During this mission, on Stardate 240008.03 Nilsen was called up to the bridge, and with Commodore V'Airu, he joined LT Jack Kessler and LT Sasha Johnson in retrofitting the mission pod from a tactical to a scanning functionality. It was during this refit that Nilsen expressed his worries and concern over the effect his crash had over his ability to do his job. Commodore Ossa V'Airu was witnessed as saying "That officer didn't make up my mind for me. I believe you deserve a chance." in response to Lhandon's worries about this sudden posting.

Nilsen: You’ve read my file? You saw that crash report? They said…the commander, my old instructor said I should never fly, he said that he’d tell every captain, every XO, every commander that I will ever have.

Any joy that Lhandon had felt was replaced with one of worry as the words of his old instructor started to replay in his head.

V'Airu: (with a brief shake of her head) That officer didn't make up my mind for me. I believe you deserve a chance.

Nllsen took the helm guided the Oumuamua through the micronebula and took evasive action after becoming suspicious of a handful of sensor readouts. Nilsen interrupted these as potently hostile contacts and took it upon himself to take evasive manoeuvres. [36][37]

Nilsen on the USS Oumuamua - Mid 2399

Nilsen was involved with contact with the USS Nautilus, and facilitated communication with that ship. When the order was given to evacuate the USS Nautilus, Nilsen was able to free up resources to increase the efficiency of the operation.

Sometime after this mission, he admitted he wrote the resignation letter to Commander Etan Iljor [35] however he had yet to submit it.

Nilsen was award the Legion of Merit for his actions in this mission

Classified Mission: Investigating Zet Activity In The Alpha Quadrant.

Toxin Arlill and Lhandon Nilsen find themselves in a complex situation involving Arlill's mother, Fritea, and a Zet named Ze'Nazha. Fritea and Ze'Nazha are working together to develop a countermeasure against a potent weapon created by a xenophobic faction of the Zet. During their journey, Arlill and Nilsen face numerous challenges, including evading hostile pursuers. Despite these difficulties, they successfully manage to drop Fritea and Ze'Nazha off on a planet inhabited by Zet dissidents. This planet, just outside of Zet territory, is a safe haven for those who do not agree with the aggressive direction the Zet coalition is taking, providing the ideal location for Fritea and Ze'Nazha to continue their crucial work.

However, the challenges for Arlill and Nilsen don't end there. Their shuttle experiences a critical malfunction in the warp drive, bringing their journey to a sudden halt. Despite not being engineers, they attempt to fix the malfunction themselves, determined to resolve the situation without external help. The return to the USS Oumuamua under their own power and infrom Commodore V'airu of their findings. [38]

Special Event: Denali Invitational 2400

Denali invitational logo.png

Nilsen attended the Denali Invitational. This event started off positively and he quickly got to know Dekas, Araxxu Vahin and Mekor, learning more about Aurelian food. Nilsen entered with Arlill and Vomek in the Foxy Lady, a talaxian freighter. During the first leg of the race, all the contestants took off in a crowded field of 33 contenders, and a total of 8 Starfleet affiliated teams. Right off the bat, several teams kicked in their unique special attributes, including the Vela, a refurbished Caitian rescue craft which sprayed the entire field with Kryptilithium, a compound known to gum up impulse engines.

As the racers approached the city proper, preparing for a flyover of the city and the stadium where a large crowd was gathered to watch the race, one of the teams experienced engine problems and crashed in the forest on the outskirts of the city.

At the last minute, the crew of the Foxy Lady was able to mitigate some of the damage to the crashing ship with a tractor beam, probably saving the lives of the crew and inhabitants in the city.

Later in the race the Foxy Lady itself was damaged in an encounter with the large animals living in the Oort cloud around the system of Ring 42 and was assisted by both the Gott Speed and the Phelshant United pit crew, a vessel known simply as 'The Wharf'.

After a thrilling conclusion, the racers ended

  1. Gott Speed (Connor Dewitt, Nolen Hobart
  2. Ensigns Joyride (Ksivi-Sava, Madison Marsh, Corey Wethern)
  3. Gamma Glider (Avander Promontory, Roger Hartmann, TK Cabrillo) & Roxy's Foxy Lady (Lhandon Nilsen, Toxin Arlill, Simon Vomek) - collision at the finish line
  4. Allahayer (Oddas Aria)
  5. Amiteam (Nathan Richards) & ZD Stars Racing (Jelanna Zarax, Valin Dermont)

Unfortunately, the event was not his best showing and during the race he lost control of himself and allowed his anger to take over. He showed a disregard for his own safety and the safety of others. After the race, Commander Etan Iljor was unimpressed with him.

"Hearing the HCO’s voice made Iljor clench his jaw. After the man’s reckless disregard for safety during the recent Denali Invitational, Iljor had lost a lot of faith in the pilot. It was clear that Nilsen was a gifted and promising officer, but he kept getting in his own way: first at the academy, and now as a commissioned officer. He had been extraordinarily lucky to not have avoided serving time in the brig." Commander Etan Iljor - Into The Unknown[39]

Mission: The Sandbox of Man (Alpha Brenkelvi II)

A view of the ruins on Alpha Brenkelvi II

The mission was initially intended as a simple scan and exploration turned out to be a discovery of an orb of the prophets, a named civilization 'Spirits of the Deceased', and an ancient Bajoran civilization that had ascended to a non-corporeal form. This group transferred Nilsen’s consciousness into his commodore's mindscape. The effects of this event weakened the neuropathways between Nilsen's brain and muscles, causing difficulty in walking and controlling his limbs⁠8⁠

Act 1 - Arrival at Alpha Brenkelvi II

Nilsen was expecting to spend the Alpha Brenkelvi II mission in the Operations Centre of the USS Oumuamua, providing operational and logical support to the await teams. Ensign Kovacs was joined him[40] He was not expecting to take part in the anthropological discovery of the year. Shortly after the mission began Nilsen was summoned to the bridge by Lt.Sherlock and was advised to bring an engineer with him Upon arrival, Nilsen and Kovacs were tasked with rerouting power to the sensors, after this action, the bridge was able to get clearer readings from the surface of the planet and Nilsen was concerned by some of the scans he saw and had a sense that trouble was about to happen, [41]

Nilsen launched a class three probe and then worked with Lt Arlill who was on one of the two away teams to direct a structural integrity field at the device mounted on the shuttle Nichols. Moments later, Nilsen reported a "massive power build up" and attempted to maintain communication with the away team. [42] This was unsuccessful. After this, Kovacs stuttered by Nilsen stood by him as he got his words out and found his voice. Kovacs's suggestion of checking the comms of the other away team was a solid suggestion, unfortunately this too was unsuccessful.[43]

The Oumuamua was then attacked by the moon of Alpha Brenkelvi II [44] and Nilsen took to the helm and began evasive manoeuvres. These had success but Nilsen incorrectly identified the shots as coming from the planet service, rather then the moon. When he was able to correct his mistake, his maneuver were more effective, however the barrage from the moon was relentless. [43] While evading, he was also trying to do damage control and direct the damage control teams. He knew that "they can go over via Deck 3 and drop down. The tubes are in a loop" to reach Commodore V'Airu who had been trapped and injured in the attack[45]. While this was a good suggestion on his part, he would late be admonished by Winters for not staying in his lane. As he was evading, he suggested a course of action that would be unwise, this was a in system warp jump, with the destination being a short distance away and after giving the option to Sherlock, she gave permission for him to pull the manoeuvre, making Nilsen only the third helms officer in Starfleet history to successfully pull off this an in-system warp after Commander Dax & Colonel Kira Nerys, and Captain Picard [46][47] [48]

When they were a safe distance away and no long in danger, Sherlock summon Nilsen, and Winters into the conference room to discuss the next steps, It was here where Winters admonished Nilsen for not respecting the chain of command, even if he was in the right He then also clashed with Winters again in the same meeting over the distribution of power reserves for the shields and weapons. This concluding with Winters telling him to stay in his lane[49] and Nilsen's lack of respect for Winters and Sherlock grew

Nilsen was then instructed to return to the bridge, there he established an uplink with the probe and soon had the scanners working and picking up data from the planet [50]. After this, he identified that there were four distinct collections of chronotron radiation.

While he was working on this, he saw an image on the bridge that was his father. This images appeared to be helpful as he was able to make a successful connection to ground team. [51] At this moment, Nilsen is the only person to see an image, but soon, each member of the bridge crew have their own visison. Soon Winters sumises that these hullucinations were real and caused by the chrontion particles at his his staton.

Soon after, Nilsen was able to give the bridge crew a clear view of the moon and a scan of the strucutres on the surface and make a breif contact with Etan's away team. [52] Further details were discovered and the other memebers of the bridge crew started to see their own images. [53]

Lhandon then came to the conculsion that these beings were trying to communicate with them, and advercated for an attempt at returning communication with the ghosts.

[54] After discussion with the rest of the bridge crew the solution was found, to use all the chronitions they had collected and pour them into one big attempt at communication.

Act 2 - Confrontations

The bridge crew retired to the conference room and Lhandon could not shake that there was a reason these beings choose the appear as his father and made a mental plan to go over. He argued for the beings, saying that he thinks they want to show his crew something, but what he didn't know. [55]. A plan was made to used the transporter, add in the chronitions and use that to go to their space. He then chose to speak up for himself and asked to be asgined to the away mission. [56] This would be his first meeting with Commander Rouiancet who would later become his commanding officer on the USS Octavia E Butler in 2401.

However, his distrust and anger with Sherlock was coming to a head. After the rest of the crew left the conference room, Nilsen confronts Sherlock for constantly belttling him, thinking that he is up to something, creeping around his OC and he confronts her for his perceved treament of ensigns from Sherlock. The two of them has a frank discussion. Nilsen's temper threatens to surface but he keeps a lid on it. [57] To Nilsen's suprise, Sherlock appuaded him for this, said that she did trust him even more shockingly, was proud of him. [58] As the disucssion drew to a close, she left him with a threat, "If you ever speak to me like that again, I WILL make you number sixteen! DO YOU GET ME!?" which was then followed by "Cross me again, and I WILL eat your heart!" A threat that was also a joke...mostly.[59] Nilsen is pretty sure Sherlock would eat his heart if she wanted to.

Nilsen is yet to understand what she meant by calling him number sixteen, he thinks it's the number of ensigns she has eaten for breakfast that week.

After the plan was made, Lhandon collected communications systems from the OC with the aim of cataloguing everything that happened as well as acting as a form of universal translator. As he was transported over with the rest of the away team made up of Commander Lia Rouiancet and Lt Rivka Brzezinski he found that he had been beam on to a couch, as he came to his senses he realised that he was in living room of his family home in Gault. Nilsen was naturally happy to be home and enjoy the few moments of tranquillity. Soon he heard voices outside and found that they were the voices of Rouiancet and Brzezinski. When he met up with them he found that the could not see what he could see. All they could see was a liminal white space [60]

Brzezinski performed some brain scans as Nilsen tried to show that they were in his farm. He set up the communications array that he brought with him and at that pointed noticed that there was someone else with them who appeared to take the form of his father. [61] He soon realised that he could communicate with this entity and it took the form of his father to help facilitie this. This was his first experience with telepathic communication [62] A second entity reveal it's self to be the son of the entity and revealed himself to be Torka Mikal. He soon found that their form of communication was though the sharing of images and vocal communication was possible but different, so keeping an open mind he was successful in communicating with them and embrace this method of communication. However he needed to extend that to the other two members of his away team, and he asked if that was possible. It was and soon they were being shown the events of the final night of Alpha Brenkelvi II[62]

After this, Nilsen was able to show and explain to Torka and his father that the farm was his home. They then saw his crash from Echo Squad and told him that he was there. He didn't understand at that moment but would later go on to realize the lesson they were about to give. They also saw the USS Oumuamua before they found the bridge of a galaxy-class starship. Unknown to Nilsen at the time, Commodore V'Airu was in a mindscape after she was injured in the battle with the moon. To further facilitate conversation, the people he had just met asked to use his body to directly talk, where he would act as a bridge. At the same time, his consciousness would be sent to Commodore V'Airu's mindscape to be safe. He agreed to this, and seconds later appeared at the helm of the USS Crow Dog in V'Airu's mindscape. [63]

After proving who he was to V'Airu, that process was more for his comfort than for his commanding officers'. He also met Fer’at at this time. He explained why he was there and acted as a sort of ambassador to the people of Alpha Brenkelvi II. He explained that they were Bajorans from around 50,000 years ago and also clarified that these people were not the ones who attacked them; rather, they were wiped out by what was on the moon. He then explained that this mindscape would have to stay open until his consciousness could be returned to his body. If the mindscape should fail, his consciousness may be lost. [64] Unknown but reveal to Nilsen later, the Bajroans who were talking to Rouiancet and Brzezinski needed to depart quickly but promised to return him as soon as possible. The act ends with Nilsen's consciousness in the mindscape of the commodore but his body effectively brain dead.

Act 3 - Bridges And The Eye Of The Night

With the stakes set, Nilsen's Consciousness is for now, safe in the mindscape of Commodore V'Airu, topics turn to the purpose of the away mission, making contact with the beings of Alpha Brenkelvi II. Nilsen was happy to be a bridge between the federation and the Bajroans, and the Bajroans were more then happy to come to the table, explain who they are, tell their story and help Nilsen return home[65].

When they arrive, the Bajorans explain that they are cousins of the Bajoran people, but their people were wiped out when the "Eye of the Night" attacked. Through some translation on Nilsen's part, it is figured out that the Eye of the Night is the facility on the moon of Alpha Brenkelvi II which attacked and damaged the Oumuamua. With the Mindscape active and that information given, V'airu instructs Nirid and Fer'at to take orders to Lt. Sherlock: "Disarming, destroying, or otherwise disabling these weapons is our new first priority." This order eventually leads to a sense of justice for the Bajorans as their non-corporeal forms can now find some peace knowing the weapon is dealt with.[66]

V'airu, Horque, and Almor, brainstorm ways to locate and reunite Nilsen with his body, while Nilsen grapples with the fear and anxiety of his situation. The Bajorans, represented by Torka, offer their guidance and the chance to stay with them should it all go wrong, but Nilsen remains eager to ensure his survival and share the Bajorans' stories with Bajor. Ultimately, Nilsen expresses his desire to return home, hopeful that the crew's efforts will succeed. [67] V'airu takes his hand helps him step forward and out of the mindscape.

But, he does not return to his body, As the conference room dissolves into darkness, Nilsen finds himself in a recreated memory of a past shuttle crash, and his connection to Echo Squad. [68] He unwillingly spends a period of time in this space.

This space soon starts to resemble the wreckage of Shuttle FH-421, confronts the trauma of his past. Despite being physically uninjured, he relives the crash that almost killed him and led to his expulsion from Echo Squad. Haunted by guilt and feelings of inadequacy, he struggles with the belief that he is a bad person. Surrounded by smoke and fire, Nilsen is paralyzed and helpless, reflecting on his failures and the judgments he feels he deserves. [69]

He was unsure where this took place, but theories suggest that he did not return to his own body. Those theories are proven when he doesn't wake up untill V'airu makes physical contact with him in the normal plane on existence in sick bay. [70]

Nilsen, returned to his own body after this and recovered in sickbay.

Shore Leave 240012.27

This shore leave starts a few days before the end of the year on the USS Oumuamua, before transitioning over the to USS Octavia E Butler in February of 2401 after the damage sustained from the last mission and subsequent mission pod explosion meant that the Oumuamua had to be sent for an extensive repair and refit operation, Meanwhile, on a personal level, Nilsen is coming to terms with his previous actions and is seeking to make amends, while the side effects of the Alpha Brenkelvi II mission come into play with Nilsen experiencing language difficulties and horrendous pain.

To do - expand on this shore leave

Lieutenant Junior - USS Octavia E Butler - 2401 - Present

Sagan Class starboard ortho.png

2401 was not just a new year, but also for Nilsen a new start with the commissioning and reassignment to the USS Octavia E Butler along with the majority of the crew from the Oumuamua. To top this off, in early 2401 Nilsen was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and soon after, he was officially made the assistant chief of operations by Lt Toxin Arlill, making official the role he had practically been doing, acting as Arlill's right hand man

However, while others may have been celebrating the move, he should have been celebrating his promotion; Nilsen instead was filled with a sense of anxiety; the sense that he didn't deserve his promotion and the lingering question. was Starfleet really the right place for him?

A few months into the move, and after he is taken as a slave by the King's Path, a rouge far right faction of the Cheydalanga people, Nilsen starts to gain a little more experience, and his confidence increases as such. He also starts to explore diplomacy and begins considering it as a possible option for his future.

After this, Nilsen and Kovacs connect further and start going on dates together.

Over this year, Nilsen slowly begins to mature and come into his own, yet he still perhaps, has some trouble not getting in his own way.

Mission: Cheyd'lang


Nilsen on the bridge of the OEB, early 2401

Prior to this mission. Nilsen settles into his new quarters on the USS Octavia E. Butler, and his new role as Assistant chief of Operations[71]. His career so far has involve a series of intense experiences, including a shared mindscape, a Bajoran inquisition, and a promotion. He slowly begins to feel at home as he settles into his quarters and discovers a mysterious, thoughtfully wrapped gift—a model of the USS Oumuamua. The detailed model fills him with nostalgia, and he joyfully plays with it. Finally, he finds the perfect spot to display the model, making a dream come true by performing a barrel roll with it, Something he never got to do with real ship. [72]

He also displayed his old Echo Squad jacket, a symbol of his past and his career path. Determined to organize his achievements, he built a custom display case for his medals, meticulously crafting compartments and finishing it with varnish and a glass door. His reflection on the diplomacy award triggered memories of that challenging day. Curious about his new mission, Lhandon researched the Cheyd'lang and the United Dominion of Planets, scrutinizing their history and culture. Despite the sparse information, he identified potential negotiation angles, driven by a desire to excel and avoid criticism from Commander Etan. [73]

This mission would help Nilsen find out that he is interested in developing his diplomatic skills more.

Act One - The Kings Path

Nilsen embarked on his first mission since his transformative experience on Alpha Brenkelvi II, where he acted as a conduit for ancient Bajorans, earning him a diplomacy award. Accompanied by Etan, Sherlock, and Toz, they arrived at the village of Tran’Haleth in the Somatrik Mountains on Cheyd'lang. Nilsen, tasked with scanning the area, appreciated the outdoors and the new TriPADD's efficiency. He speculated on the villagers' motives and noticed signs of agricultural struggle. As they prepared to meet the King's Path representative, Nilsen suspected they were being observed. [74]

As they approached the guarded Cheydalanga, their encounter was tense, with Etan leading introductions, emphasizing their peaceful mission. Despite initial hostility, Nilsen's rural diplomacy skills came into play, advocating for mutual honesty, referencing his experiences with the Dominion on Gault to build rapport. This impulsive but sincere approach aimed to foster trust and ensure the team's mission proceeded on the right foot. [75] Unfortunately, the Kings Path had no intention of listening, and instead, planned, and succeeded in taking the away team as slaves. [76] He soon starts to kick himself that he didn't notice the Chey'd use of third person pronouns. He eventually dismissed the doubt after this mission as he found out that there was nothing he could have done to talk his way out of that trapped. The away team begin plotting their escape [77]

With their weapons, communicators, and PADDs confiscated, the team had gathered useful intel about their surroundings, including potential exits and the guards' lax security. Lhandon proposed creating a distraction, leveraging his negotiation skills, but Sherlock doubted its effectiveness. Toz suggested a dark corner for hiding, and Sherlock advocated for exploring further to understand their environment. They were ushered into a mine, and Lhandon speculated about using the language barrier to their advantage and noted cables leading to the lights, hinting at a possible escape route. Despite his outward attempts at humour and calm, he worried about their predicament and the people he cared about, but remained determined to find a way out. [78]

As they descended into a mine, Lhandon observed the malnourished Chey’d and resolved to help them escape. The team, without weapons or communicators, discussed plans in Klingon, considering how to use their limited resources. They also make their first contact with the Antani. Later they discover the leaves that they had been growing can enhance ones telepathic ability and give a limited version to non-telepaths. Lhandon's abilities reacted very well to the leaves.[79][80]

At one point, his thoughts drifted to Arlill hoping that he would know they were missing and could do something about it while Sherlock found she was unable to get any benefits from the leaves. Nilsen is able to communicate that the Antani are getting ready to move [81]

In an act with helped to repair their relationship, Etan refered to Nilsen as Lhando, his nickname. The team prepared for a possible escape with Antani's help, gathering rocks as potential weapons. A hostile guard demanded Etan accompany him, which Lhandon instinctively resisted, but Etan complied to avoid escalation. Lhandon utilized his developing telepathic abilities, enhanced by Antani leaves, to communicate their plans and visualize the bat'leth Toz had smuggled in. [82]

Act Two - Jailbird

At the start of this Act, Sherlock is taken away, and this leaves just Nilsen and Dr Toz. The two started to work closer with the Antani [83]In the stifling heat and grime of the cave, Nilsen and Toz struggled with the grueling forced labor. His uniform torn and his hands cut, Nilsen conversed with Antani and he tentatively interpreted the message as a directive to wait. Despite their dire circumstances and Nilsen's hunger, he maintained his humour to boost morale. When two guards approached menacingly, Nilsen impulsively suggested an attack plan to Toz, trusting her judgment completely as they faced the decision to either fight or wait. [84]

With their commanders, Etan and Sherlock, possibly dead or missing, they resolved to escape and free the other slaves. Nilsen and Toz initiated an attack on their guards, resulting in a fight where Nilsen subdued one of the Chey'd. Their actions inadvertently sparked a slave revolt, aided by the Antani who joined the fight and defeated the guards. After the battle, Nilsen communicated with the Antani through mental images, seeking their help to find Commander Etan and asking for a safe place for the freed slaves. The Antani agreed, and they prepared to follow their new allies to safety. [85] his face was heavily bruised and his ribs were hurt in this fight.

Despite the pain from a fight with the Chey'd, Nilsen introduced himself and Toz to the Antani, who confirmed their friendship. The Antani communicated that they didn't know the whereabouts of the commander but offered to help. Toz tended to Nilsen's injuries while they discussed their next steps. They followed the Antani through tunnels to the Queen's grand chamber. Nilsen respectfully communicated their situation and requested assistance in finding their commander and freeing other slaves. The Antani Queen responded positively, and Nilsen, expressed gratitude and outlined their needs, despite his pain. [86] They theorised that they might be able to reach Etan via the leaves [87] and the Queen explains that the honey can enhance that connection

The Queen reveals through mental images that Etan is with the King's Path and in great danger, suggesting that the path to help is challenging and that Etan might hold a key to their success. As they discuss their next steps, the situation becomes dire when hissing sounds indicate a new threat. Nilsen deduces that a poisonous gas is being released, endangering everyone in the lair. The Antani Queen orders everyone to flee. Toz quickly administers atropine to herself and Nilsen as an antidote. They scramble to find a way to save the Queen and themselves from the gas. Nilsen proposes using oxygen or creating an air filter, and they prepare to escort the Queen out of the mine, ensuring her safety as they continue their mission to rescue Etan. [88] With the Queen's sudden effort, she begins to rise above the poisonous gas. Nilsen grabs a container of honey mentioned earlier and, along with Toz, clings to the Queen's abdomen as they ascend to a higher tunnel, escaping the gas.[89]

As Nilsen and Toz fly through the tunnels on the Antani Queen; The Queen, calling them "little ones," warns them of the dangerous path ahead to Alto'Belaranto. Nilsen and Toz discuss rescuing the slaves, with Toz confident they can succeed since the slaves would fight for freedom. Suddenly, the Queen crashes through a wall into a new room, knocking out their captor, Alto. Nilsen ties him up and they search the room, finding their communicators. Relieved, Nilsen tries to contact their ship, but the signal can't penetrate the rock. Nilsen then suggests using the broadcast equipment in the room to send a message, hoping the Starfleet ship monitors it. He expalins the risks However, this risky plan might alert the King's Path to their location. [90]

Nilsen appears on the broadcast, bruised and injured, identifying himself and giving their coordinates. He explains their situation: captured by the King's Path, working in the mine, now assisted by the Antani after a gas attack. He mentions Etan and Sherlock are missing, and shows the recovered combadges.

As banging on the door indicates the Chey’d are trying to break in, Nilsen pleads for anyone who sees the broadcast to inform their ship. With no way to know if the message reaches the OEB, they can only hope it works.[91] Lhandon will later comment after the mission that the rescue was a blur and he doesn't remember much

Act Three - Diplomatic Talks

After some recovery time and painkillers, Nilsen returns to duty and is given a different, and most likely a safer assignment, negotiate an agreement to work together with the UDP. With the UDP representatives more open than ever to the idea of extending the relationship with the federation to some sort of alliance, or at least to avoidance of future aggression, Nilsen is teamed up with Cmdr Katsim and Ensign Yinn. The goal; secure the possibility of a future alliance.

In the briefing room, Commander Katsim Peri introduces Ensign Yinn and Lieutenant Nilsen to their UDP counterpart, Fraya. Nilsen feels the meeting starts awkwardly, with Commander Peri hesitating. Despite his initial negative impression of Yinn, Nilsen's perspective has shifted after their shared experience as slaves. Katsim begins the discussion, expressing hope for an accord between their organizations. Nilsen emphasizing the need to address many issues before reaching an agreement and highlights the importance of honesty, referencing past interactions where the UDP has been straightforward with Starfleet. He cites examples of the UDP's integrity, such as their choice to assist rather than exploit technology from the Caboto. Nilsen draws a parallel to his family's experience with the Ferengi Agricultural Consortium, underscoring the value of honest negotiations. Seeking to foster a genuine dialogue, Nilsen urges both sides to be brutally honest about their needs and concerns. He stresses that mutual honesty is crucial for this potential alliance to succeed. [92]

Fraya highlights the need to overcome biases and prove their intentions through actions, and Nilsen agrees. Nilsen and Katsim propose forming an official alliance as a tangible step forward. Fraya's concern about differing fundamental values prompts Nilsen to draw parallels with the Federation's successful alliance with the Klingon Empire, despite significant cultural differences. After asking Cmdr Katsim if he could call a big shot; Nilsen suggests demonstrating cooperation by jointly aiding the survivors of the King's Path mine. He proposes involving the UDP in the rescue and recovery efforts to show trust and collaboration. He offers to integrate a UDP representative into the Operations Center, likening it to a cultural gesture of trust from his home on Gault. This proposal, he hopes, will affirm their commitment to working together and dispel any notions of the Federation seeking dominance. This moment was a big step forward for Nilsen. He was able to show that he could hold back and control his impuluse, seeking the approve from Katsim first before diving into a situation. [93]

The conversation shifts to discussing specific agreements, such as mutual respect for UDP member worlds and potential trade partnerships. Fraya insists on clear communication and pre-approval for visits to UDP worlds, citing historical tensions from the Dominion War. Nilsen agrees that such terms would likely be acceptable to Federation superiors and highlights the importance of trade as a foundation for the alliance. [94] An agreement is reached and the discussion ends on a positive note with drinks.

The group then move into the operations centre; In the Operations Center, Nilsen showcases the capabilities of the facility, including real-time translations and data displays. He updates the team on evacuation efforts and proposes converting additional modules to accommodate the influx of former slaves. Seeking Fraya's input, Nilsen demonstrates his respect and commitment to making this work. [95]

Lhandon navigates a conversation with Fraya about the long-term implications of refugee support. He realizes his mistake in asking about the Rij’dal’vak and is relieved when Katsim and Yinn support him. Fraya questions the Federation's plans for the refugees, prompting a discussion about future solutions. Lhandon acknowledges his uncertainty but focuses on immediate actions to provide aid. He coordinates with the team and prepares to assist refugees. [96]

As Fraya challenges the Federation's approach, Lhandon finds himself impressed by her fairness. With Katsim's support, they brainstorm solutions, including using holodecks for additional housing. Lhandon communicates with Herrick via his PADD, and Tox Morse code, considering how to help Tox's team in the mine. He proposes a joint camp with the Chey'd government, but their plans are interrupted by a yellow alert. [97] Fraya questions the situation, prompting Lhandon's honesty about his communications with the SARs team. Despite the chaos, Lhandon coordinates efforts to secure guests and gather medical supplies. Fraya and Yinn collaborate on refugee resettlement plans before departing, while external threats loom. Concerned for the SARs team, Lhandon grapples with the urge to act impulsively but ultimately trusts Katsim's leadership. [98] [99]

Shore Leave: Refugee Reprieve - 240105.08

Nilsen enjoying lunch sometime after the Chey'd mission. Some injuries on show.

After successfully liberating the prisoners of the King's Path and those wanting to leave Cheyd'lang, the USS Octavia E Butler takes a much needed break at Deep Space 14, orbiting New Bajor.

With his new found diplomatic skills, Nilsen was wondering if this was an option for him. This shore leave features learning new skills, and a test of his brotherhood with Toxin, while also attempting to pursue a relationship with Ensign Eli Kovacs.

Diplomacy Lesions

Nilsen is introduced To Lt Martinson and Ens Taggart. Martinson, at the request of LT. Cmdr Sherlock is ask to give him tutoring in diplomacy. He agrees to do so. They all start with some roleplay, Nilsen is given the role of the federation representative whose been requested to secure the rights to a mine, and offer anything shore of federation memberships while Taggart is given the role of a representative from a non-Federation allied planet that has substantial deposits of duranium ore, his people, don't have a use for it, but he know the Federation does. And he has to sell the rights to it.[100]

Lhandon gets off to a rocky start [101] but finds his footing soon after and comes up with a counter offer to Taggart trying to get membership to the federation [102] They then discuss the roleplay and talk about different negotiation tactics [103]

A Smuggling Ring

Nilsen is contacted by Chief Petty Officer Ral Saw of the USS Artemis and discover a discrepancy in the cargo hold (to expand)

Romantic Relationship

During this shore leave, Nilsen begins pursuing a romantic relationship with Eli Kovacs

Service History & Awards

Nilsen so far has served on two vessels, the USS Oumuamua and the USS Octavia E Butler and had been decorated a number of times for diplomacy, gallantry and heroism.

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 2396 - 2400 Starfleet Academy
Ensign 240007 - 240102.04 USS Oumuamua
Helm, Communications, and Operations Officer
Lieutenant JG 240102.04 - Present USS Octavia E Butler
Helm, Communications, and Operations Officer & Assistant Chief of Ops

Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg
Joint Meritorious Unit Award 240102.02
USS Oumuamua
The Joint Meritorious Unit Award is a general service ribbon awarded to an individual who participates in a joint action with an allied or neutral force toward a common goal. Nilsen, you not only acted as a crucial conduit for diplomatic efforts at Alpha Brenkelvi, you made yourself into a physical -- and mental -- conduit for those efforts to go forward, and eventually come to a fruition that delivered justice to a people long forgotten. You more than earned the Joint Meritorious Unit and Diplomacy Ribbons. " - Commodore V'Airu
Awards ServiceRibbons diplomacyribbon 2014.jpg
Diplomacy Ribbon 240102.02
USS Oumuamua
The Diplomacy Ribbon is a general service ribbon presented to an individual who has distinguished him/herself by resolving a significantly dangerous or hostile situation through diplomatic means. Nilsen, you not only acted as a crucial conduit for diplomatic efforts at Alpha Brenkelvi, you made yourself into a physical -- and mental -- conduit for those efforts to go forward, and eventually come to a fruition that delivered justice to a people long forgotten. You more than earned the Joint Meritorious Unit and Diplomacy Ribbons. " - Commodore V'Airu
Awards ServiceRibbons LegionOfMerit 2011.jpg
Legion of Merit 240102.02
USS Oumuamua
The Legion of Merit is a gallantry & heroism service ribbon awarded to an individual who has distinguished themselves by exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements. However, you also performed the admirable and unusual task of doing so successfully and, to my great relief, living to tell the tale, and for your convictions, your perseverance, and your downright bullheadedness, I also wish to recognize you with the Legion of Merit. Congratulations, and (with a glance at Rouiancet) I wish your new CO good luck.
Denali Invitational Ribbon.png
Denali Invitational Ribbon 240011.16
Denali Station
Awarded for participation in the inaugural Denali Invitational event.
Awards ServiceRibbons LegionOfMerit 2011.jpg
Legion of Merit 240010.11
USS Oumuamua
The Legion of Merit is a gallantry & heroism service ribbon awarded to an individual who has distinguished themselves by exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements. "Even though you were only called into bridge service -- and much besides -- in the latter part of the mission, Nilsen, you made your mark indelibly. (beat, a little quieter) We know what it meant for you to take the helm, especially in such a difficult context. (normally) I'm sure you didn't expect something quite so complex for your first mission, but you distinguished yourself nonetheless. It's my honor to recognize you with the Legion of Merit." - Commodore V'Airu
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 2400
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons


Nilsen does not like the smell or taste of deka tea. Every time he smells it, he is reminded of the moment Commander Etan Iljor chewed him out.

Nilsen is left handed.

Nilsen is a fan of the Gault Guardains, a rugby team from his home planet that never seems to make it out of the lower leagues.

Lt Sherlock has given Nilsen the nickname "number 16", Nilsen is unaware of it's meaning.

Nilsen favourte genres of music are alt rock, indie and punk.

In additon to his music tastes, Nilsen is a Swiftie.

Nilsen's most listened to song is Don't Speak by No Doubt[104]

Medical Record

Nilsen's medical record can be found below Lhandon Nilsen/Medical Record


NPC Listing   ·   USS Octavia E Butler Crew Manifest   ·   Crew History
Lia Rouiancet CDR.png
Commanding Officer
Lia Rouiancet
Etan iljor commander.png
Executive Officer
Etan Iljor
Katsim Peri LCDR.png
Chief of Science
Katsim Peri
Science Officer
Karen Stendhal
Toz LtJG.png
Acting CMO
Avander Promontory LCDR xo.png
Director of Intel
Avander Promontory
Josh Herrick.png
Acting Chief Engineer
Josh Herrick
Toxin Arlill LT.png
Chief of Ops
Toxin Arlill
Lhandon Nilsen Ensign OEB.png
HCO Officer
Lhandon Nilsen
Aine Sherlock LCDR.png
Chief of Security
Aine Sherlock
1stLT Michelle Winters.png
Act. Chf. Tac. Ofc.
Michele Winters
Arturo Maxwell 2nd Lt.png
Marine Ofc.
Arturo Maxwell
Jacen Xaivis 2nd LT.png
Cmbt. Resc. Ofc.
Jacen Xaivis
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