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Lieutenant Commander Roger Hartmann is a human Engineer on the USS Oumuamua.

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USS Oumuamua
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“Risk… risk is our business. That’s what this starship is all about. That’s why we’re aboard her.”

- Captain James T. Kirk

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Fullname Roger Hartmann
D.O.B. 233703.14
Occupation Mission Specialist
Height 5’ 11”
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Fluent Lang. Standard, Klingon, Romulan, Vulcan
Hobbies Drinking, Flying, Racing, Yoga
Starburstleft.pngAppearance Starburstright.png
A rectangular face with a high forehead, thick eyebrows, angular edges, and a squared jaw are slightly softened by a beard that's kept carefully trimmed. Hair that was once a robust brown is now grey, as much a result of his experiences as of his age. He keeps himself in good physical shape and though he's of average height, he carries himself in a way that makes him seem taller.
Starburstleft.png Personality Starburstright.png
The younger Roger Hartmann was confident to the point of being overly so. He was impulsive, stubborn, and gregarious. Time and experience, including the Dominion War, changed that. Now, though he still remains Roger Hartmann, his impulsiveness has been tempered a little, and while he can be charming, experiences have added a certain gruffness to his demeanor. He is no stranger to risk and has no problem taking risk if he feels the benefits are worthwhile.
Starburstleft.pngHistory Starburstright.png
Born in Lexington, Kentucky on Earth, Roger was the only child born to an older couple. Doted upon, he grew up with a sense of self confidence that remains with him to this day. He found little that he was unable to do and it helped to stoke an inflated ego, one that was challenged when, at 18, he went to Academy and found himself among peers who would not so easily back down. Although he did well in the Academy, he found himself butting heads with not only some of his fellow cadets, but with his leaders. This continued even after his graduation, and there still remain notes from superior officers on his record of minor acts of insubordination that were never quite enough to lead to a dismissal.

Then the Dominion War changed everything. A crack pilot, he was assigned to the USS Tora, which saw much of its service fighting on the front lines. It was during one of these battles that a sweeping attack saw the destruction of the Tora. Roger was one of five surviving crew members and lost his left arm to the battle. A week later, the Dominion surrendered.

Undergoing therapy, Roger was fitted with a prosthetic. Although he could have gotten one that looked real, he elected to keep it metallic as a reminder of what he had gone through. A few months later, he returned to his position, and continued to serve in Starfleet.

In 2399, after forty years as an officer, Roger contemplated retiring, but agreed to serve under Commodore Ossa V'Airu as acting First Officer for one last mission before stepping away. During the course of the mission, the USS Oumuamua assisted the USS Thor and her crew which had been shot down on the Oceanic world of Okaea. With the Thor's inability to return into service, the crew came aboard the Oumaumua to serve and deal with the pirates who had shot down the Thor and the Vorta who sought what was later revealed to be a Changeling known as "The Lost One". After the mission, Roger Hartmann recommended that Wes Greaves become the new first officer and officially entered retirement.

It didn't stick.

Roger found himself ill at ease, and try as he might, he was discontent with his life. A year later, he approached Starfleet about returning, but not as a First Officer. With a flotilla now an active presence in the Gamma Quadrant, Roger was sent to once again serve under Commodore V'Airu, that time, as a Mission Specialist.

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