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"Huli ke alo i ka paia" — Turn the face to the wall (for there is nothing to fear) — Hawaiian proverb.


USS Oumuamua NCC-81226
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The USS 'Oumuamua is a Luna-class long-range exploratory starship in service with the Federation Starfleet. The ship was named after the first object detected outside our solar system and was commissioned in 2387. Translated from the native tongue, 'Oumuamua means "First Distant Messenger".

As of 2400, it is the flagship of Commodore Ossa V'Airu, who serves as its Commanding Officer. 'Oumuamua is the lead starship in the newly created Gamma Flotilla Expeditionary Task Force, a small fleet assigned to explore and investigate an area of the distant Gamma Quadrant, specifically the region of space once controlled by The Dominion. Some former members have allied to form the United Dominion of Planets, modelled after the Federation.

The vessel's primary mission profile is one of scientific inquiry and diplomacy. 'Oumuamua boasts state-of-the-art sensor nets and data-collection grids in the mission pod suspended above the primary hull.

In addition, the 'Oumuamua sports enhanced defensive and offensive systems, designed to allow it to engage in prolonged tactical and surgical strike missions should there be a need, such as in case of contact with remnants of The Dominion.

The ship is capable of carrying out humanitarian missions whenever needed. In large-scale evacuations, it can carry a maximum complement of 6,000.

Current Mission - Extended Mission History

Alpha Brenklevi II.jpg
The Sandbox of Men
  • Second Season, Episode 3: Stardate 240010.16 - Present
    • Starfleet sends the 'Oumuamua to investigate mysterious readings on Alpha Brenklevi II.

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