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USS 'Oumuamua
V’Len Kel
Position Medical Officer
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Species Trilldorian (Andorian/Trill Hybrid)
Gender Male (Thaan)
DOB 2394
Age 7
Birthplace Cold Station 13
Writer ID T239811VK2

Lieutenant Commander V’Len Kel is an officer of the Federation Starfleet currently serving as a medical officer aboard the USS Ronin. He previously served on the USS Oumuamua and the USS Thor


  • Height: 5’9
  • Hair: Black/grey
  • Eyes: Green


Parents: Rathor Thule th’Reiji, Thavar Hellen ch’Idisha (deceased), Ithas Rarri sh’Reiji (desceased) and Sallia Thule zh’Dara (Andorian); Iren and Kessall Nirs (Trill)
Siblings: Kos Thule ch’Reiji (Andorian);Gazan (f), Rosro (f), Kumel (m) (Trill)
Prior Hosts: Xam Kel (helmsman/navigator USS Exter 2265); Shajou Kel (Musician/Entertainer); Lymoll Kel (Anthropologist)
Spouse: None
Children: None

V'Len Kel aboard the USS Thor

Personal History

V’Len Kel was created on stardate 239410.26 when a transporter mishap at an aging Starfleet station resulted in the merging of Vazlo Kel a joined Trill and Lenshran Thule an Andorian.

Immediately after his creation V’Len Kel met James Conner, a human cadet in his cadre. Jim and Kel became close friends and Kel rescued Jim on several away missions.

V’Len Kel was allowed to maintain his existence, even after a possible solution was found, after appealing to the Starfleet Judge Advocate. After winning his appeal from Starfleet, Kel has maintained close contact with the family of Vazlo Kel, particularly Rosro Nirs, who also aspires to join Starfleet. Lenshran’s parents have also stayed in touch, while Lenshran’s brother, Kos, has been openly hostile to the interloper who has taken over his brother’s life.

In his free time, V'Len plays the guitar as his alter ego, Dr. Sevrin.

V'Len also won a Talaxian Freighter in a game of Dabo. He and Rox Queen christened it the Foxy Lady.

Prior Hosts

Xam Kel
Xam Kel was a Lieutenant and Helmsman aboard the USS Exeter from 2254 to 2264. During that time he met Lieutenant Ivomella Sh'Ezarhess, the Exeter's engineer. While initially skeptical of each other, they soon found they shared interests in music, food and hiking. The two were married in 2257, but their marriage was short-lived. Xam Kel was severely injured in a shuttle crash during an away mission. The Trill Symbiote Commission came and collected the Kel sybiote and Xam died a few hours later.
Shajou Kel
Shajou Kel was a musician and entertainer who hosted the Kel symbiote from 2286 - 2347. Shajou Kel is best known for heading up the rock band "Dr. Sevrin and the Way to Eden".


Jack Kessler
Jack served aboard the USS Thor and USS 'Oumuamua with V'Len. During their first shore leave aboard the USS Thor V'Len and Jack joined other officers on a trip to Bajor. Having missed his Jack's initial physical, V'Len decided to put Jack to the test in a Holo-mysteries in which they act as Detectives in Earth's early 20th century. Sadly this fun past time was soured when the ships EMH tortured Jack and attempted to kill V'Len, Was Greave and Nesre Salo. The group only just managed to thwart the maniacal program.
Nesre Salo
V'Len first met Nesre Salo aboard the USS Thor and along with Jack Kessler and Commodore Aaron Kells spent several days on Bajor with Nesre during shore leave. V'Len found Nesre to be gentle and easy going and much more at ease then he was. This helped him greatly as he adjusted to life on the Thor. During the pirate attack on the Thor Salo gave up her seat in an escape pod to let others escape. V'Len found her later and worked hard to care for her and others after the disaster. V'Len and Nesre, along with Jack Kessler and Wes Greaves were very nearly killed by the Oumuamua's EMH during a holo-deck mystery trap. Nesre is currently the only person who knows that V'Len has an later ego, Dr. Severin, a musician persona that Kel uses to help relieve stress and show off his Guitar skills.
Wes Greaves
V'Len Kel and Wes Greaves would not be text book examples of friends. Indeed their relationship has been rocky from the start with V'Len accusing Greaves of being too quick to take risks at his first physical with him. During the pirate attack on the USS Thor the two men disagreed on a safe course of action for the ship and its injured. While Ossa V'Airu was at a conference, Wes tapped V'Len to be his first officer in the hopes that the two men would be able to mend fences. The truce lasted until the next mission when V'Len forcefully insisted that they help slaves escape the market on Port Coray. A course of action Greaves felt would distract from their mission of finding the USS Caboto. In truth V'Len respects Greaves as both a mentor and an example of Starfleet values.
Kirsty Lee Carpenter
V'Len met Kristy his very first day on the Ronin and again later that day when she came to "get checked out". From there a friendship sparked and possibly more. VThey pair have shared a few "dates" and while Kel has been in love many times, V'Len is trying to take things slow. He deeply respects Kristy's commitment to the safety of the crew, but he often worries that she will take reckless and unwarranted risks like his friend Wes Greaves. He prefers to keep close tabs on her when they are on missions.
V'Len and Rox began working together on the USS Thor. V'Len found Rox to be a competent nurse and research assistant. While uncouth at times V'Len has learned to look past her brazen demeanor and her wild side. He was happy to see her promoted to Ensign and encouraged her to look beyond sickbay if she so desired.

Mission History

After completing his final training simulation under Major Wes Greaves of the USS Thor, the Marjor request Kel be posted to the Thor for its mission to the Delta Quadrant. During exploration of the "Starship Graveyard" near Amity sation, Kel was able to establish contact with a cosmozoan entity using the Thor's holodeck interface. The entity briefly swallowed the the USS Thor but regurgitated it later in the hopes of gaining freedom from the cage is was locked in. The entity was freed and headed for parts unknown.

While on shore leave at Deep Space 9, V'Len was promoted to Lieutenant JG on stardate 239902.09. He was also made acting Chief Medical Officer of the USS Thor.

On stardate 239902.18 the USS Thor arrived at Okaea to check on the Federation outpost located on the ocean world. The Thor was attacked and subsequently downed by a pirate vessel. V'Len survived the attack and remained on board the Thor in order to aid survivors. While working with limited resources, V'Len developed a method to use Okaea's ocean water to treat patients. V'Len objected to Major Greaves decision to further engage the pirate vessel though the effort was ultimately successful. The timely arrival of the USS Oumuamua allowed rescue of the crippled Thor, but a new problem presented itself. Thor's commanding officer Aron Kells had been abducted by the pirates and was now on a cruiser belonging to the United Dominion of Planets. A team led by Major Greaves was dispatched to the UDP cruiser. While attempting to rescue the commodore, V'Len was injured while aiding an UDP crewman and required replacement of his heart with a cardiac inducer.

While on shore leaving following the return from Okaea, V'Len struggled to overcome depression and anxiety associated with his new cardiac inducer. Fortunately the former medical staff of the Thor rallied around him and he slowly got back to normal. V'Len's hopes of putting the disagreement between he and Greaves behind them was shattered with the arrival of Ress Reiji, an Andorian advocate investigating the downing of the USS Thor. The man seemed intent on embarrassing Greaves and V'Len was used as his instrument to do so. V'Len was able to help someone, namely his good friend Ulasso who seemed to have picked up a straggler on Okaea. The medical team discovered an anemone living in the saurian's nasal cavity. The team was able to remove the unusual creature who seemed to exude psychogenic compounds which had been causing Ulasso to experience hallucinations.

Oumuamua banner kel.png

The USS Thor crew were finally transferred to the USS Oumuamua and departed for the gamma quadrant with V'Len now Chief Medical Officer. Things seemed to have gone back to normal until, 3 months into the voyage, Greaves summoned Kel to his office with an unusual offer. Greaves asked V'Len to act as XO while Commodore V'Airu was attending a diplomatic conference. While acting as XO, V'Len made first contact with the Esse, a plant species who had journeyed for thousands of years to find a new home world. V'Len briefly commanded the bridge, leading to the discovery of a second ship attached to the Esse vessel. This vessel belonged to the Suclese who had been stealing sap from the hibernating Esse in order to stave off a degenerative disease their species had acquired. With the Esse safely to their new home world, and Toz and Katsim working on a cure for the Suclese, V'Len was relieved to return to his sickbay.

The shore leave following the contact with the Esse found Kel, Salo, Greave and Kessler captured in the ships holodeck by the EMH. While the EMH captured and tortured Kessler; Kel, Salo and Greaves had to follow a series of clues to locate and rescue Kessler. The EMH used a mobile emitter to escape the holodeck. Also during shore leave, Ulasso, Greaves, Katsim and Rox (one of the nursing staff) visited a waystation in the Gamma Quadrant. There the group was reunited with Nelv, one of the pirates who had recently downed the USS Thor. Nelv injured Ulasso and squared off against Greaves in the Tsunkatse arena. While Greaves and Ulasso returned mostly undamaged, Ulasso left the Oumuamua to return to Sauria to convalesce and to deal with family issues.

On their next mission the Oumuamua encountered the Zet, an insectiod species the USS Thor had encountered previously with near disastrous results. The Zet had apparently attacked the USS Caboto and Intrepid class starship captained by JC Kessler, Jack Kessler's father. V'Len, Katsim and Promontory determined that a Theta weapon was used against the Caboto and V'Len moved quickly to inoculate the crew against theta radiation should they encounter it again. The Zet an attempted an attack, but were thwarted. The Oumuamua next moved to Port Coray, a space station with a dark reputation. While acompanying Greaves aboard, V'Len soon learned how the dark reputation was earned. A slave market was present on several levels. Within the market V'Len further discovered three children, survivors of the Caboto. Returning to the Oumuamuau they soon discovered that one of the slaves was Krystal Kessler, daughter of JC Kessler and sister to Jack. Hoping to return to Port Coray to free the slaves, V'Len was disappointed as the Oumuamua went to high warp. The ship had discovered another debris field and several survivors, but the Caboto and its crew remained elusive.

After enjoying leave and a refit of the Oumuamua on Earth, the ship headed back to the Gamma Quadrant. En route the crew was thrown back in time to the USS Intrepid in 2265. It was revealed that Nurse Roxanne Queen possessed Q-like powers and had sent the group back in time accidently. The Intrepid was en route to the planet Gelf to assist in providing relief from a rouge pulsar. The pulsar would have caused an extinction level event if the crew of the Oumuamua had not found a way to deflect that majority of the incoming X-Ray radiation. The mission proved particularly challenging for V'Len who found himself in a time familiar to his previous host Xam Kel. He was able to support the crew and mission, but rapidly lost himself to his former hosts memories. Xam Kel was particularly interested in getting back to his wife Ivomella Sh'Ezarhess. V'Len came very close to taking over the Intrepid before he was stopped by Nesre Salo. Arriving back in the present V'Len and Rox Queen were taken into custody by Temporal investigations.

After being released from Temporal Investigations and stopping at Trill, V'Len and Rox made their way back to the Oumuamua in the Esh-O system where a strange Nebula was engulfing the system and making the crew's emotions go haywire. Once emotions had been stabilized V'Len joined Corelli and Herrick to assist in saving an asteroid colony. The timely intervention of the USS Nautilaus saved the day.


On Stardate 240009.18 V'Len Kel was transferred to the USS Ronin.

Service History

Medical Record
Date Medical Facility Event Diagnosis Notes
239410 Cold Station 13 Transporter accident Vazlo Kel and Lenshran Thule merged during transport Inconclusive. Transferred to USS Pioneer
239412 USS Pioneer Transporter accident Vazlo Kel and Lenshran Thule merged during transport Patient designated V'Len Kel found to be stable and in good health. Fit for Service?
239420 USS Pioneer - Trill Symbiont Commission Transporter accident Vazlo Kel and Lenshran Thule merged during transport Kel symbiont fond to be healthy and functional. Transfer to new host not advised
239509 Starfleet Medical Transporter accident - Follow up Follow up Nothing to report. Fit for duty.
239609 Starfleet Medical Annual Physical None Nothing to report. Fit for duty.
239709 Starfleet Medical Annual Physical None Nothing to report. Fit for duty.
239809 USS Thor Arrival Medical None Nothing to report. Fit for duty.
239904 USS Oumuamua Minor injuries Crash of USS Thor Treatment for pinched antennae, minor lacerations. Fit for duty.
239905 USS Oumuamua Major injuries sustained to cardiac muscle Boarding of UDP vessel Replacement of Cardiac Muscle with Cardiac Inducer. Fit for duty.
239911 USS Oumuamua Radiation Exposure Encounter with Zet theta radiation based weapon Inoculated for exposure to theta radiation, minor exposure. Fit for duty.
240004 USS Oumuamua Isoboramine imbalance. After traveling back in time Xam Kel's personality attempted to take over. Routine treatment with Benzocyatizine. Fit for duty.
240009.15 USS Oumuamua Contamination with Caesium-137. Exposed with during away mission on Esh-O asteroid colony. Caesium-137 removed, cellular regeneration treatment. Fit for duty.
Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 2394 - 2398 Starfleet Academy
Ensign 239809 - 239902 USS Thor
Medical Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade 239902 - 239905 USS Thor
Acting Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant 239906 - 240009 USS Oumuamua
Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant 240009 - 240101 USS Ronin
Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Commander 240101 - Present USS Ronin
Chief Medical Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Laudean Commendation.png
Laudean Commendation June 2022
Awarded to those who have shown great creativity in many facets of species creation or expansion.
Awards General SheathedSword 2011.jpg
Sheathed Sword June 2022
Awarded to individuals who choose to inflict mental and/or physical suffering on their character, then dig into the following feelings and decisions in a realistic manner.
Awards General SheathedSword 2011.jpg
Sheathed Sword July 2023
Awarded to individuals who choose to inflict mental and/or physical suffering on their character, then dig into the following feelings and decisions in a realistic manner.
Awards General SilverPalm 2011.jpg
Silver Palm July 2023
Awarded to individuals who are renowned to offer that spark to a plot when it is lagging, or to consistently bring fun or a touch of humor to the sim, while keeping such sims current and realistic. They constantly raise their crew's morale in a variety of methods, including Out of Character.
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239809
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Awards ServiceRibbons TemporalFlow 2011.jpg
Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon 239902
USS Thor
Awarded to a person who has defended the temporal timeline against incursion and disruption.
Awards ServiceRibbons diplomacyribbon 2014.jpg
Diplomacy Ribbon 239902
USS Thor
Presented to an officer who has distinguished him/herself by resolving a significantly dangerous or hostile situation through diplomatic means.
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Innovation Ribbon 239902
USS Thor
Awarded to a person who distinguishes him or herself by the innovative application of science or technology to resolve a dangerous situation.
Awards ServiceRibbons Innovationribbon 2014.jpg
Innovation Ribbon 239906
USS Oumuamua
Awarded to a person who distinguishes him or herself by the innovative application of science or technology to resolve a dangerous situation.
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingGold 2011.jpg
Gold Lifesaving Ribbon 239906
USS Oumuamua
Awarded to an individual who has risked their own life to save the life of another member of Starfleet.
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal.png
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal 239906
USS Oumuamua
Awarded to an individual who participates in a conflict against pirates of any faction.
Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg
Purple Heart 239906
USS Oumuamua
Awarded to an individual who sustains injury in the line of duty.
Scientific Discovery Ribbon.png
Scientific Discovery Ribbon 239910
USS Oumuamua
Awarded to an individual who plays a direct role in a new breakthrough in any scientific field.
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg
Good Conduct Ribbon 239910
USS Oumuamua
Awarded to an individual who shows conspicuous gallantry in the line of duty.
Legacy Ribbon.png
Legacy Ribbon 240101
USS Ronin
Awarded to an individual who has served during the reactivation and assignment of an existing vessel or installation to a new mission.
Tholian Campaign Ribbon.png
Tholian Campaign Ribbon 240101
USS Ronin
Awarded to an individual who participates in a conflict against the Tholians.
Awards ServiceRibbons DistinguishedService 2011.jpg
Distinguished Service Ribbon 240101
USS Ronin
Awarded to an individual who distinguished themselves by extraordinary heroism.
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingBasic 2011.jpg
Lifesaving Ribbon 240101
USS Ronin
Awarded to an individual who has risked their own life to save the life of another.
Superior Support Ribbon.png
Superior Support Ribbon 240101
USS Ronin
Awarded for officers who act as an advisor or second in command to a command character or team leader.
Awards ServiceRibbons Commendation.jpg
Captain's Commendation 240104
USS Ronin
Awarded to an individual for exemplary service and/or honorable actions performed in the course of their duties.
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingBasic 2011.jpg
Lifesaving Ribbon 240104
USS Ronin
Awarded to an individual who has risked their own life to save the life of another.

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Karrod Niac
LtCdr Toryn Raga.png
First Officer
Toryn Raga
Chief Tact/Sec
Kirsty L.Carpenter
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Chief Engineer
Marty Tucker
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CSO & 2O
V'Len Kel
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Ian O'Connor
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Alidar Raedai
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Luxa Lorana
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