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This species is protected per
Starfleet General Order 1

No personnel may interfere with
its normal development

Intelligent Lifeform Index

Four Letter Code ZET
Federation Status Unknown
Planet of Origin Zet, Close to Karemma Space, Gamma Quadrant
Encountered THO: "The Cost of Forever"|
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level H with discrepancies
List of Named Zets

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The Zet are an insectoid species that has lived in isolation in a remote nebula in the Gamma Quadrant

Restricted Contact Notice

Do not approach


NOTICE: This species has been restricted to its homeworld

Home System

  • Quadrant: Gamma
  • Location: unknown; somewhere closer to Karemma Space, in a highly energetic nebula known as The Edge
  • Proper Name: Unknown
  • Star: Binary Star
  • Distance from Star: unknown
  • Companions: unknown
  • Moons: Several natural and artificial.

Home World

  • Proper Name: Zet
  • Diameter: unknown
  • Gravity: unknown
  • Axial Tilt: unknown
  • Orbital Period: unknown
  • Rotational Period: unknown
  • Classification: unknown
    • Surface Water: unknown
    • Atmosphere: highly polluted
    • Climate: unknown
    • Terrain: unknown
    • Population: unknown









The species originally had two genders, but due to extensive mechanical and genetic engineering the designation of one and the other (or neither) often depends on each individual.

Distinguishing physical characteristics

As a general rule, the Zet have a kind of slender body and long, graceful limbs, finished with 3 fingers on the upper limbs and two plus a spur on the lower limbs. Although they generally use a plantigrade gait, many choose a digitigrade locomotion to move faster, with the spur remaining off the ground.

Their skin is soft and smooth, but the back and face are covered with chitinous plaques with small nodules embossed, reminiscent of a protection against ancient predators.

The head is rounded with two bony projections towards the back that are part of the non-verbal communication of the Zet: a healthy Zet will have long, graceful and well-formed horns, while a sickly individual will usually have small or broken horns. These are present throughout the individual's life and grow continuously, so that elderly Zet possess elaborate horns that limit the mobility of their head.

Its head has 6 eyes that give it excellent spatial vision, along a colour spectrum detection that is superior to humans'. In addition, the short vibrissae on their head give them extra information about surrounding conditions.

Innerly, they have copper-based Hemolymph blood, a complex muscular-skeletal system with chitinous complement both internally and externally, overall structure similar to the Andorian one, except for the cupric foundation.[1]

Means of locomotion

Bipedal, plantigrade and short digitigrade

Unusual attributes

Zet are divided into two distinct castes: the Deathless, the dominant caste, are generally taller, slenderer and have characteristics closer to the ideal of the species. Their bodies are brightly and warmly coloured, especially on the back and top of their heads. Oranges, magentas, pinks and reds are regarded as most beautiful colours.

On the other hand, the working breed or Ephemeral, have shorter and more robust bodies and generally are duller in colour, mostly in shades of brown and greys.

Acute sense of smell/perception of pheromones tied to emotional states. Especially pronounced among the Deathless, less so but still there among the Ephemerals.








The Zet are organized around Corporations run by one or more Deathless, with a multitude of Ephemerals at their service, subject to debts and life obligations.


Names of non-immortals are styled in the conventional ‘Given name, Surname’ fashion, i.e. John Smith. In the case of the Deathless, they add a sub name each time they ‘re-husk’ into a new body - mostly to show off. Using the example of ‘Anroc,’ his full name is ‘Pitorian Sal’Lat’Ut’Kel’Tras Anroc,’ indicating he has rehusked at least five times, putting his age in the ~600 year range.

List of Known Zets

  • Shipmaster Pitorian Sal’Lat’Ut’Kel’Tras Anroc, Owner & Guildmaster Extraordinary, First Eternal, President for Life of the Saldanian Corporate Hegemony, Beloved & Benevolent, Everlasting & Magnificent
  • Nenni Nokzu, Acting Shipmaster
  • Saulan Ket’han, Deputy Director of Daily Operations
  • Shaggee Rod'gurs, Vice Associate Director Of Crew Fulfillment & Disposal
  • Galat Zhkrg, Second Grade Associate of the Sub-division 88 of Redistribution of Workers of Mid-Lower Profile
  • Frizikh




  • Shipmaster - Captain /Skipper [2]
  • Vital Treatment Technician - Doctor /physician [3]
  • Click - Time measure
  • Hexaclick - 60 clicks
  • Rotation - Year, circumvallation of Zet's main planet around its star
  • Gratuitous Rigidity Amplification System - structural integrity field [4]
  • Voidships - Starships [5]
  • Nullgrav - Zero gravity / Zero G [6]
  • Flosflus. - a obscure part of Zet anatomy. Perhaps vibrissae. [7]




Rem’trell’s Law -

One of the laws in which Zet's science is based. It states that matter could not travel faster than the speed of light. [8]


Massive Corporations in an aggressive Capitalist System.



Federation Intelligence Files

Members of this species were encountered by the crew of the USS Thor after receiving a distress call while in orbit around New Bajor on 239801.10

The crew of the USS Thor attempted to save the starship on distress.

UPDATE 2400: The Zet have acquired warp technology apparently through entering into a tentative alliance with the United Dominion of Planets. UPDATE 2400: The Zet are confirmed to have been complicit in the destruction of the Cabotot an Intrepid-class starship.



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This is an original Starbase 118 species created by the crew of the USS Thor

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