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The Celendi Nebula is a stellar gas cloud located in sector 15292 on the eastern edge of the region known as the Borderlands. The nebula is known to comprise of proto-matter, ion gas and small pockets of metreon gas. These along with several phenomenon including synchrotron radiation and neutrino emissions make navigating the nebula hazardous at best. Although commonly considered to be within Federation space, 40% of the nebula lies within the Klingon Empire.

In early 2391, the USS Gemini was dispatched to locate the missing USS Hermes which had disappeared whilst apparently on a mission to study the nebula. During their investigation they were set upon by a rogue Klingon vessel. Having sustained serious damage, the Gemini used the Celendi Nebula to hide from the Klingons, effect repairs and finally launch a rescue mission to retrieve their away team from the Hermes. The USS Wyoming, transferring crew from the USS Tiger to the USS Gemini provided fire support.

In 2398, the freighter Andalucia become lost near the Celendi Nebula. The USS Resolution was dispatched from Deep Space 224 to search for the missing freighter. Also in 2398, Yogan Yalu and Etan Iljor discovered a Federation Type-7 shuttlecraft drifting out of the nebula that belonged to the decommisioned USS ibn Battuta. As of July 2399, it is still a mystery why the shuttlecraft was drifting in the nebula.