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Denali Station
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Alex Forsyth
Position Tactical Officer
Rank Lieutenant JG
Species Human
Gender Female
DOB 237511.23
Age 24
Birthplace Dumfries, Scotland, Earth
Writer ID D239910AF1

Lieutenant JG Alex Forsyth is currently serving as a Tactical Officer at Denali Station.


  • Height: 5'11
  • Weight: 47kg
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Build: Slim
  • Distinguishing Features: A few freckles across her nose and cheeks.
  • Carriage: Nervous, Sometime fidgeting with her hair.
  • Voice: Sweet.


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  • Alan Letts - Slightly less Annoying Co-worker/Friend


  • Parents:
    • Father: Robert Forsyth - Captain of the USS Dumfries(deceased)
    • Mother: Sarah Forsyth - Captain of the USS Tennant
  • Siblings:
    • Sister: Nadia Forsyth (Adopted)
  • Other family.
    • Uncle: Bertie Forsyth - Former Member of the Original Maquis
    • Aunt: Jennifer Forsyth - Commander of Deep space 44

(Background/Personality/Career History)

Early Life

Alex grew up in her family home town of Dumfries in Scotland, She very much like her father in wanting to explore the stars and dreams of being captain herself one day. The stories he would tell her about his adventure were inspiring, Offend trying to recreate them in the back garden with her toys. He always made sure to check in with his family and bring a souvenir from his travels.

Alex suffer from anxiety when she was younger, Having trouble interacting with other and mainly kept to herself but has gotten better in recent years.

She is the older child in the family and is very protective of her little sister, Nadia was the only survivor of a freighter after it was attack pirates and was taking in by her father after he found her.

Her father was killed during the Vaadwaur invasion while on patrol, She along with her family were devastated by his loss and the grief was a little overwhelm for Alex. This did cause her anxiety to flare up again, Not wanting bother her friends with her sadness. It also affected her relationship with Lindsey Bennett, A long time friend turn girlfriend since high school but have since lost touch.

After finishing College, Alex made the very brave choice to enlisted in starfleet. She felt it made sense, Following in her father footstep and continuing his legacy.

Starfleet Academy

Alex Join starfleet in 239513.08 and later graduated in 239910.03, She follow family tradition by taking the Tactical course and rank fourth in her class Combat simulation, Not really interested in beat her classmate. She had trouble making friends due to her anxiety, Only getting along with one other person by the name of Clara Halloway.

In her spare time between classes, Alex would develop an interest in making a comic about a Starship call the Everstar but push it aside after graduating with the hope of one day to finish it.

  • Personally: Sometime self-conscious and shy but Friendly.

Service History

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 2395 - 2399 Starfleet Academy
Ensign SD 239910.03 - 240005.08 Denali Station
Tactical Officer
Lieutenant JG SD 240005.08 - Present Tactical Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 2399
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Starfleet Investigation Ribbon.png
Starfleet Investigation Ribbon 239912.29
Denali Station
Awarded for investigating the events surrounding the explosion of White Hall.

Mission: Take Me Somewhere Else

Awards ServiceRibbons PurpleHeart 2011.jpg
Purple Heart 240005.08
Denali Station
Awarded for getting severely injured in the line of duty.

Mission: Annihilation Approaches

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