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USS Resolution
Yogan Yalu
Position Helm Officer
Rank Lieutenant JG
Species Trill (Joined)
Gender Male
DOB 236204.15
Age 35
Birthplace Sarajevo, Earth
Writer ID D238804DS0

Yogan Yalu (né Verso, born 15 April 2362) is a male joined Trill officer in the Federation Starfleet, currently holding the rank of Lieutenant junior grade and serving as helm officer aboard the USS Resolution.

Vital Statistics

  • Full name: Yogan Yalu
  • Race: Trill (Joined)
  • Date of birth: 15 April 2362
  • Place of birth: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Earth
  • Age: 35
  • Gender: Male
  • Relationship status: Single
  • Health: View medical record


  • Height: 198 cm
  • Weight: 136 kg
  • Hair color: Light brown
  • Length of hair: Short
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Skin tone: Fair
  • Birthmarks, scars: None
  • Legs: Two
  • Build: Large
  • Carriage: Informal, balanced
  • Taste in clothing: Dresses for cold weather; prefers long shirt sleeves and trouser legs
  • Voice: Tenor
  • Handedness: Left (right-handed prior to being joined)
  • Physical limitations: None


Yogan Yalu's personality is a complex amalgam of personalities–that of his former unjoined self, Yogan Verso; that of Yalu, the symbiont to which he is joined; and those of the symbiont's previous hosts. Like all joined Trill, Yogan underwent years of training to ensure that, once joined, the symbiont would complement, not overwhelm his own personality.

Yogan is an innate idealist, and possesses a nearly inexhaustible optimism. His belief that all people are inherently good occasionally causes conflict in his professional life; he struggles to understand why good people suffer. He dislikes the constraint of arbitrary rules, and tends to support creative thinking and the rights of others to do as they please. He tends to give the benefit of the doubt whenever possible. Yogan struggles to accept challenges and criticisms as opportunities to better himself; rather, he can take them personally and become mired in self-doubt. Yogan wants to be liked, and avoids conflict if he can, preferring to adjust himself rather than risk confrontation with another person.

Since joining, Yogan's symbiont and former hosts have influenced his personality, creating a more extraverted, pragmatic, and social individual, but also one prone to impulsive decisions, cynicism, and a flair for the dramatic. He is proud to have been selected for joining, and he thinks often about how his memories and experiences will influence Yalu's future hosts. He also wonders whether he measures up to his predecessors. That Yogan is a joined Trill is not a secret, but he prefers to discuss it only with those he trusts.

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  • Favorite place:
  • Habits:
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  • Hobbies and pastimes:
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
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  • Fears:
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Personal history

Early life and education (2362–2381)

Yogan Yalu was born Yogan Verso in Sarajevo in 2362. His father Aydam was an agriculture scientist and his mother Haned was an administrator in the Trill Diplomatic Corps, working within the diplomatic mission on Earth. He has two younger siblings, Nedal and Kejana, also born on Earth. His childhood was mostly happy and without major incident, but being the only Trill child in a community of mostly humans gave him a sense of self-exceptionalism that would take years to grow out of.

After the Antwerp Conference bombing and the attempted coup d’état on Earth in 2372, Haned and Aydam brought their young family back to the relative tranquility of the Trill homeworld. They resettled in a provincial town on the foothills of Bes Manev, and 10-year-old Yogan found it difficult to adjust from the excitement of living in a major urban center on an alien planet. It was, however, his first real opportunity to learn about the customs and history of his own people, particularly the practice of joining, which was not discussed openly during the family’s years on Earth. From his teenage years, Yogan took courses in starship navigation, and obtained a Starfleet Level 3-equivalent pilot's certification while in secondary school.

University, early career, and joining (2381–2393)

After completing his secondary education in 2381, Yogan enrolled at the University of Chi’tar, completing premedical studies with a minor in astronavigation in 2386. While he intended to continue on to medical school, his plans were put on hold when he was accepted into the Initiate Program, and became a candidate for joining. After a difficult four years as an initiate, the Symbiosis Commission approved Yogan for joining. While waiting for a symbiont, he accepted a one-year fellowship in critical care and emergency medicine, about which he became deeply passionate.

Finally, in 2392, Yogan was joined with a 362-year-old symbiont called Yalu. He spent much of that year adjusting to life as a joined Trill, but in early 2393, he applied to Starfleet Medical Academy to continue his studies. Moving back to Earth after 20 years wasn’t exactly the homecoming he might have hoped for, but he excelled in medical school and graduated in 2397. During his time at Starfleet Academy, he also completed the credits equivalent to an undergraduate minor in navigation, and obtained a Level 5 pilot's certification.

Starfleet (2393–present)

Yalu (symbiont)

Main article: Yalu

Yalu is a symbiont–a sentient vermiform lifeform–who has lived symbiotically inside hosts of the humanoid Trill species. Yalu was born in the Caves of Mak'ala on the Trill homeworld in 2030, and was joined to a host for the first time in 2140. The joining of Yalu to Yogan Verso in 2392 created a new, unique individual–Yogan Yalu. Yalu's eighth humanoid host, Yogan carries the memories of Yalu's seven previous hosts, who include a subspace radio operator, a farmer and artisan weaver, a famous actress, and a member of the Trill Senate.


  • University of Chi'tar: Chi'tar, Trill
    • Matriculated: 238107.01
    • Graduated: 238606.30
    • Degree: Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
    • Major: Medicine
    • Minor: Astronavigation
  • New Scirapo University Teaching Hospital: New Scirapo, Trill
    • Matriculated: 239010.05
    • Graduated: 239111.13
    • Program: Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Fellowship
  • Starfleet Medical Academy: San Francisco, Earth
    • Matriculated: 239307.01
    • Graduated: 239706.07
    • Degree: Doctor of Medicine

Professional history

Ensign Yalu on duty in 2397


See Starfleet Medical Academy transcript of Yogan Yalu


Foxtrot Protocol (239706.07 – 239707.12)

The newly commissioned Ensign Yalu joined the crew of the USS Atlantis mid-mission, during a Freeworlds trade conference on Illara Prime. Initially, he remained aboard the ship, working shifts in Sickbay, while several teams were sent to the planet to attend the conference. Eventually, Captain Jarred Thoran requested that Yalu join a team consisting of Ensign Ilana Ganarvuss, Ensign Lephi, and Marine Captain Kurt Logan, who were investigating the disappearance of the conference's Director of Security. Dr. Yalu hypothesized that the Director had been incapacitated and removed from the premises, and along with the other members of the team, theorized that the Naylari DNA present in the office may have been planted to interfere with the investigation. After a number of inexplicable utility failures, Yalu was paired with Illaran forensic pathologist Eisla Nidhar and tasked with acquiring the spaceport's records, in the hope that they might shed some light on the director's disappearance. While visiting the records office, Dr. Nidhar was attacked by an unknown assailant. Yalu treated Nidhar's injuries and secured her evacuation to a medical facility, then turned over the records to Lt. Cmdr. Serala before being recalled back to Atlantis. Despite the best efforts of the Atlantis crew, the trade conference was canceled after a number of violent attacks and acts of sabotage were carried out by a Valcarian spy.

Shore leave and transfer (239707.13 – 239707.20)

Following the cancellation of the trade conference, Atlantis remained in orbit around Illara Prime for several days of shore leave. During this time, Yogan beamed down to the planet to visit Dr. Eisla Nidhar, who was recovering in hospital following her attack, before spending a half-day as a tourist on Illara Prime. Back on Atlantis, Yogan conducted the onboarding medical exams of several new crewmembers, among them Ensigns Ilana Ganarvuss and Lephi. Barely one week into shore leave, Yogan received orders to report to Starbase 118 at once, as he was being transferred to a newly-recommissioned ship, the USS Resolution. After a few days to pack and tie up loose ends on Atlantis, he caught a shuttle from Illara Prime to Cestus III, where he boarded the USS Majestic bound for Starbase 118.

Unity (239707.21 – 239709.13)

Yalu arrived at Starbase 118 on stardate 239707.21 and shortly thereafter reported for duty aboard the Nova-class USS Resolution. Transferring from the medical division to the command division in the process, Yalu was assigned the duty post of helm officer as a result of his piloting and astronavigation qualifications. Resolution departed Starbase 118 for The Borderlands, a relatively uncharted region straddling Federation and Klingon space. En route, the crew of Resolution discovered a derelict Federation starship, the USS Unity, which had been reported lost with all hands in 2347. Yalu, Commander Adriana Morgan, and Ensign Aeson Del transported to Unity's officers' lounge to investigate a series of visual phenomena that Ensign Del had reported seeing. While there, an alien entity inhabiting Unity sent a single-word message to the away team: exterminate.

Recalled to Resolution, Yalu maneuvered the ship out of harm's way during a brief firefight with Unity, but doing so left several officers–Morgan, Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie, Lieutenants junior grade Jamie MacNemar and Kudon, and Ensign T'Suran–trapped on the derelict ship. Ensign Del hypothesized that the entity had interfaced with Unity's computer, and Yalu worked with Del and the bridge crew to establish communications with the alien and bring the away team safely home. The crew discovered that the entity living within Unity was a silicon-based lifeform whose natural habitat was similar to that of the nearby Celendi Nebula. Yalu and Lt. Commander Raimy Ambarsan collaborated to disable Unity without alerting the entity, so that it could be safely towed. Meanwhile, a team of officers succeeded in gaining the entity's trust, ensuring that Unity could be safely moved, first to the nebula, and from thence to Starbase 118.

Shore leave (239709.14 – 239709.28)

Resolution returned to Starbase 118 with Unity in tow, and after the crew held an awards ceremony in a holographic recreation of San Francisco, they dispersed for shore leave. The leave was short-lived, however; almost immediately, the crew were recalled to Resolution and told to prepare for an immediate departure on an urgent mission.

Come What May (239709.29 – 239711.16)

Having been recalled to Resolution, the crew immediately departed Starbase 118 for Da'al, a planet in the Borderlands inhabited by a non-violent, warp capable race of the same name. Despite achieving warp drive just over 100 years ago, the Da'al expressed little interest in joining the galactic community, preferring to keep to themselves and their small, but growing network of colonies. Both the Federation and the Klingons had attempted over the decades to establish relations with the Da'al, but were rebuffed each time. For this reason, it came as a surprise when Starfleet received an urgent plea for assistance from an officer in the Da'al military, claiming an incipient Klingon invasion and subsequent occupation. Resolution, despite possessing neither significant diplomatic nor military capabilities, was sent to investigate and help keep the peace.

Resolution was met in orbit of Da'al by a Klingon ship, Targ. Diplomatic overtures were made with the captain, while a series of away teams transported down to the planet and, without warning, a second Klingon ship decloaked and fired on Resolution. With the political situation on the planet unraveling, Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti ordered Yalu to land the ship just outside the government complex in the capital city. Nicholotti took an away team to Targ, while Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie led a separate team to the government complex, leaving Lieutenant Commander Genkos Adea in command on the bridge, with Yalu and Lieutenant David Knight.

With Resolution stationery on the surface, Yalu monitored the planet's communications networks. He and the other bridge officers watched the prime minister attempt to overthrow his own government, and almost as quickly, be rejected by the people in peaceful mass demonstrations. In orbit, the second Klingon ship self-destructed, but not before Targ's captain, Kris, had captured one of its crew, a Da'al mercenary. Fleet Captain Nicholotti, successfully negotiated for the prisoner to be released into her custody, and from there, turned over to the Da'al authorities. With a provisional government in place and the former prime minister under arrest, the Federation offered its support and friendship, while the Klingons determined that the planet and its people were not suitable for incorporation into the Empire.

Shore leave (239711.16 – 239712.13)

With the Da'al situation back in the control of the indigenous government, Resolution departed the region and returned to Deep Space 224 for shore leave and crew rotation. While en route, Yalu received a message from the Trill Symbiosis Commission, informing him that the time had come for him to undertake the zhian'tara, the Trill rite of closure. This news preoccupied him somewhat throughout the shore leave. Upon their arrival at DS224, Yalu was invited to participate in an evaluation/play-through of one of Lieutenant JG Gnaxac's holodeck adventures, along with Ensigns Meidra Sirin and Jana Zicv. At first, Yalu accessed the program's narrative parameters to add unexpected elements, but eventually completed the program successfully with the help of his fellow players. Also while on DS224, Yalu had lunch with Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie, during which they discussed their backgrounds and Yogan discussed his feelings regarding the upcoming zhian'tara.

On the final night of shore leave, the entire crew gathered on DS224's observation deck for a formal banquet. For his exemplary service during the previous mission, Yalu was awarded the Captain's Commendation, and later in the evening, was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant junior grade.

The Saural Inquisition (237912.13 - present)

Nobody expects it.

Service record

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet, 4th Class 239307.01 Starfleet Medical Academy
link=Starfleet Medical Academy
Cadet, 3rd Class 239407.01
Cadet, 2nd Class 239507.01
Cadet, 1st Class 239607.01
Ensign 239706.07 USS Atlantis
Medical Officer
Ensign 239707.20 USS Resolution
Helm Officer
Lieutenant JG 239712.08

Awards and commendations

See Awards and commendations received by Yogan Yalu
Yogan Yalu in formal attire



  • Parents:
    • Father: Aydam Verso, born in 2328
    • Mother: Haned Jurea, born in 2327
  • Siblings:
    • Brother: Nedal Verso, born in 2365, a promising poet-turned-Trill guardian
    • Sister: Kejana Verso, born in 2370



Meidra sirin.jpg
Meidra Sirin
Yalu met Meidra Sirin when they served together aboard the USS Resolution. They spent recreational time together during shore leave on Starbase 118 and Deep Space 224, and Sirin counseled Yalu as he worked through some issues with his family.
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