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Built beneath the main dome of Starbase 118's Commercial Sector, the Dungeon tends toward more edgy or unusual themes in its locations, giving it an aura of 'bad boy' appeal while remaining quite safe due to the Starfleet presence. It is most closely connected to the Laikan District on the same level, as well as Nuova Eleganza below.

Notable Locations

Shops and Businesses

History of The Dungeon

Underneath the sprawling and varied surface of the Commercial Sector, and beneath the extensive underground transportation system, is a complex network of service corridors and access tunnels that, in the years since Starbase 118 was declared operational, has developed its own community, home to private clubs, businesses and clientele that desire either privacy or an element of exclusivity.

This remained the state of the area for the years following the Kalandra bombing until the elemental devastation of the Starbase under the command of Captain Rogers in the Elementary, My Dear Rogers mission. This prompted many high ranking Starfleet and Federation officials, including those who took a blind eye to the "Dungeon" and its counterpart "The Below" to move to the Embassy of Raskor I.

In the following years rules and regulations on the businesses of the Dungeon area of StarBase 118 have been enforced and heavily cracked down on. Following the clearing of The Below and the development of Nuova Eleganza the Dungeon has seen greater traffic and a much greater Starfleet presence in years past. The current command staff has established the rule that a business is welcome to present an unusual atmosphere or cater to an exclusive crowd but any breaking of the law is firmly and harshly dealt with. Several businesses were closed after Captain Handley-Page assumed command of the Starbase, and more continue to be closed as skeletons of crimes past have been dragged out of the proverbial closets. Among these are Harkins' Den, which was permanently closed following a security inquiry.

Following the damage done to the station by the criminal Chennel, a significant portion of the Dungeon area (everything directly underneath the New York District) suffered considerable structural damage. During the rebuilding process any businesses that suffered damage were moved to a new location within the dungeon at no charge. The damaged area was rebuilt into a new underground district closely modeled after Andorian architecture. This area, titled the Laikan district accounts for approximately 1/3 of the real estate in the Dungeon. The remaining 2/3 continues on with it's 'bad boy' appeal and underground theme.


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Upper Dome

Starbase 118 Promenade

Main Dome

Shi'Kahr (Hurutam Sub-district) · Ohmallera · Qo'noS · Ashalla (Coranum Sub-district)
Mak'ala (Little Risa) · San Francisco (Hong Kong Sub-district) · Trinity City

Lower Sections

The Dungeon · Laikan District · Nuova Eleganza

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