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The Free Trader is a "pawn shop" or "second hand store" located down in the "Dungeon" of Starbase 118. The shop is named after "non-aligned" ships that ply their trade in open space. Free Traders traditionally have allegiance to no one. The shop is run by a female Betazoid, named, Dayna Qessari (35). She is a striking beauty 5' 7" (170 cm), reddish brown hair and forest green eyes ... but almost NEVER smiles. She is whispered to have the blackest heart of anyone living on the station. She arrived at SB118 about 3 years ago, in a well armed Cruiser also called the "Free Trader." She opened her pawn shop soon after that. When people get a little short on credits, they can "pawn" an item of value. When they get their money, they can pay to get their item back. The sooner you can pay the credits back, the less you have to pay to get your item back. The longer you have to repay the note, the more you have to pay. Should the agreed upon day come and go without repayment, the item becomes the property of pawn shop. Quessari has some beautiful items in her shop. Because of Federation regulations, she does not sell any lethal weapons in the shop - but is said to have quite an arsenal on her ship. All she needs to do is undock, sail a day or so away from the starbase, and she can legally sell the arms to whomever she wants. Qessari is smart, and knows how to use the law to protect her. When someone needs "much more than just a few credits" it is rumored that Qessari also is capable of loaning large sums. She is, what the Humans used to call a "Loan Shark." One (and only one) person on the starbase is said to have refused to pay back his loan. One week after "falling and breaking his arm," he accidentally opened an airlock and got sucked out into the void of space. There is a "Dayna Qessari" in the House of Qessari on Betazed, but they have no comment on the actions of this Dayna Qessari.

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