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Operative of the Orion Syndicate
235502.22 239405.12
Bolkinua, Bolarus IX
Aged 39
Species Bolian
Gender Female
In Memoriam

Chennel was an operative of the Orion Syndicate and former independant mercenary, first encountered by the crew of the USS Columbia in 2392. She was arrested on piracy and kidnapping charges and sentenced to life imprisonment at the correctional facility on Elba II. However six months later, she escaped with assistance from the Jenatris Confederation, later discovered to be a front for the resurgent Orion Syndicate and was instrumental in the Syndicate's attempts at gaining a foothold in the Trinity Sector. The crew of StarBase 118 Ops encountered and battled her numerous times before she was finally killed during an attempted takeover of the station in 2394. After her death she was cremated and her remains returned to her family on Bolarus IX.

Chennel was known for her extreme cruelty, promiscuity, self-absorption and larger than life personality. She displayed symptoms of megalomania, sociopathy and psychopathy- and was known to become easily obsessed with individuals, whom she would invariably attempt to seduce. She employed torture to interrogate prisoners and thought nothing of committing murder when people around her outlived their usefulness. She was even considered extreme and a security risk within the Orion Syndicate



  • Full Name: Chennel
  • Species: Bolian
  • T/E Rating: T0/E0
  • Date Of Birth: 235502.22
  • Place Of Birth: Bolkinua, Bolarus IX
  • Date Of Death: 239405.12
  • Place Of Death: StarBase 118
  • Aged: 39
  • Gender: Female
  • Medical History: Unknown (speculative diagones of megalomania, sociopathy and psychopathy)


Chennel did not attend university or another higher education institution. She did complete her primary and secondary education and was described by her teachers as "incredibly intelligent but dangerously unstable". Her violent temper meant that she was expelled from a dozen different schools, including two institutions for students with behavioural and anger management difficulties.

Personal Appearance

Anthropometic Data

  • Height: 1.79m (5ft 10in)
  • Weight: 65kg (143lbs)
  • Hair: None
  • Eyes: Black
  • Build: Athletic
  • Skin Tone: Blue
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous


Chennel was known for her loud and commanding voice that could silence a room whenever she entered. Obsessed to the point of mania with being the centre of attention, she was also known to be extremely outrageous and provocative. Social niceties and norms were completely and utterly foreign to her. She had a thick Bolkinua accent that added a baritone depth to her voice and meant that she was instantly recognisable to those she had encountered at least once. She dominated every conversation that she took part in, not caring whatsoever about opinions that did not correspond to her own. When things did not go according to her carefully laid out plans, she was known to scream where her voice would become both high pitched and hoarse.

Personal Life


Chennel was known for her love of suits during her final years, often donning suits intended for men (as demonstrated in the above image). She believed that this gave her an aura of authority and, crucially, made her stand out from her peers. Prior to this, while operating on the tropical world of Hemix I she frequently donned flowing dresses that could hide concealed blades while also affording her a modicum of comfort in the planet's humidity.


  • Spouse: Kol (Bolian mercenary, deceased).
  • Significant Other: Oma-Saan (Syndicate Enforcer. Relationship ended in 2393 although it is unclear when it began).
  • Children: None
  • Parents:
    • Father: Adislo (deceased)
    • Mother: Haro
  • Siblings:
    • Younger Sister: Alandra (deceased)

As both a child and an adult, Chennel believed that her parents cared little for her owing to the fact they were often away on business. Additionally she harboured an irrational hatred of her younger sister who she had convinced herself her parents preferred. This could not be further from the truth as Adislo and Haro both cared deeply for their daughters. This hatred led to Chennel murdering her younger siblings when she was 17 and led to her flight from Bolarus IX. The shock led to Adislo suffering from a fatal heart attack, leaving Haro effectively widowed and childless. Mother and daughter never saw or spoke to one another again for as long as Chennel lived.

Biographical Data

Chennel's younger sister, Alandra, whom she murdered in 2373 after a disagreement outside of a nightclub.

Early Life, Teenage Years and the Murder of Alandra

The eldest daughter of Adislo and Haro (investment specialists for the Bank of Bolarus), Chennel was born in the city of Bolkinua on Bolarus on Stardate 235502.22. From an early age it became apparent that all was not well with Chennel and by the age of 5 she had been expelled for violent behaviour against other children from three academic institutions. As a teenager, her behaviour continued to worsen and she began to display signs of sociopathy and psychopathy that could not be treated. She also began to resent her younger sister Alandra (born when Chennel was 3) and became convinced that her parents favoured Alandra over her. When Chennel was 18 she and her sister became embroiled in a confrontation with one another outside of a night club in Bolkinua. Chennel lashed out at Alandra and struck her about the head with a discarded steel pipe. The force of the impact killed Alandra and Chennel went into hiding, evading Bolian Security and fleeing from the homeworld. Upon discovering that his youngest daughter was dead, Adislo suffered a fatal heart attack.

Chennel's raider The Lightness Of Being which she commandeered from the husband she murdered and commanded until 2392 when it was destroyed in orbit of Hemix I

Criminal Beginnings

Little is known about Chennel's life between her flight from Bolarus IX in 2373 and her reappearance in the Skalur Expanse in 2392. It is known that at some point she joined the crew of the mercenary vessel Raider V and became involved with the ship's Captain- a fellow Bolian by the name of Kol. During this time, she became infamous for her promiscuity and her violent and often vicious behaviour. At some point prior to 2392, she murdered Kol by stabbing him through the heart and disposing of his body by ejecting it from the Raider V's airlock. By this time, much of the vessel's compliment feared her and did not object to her assuming command of the vessel. She soon renamed the vessel The Lightness of Being after reading an old Terran book which dealt with jealousy. It is believed that she named the ship thusly to reinforce her mistaken belief that her sister was always the 'preferred' child of her parents. During this period she was also wanted by Federation Security on 79 counts of piracy and was believed to have been involved with almost 190 abductions.

The crew of the USS Columbia encountered Chennel in 2392 and were instrumental in bringing her to justice

Encounter with the USS Columbia

In 2392, the USS Columbia under the command of Commander Brek was assigned to the chart the planet of Hemix I in the Skalur Expanse as part of Operation Knifepoint. An away team from the Columbia beamed down to the planet's only island and encountered Chennel and a squad of her mercenaries. Present in this away team were Theo Whittaker and Mirra Ezo who would go on to have further encounters with her over the next two years. She also displayed the beginnings of an obsession with Ezo during this time. Her first attempt to capture the away team ended in failure when team leader Captain Nugra turned feral as a result of a lifeforms that inhabited the planet that Chennel had been unaware of. However, she was able to capture the team during a second encounter. She then used Theo Whittaker as a bargaining chip and threatened to torture him unless the Columbia, in orbit, departed from the planet. When they refused to back down, Chennel tortured him using a Klingon pain stick in front of the bridge crew. As this was occurring, the lifeform that inhabited Hemix I began to transform the planet and managed to snare The Lightness of Being. In the confusion, the crew of the Columbia were able to capture Chennel shortly before her vessel was destroyed. She was subsequently arrested and charged on historic piracy and kidnapping charges as well as the torture of Lieutenant Whittaker. She sentenced to life imprisonment at the Elba II maximum security correctional facility without possibility of parole.

Federation Security image of the unmarked corvette used by Chennel to escape Elba II

Escape from Elba II

During her incarceration, Chennel met several prisoners with ties to the Jenatris Confederation and at some point used their connections to arrange an escape attempt. It is also likely, but not confirmed, that it was during this time that she became aware that the Confederation was in fact a smokescreen for a resurgent Orion Syndicate. On Stardate 239211.23 she escaped with a small cadre of prisoners after murdering a Federation Security Agent and causing a riot. She escaped aboard a civilian corvette that was located in a high polar orbit (and therefore undetectable to the correctional facility's sensors). This vessel was last seen on a course for a Black Cluster in Sector 97 near the Federation's border with the Tzenkethi. It is likely (but again unconfirmed) that Chennel had this corvette destroyed and arranged for alternative passage somewhere near the Black Cluster.

The Trinity Sector and Orion Syndicate membership

By early 2393 she was living and operating out of 'Harkin's Den'- a dive bar that was located beneath the Commercial Sector of StarBase 118. She also had connections to Drin Jerol- the head of the 'Jenatris Confederation'. During this time she primarily worked with and was involved in a sexual relationship with Oma-Saan, the proprietor pf Harkin's Den and a member of the Orion Syndicate. After an incident aboard the station involve genetically engineered tribbles designed to covertly kill, Chennel chastised Oma-Saan for allowing their breeder- Syndicate affiliate- Boris Malinov to leave the bar alive after he fled their. She reasoned that if he was caught could divulge information that could incriminate the Syndicate. Oma-Saan dismissed her concerns given her lowly stature with the Syndicate. During this period she was forbidden from leaving Harkin's Den, but did so any way and visited the top-side of the Commercial Sector to spy on the Starfleet crew of the base- which now included Theo Whittaker and Mirra Ezo. She was not implicated in Malinov's later death but Starfleet Intelligence were aware that she had connections to Drin Jerol.

In March of the same year, Chennel first revealed herself to the senior of StarBase 118 Ops, trapping them in a holosuite and pumping intoxicating (and combustive) chemicals into them. After the crew broke free of the runaway holodeck program, she spoke to them through a holo-communicator, taunting them that during the time they were trapped in the holodeck she was able to utilise the station's weaknesses to further her many criminal enterprises. She also suggested that she has a mole embedded in the station's command centre. Chennel's reveal is later discovered to be a diversion to allow her associate, the Pelian Janker, to access a hidden area of the station where she planned to begin a slave trafficking operation. She was thwarted by a team led by Theo Whittaker although she managed to evade capture and flee the station in the chaos.

Chennel in 2394, shortly before her attempted capture of StarBase 118 and subsequent death

Attempted takeover of StarBase 118 and death

It is unknown whether Chennel was involved in the Orion Syndicate's successful attempts to coerce Commodore Allan Kinney into besmirching the crew of StarBase 118 but given that her power and influence within the Syndicate continued to grow throughout 2393, it is possible. It has also not been conclusively proved that Chennel was behind Syndicate attempts to thwart the station's attempt to tie faulty starship parts to the Orion Syndicate, but considering that her vendetta against the station continued to grow just as her power within the Syndicate had, Theo Whittaker believed her to be the primary suspect.

Additionally, by this time law enforcement agencies across the Alpha and Beta Quadrants had declared Chennel "the most dangerous woman in the galaxy". During this period she also became affiliated with Izirae Talyx, Pitee and Turo-Varr and would come to utilise them in the event of her passing.

By the middle of 2394, Chennel had become one of the Syndicate's most important operatives in the Trinity Sector and in an attempt to solidify her position and take control of the Syndicate proper, she proposed an ambitious attempt to capture StarBase 118. Using alien technology found scattered on asteroids within the volatile Jenatris Corridor, Chennel was able to engineer an incredibly powerful neutrino storm to intersect with the station which necessitated its evacuation save for a skeleton crew and a team of scientists sent to study the storm. Unbeknownst to anyone, Chennel had already co-opted a member of the science team, Bartholomew Martantathru. Using a small fleet of vessels, Chennel was able to board the Station's Operations Hub and send the skeleton team (led by Theo Whittaker) fleeing. Chennel remained in the Hub for much of the invasion, content to direct her minions to locate the fugitive crew. The result was the widespread destruction of the station's Commercial Sector. Eventually, a small squad of Whittaker's officers were able to make their way back to the Hub with Mirra Ezo creating a distraction to effect the take over. Ezo challenged Chennel to a duel. Chennel quickly gained the upper hand and eventually stabbed Ezo and insisted that she become her slave.

At that moment, however, Whittaker's team managed to break in to the Hub and attempted to arrest Chennel and turn control of the station back to them. In the chaos, Chennel managed to escape but was apprehended by Major Tatash of the Starfleet Marine Corps. By this time, Starfleet Security had placed a capture or kill order on Chennel after realising she had invaded the station. Chennel attempted to kill Tatash to ensure her survival but she was not quick enough for the Gorn and he fired his phaser at point blank range. She was killed instantly.

Remains & Legacy

After her death, Chennel's body was identified by members of StarBase 118, her body cremated and sent back to Bolarus IX. Her mother discarded her ashes without spreading them, having come to loathe for daughter for the widespread death and destruction she had caused. Chennel's vessels that were used in the capture of StarBase 118 were impounded and investigated although several members of her crew- Izirae Talyx, Pitee and Turo-Varr- managed to engineer a situation and kidnap a number of officers from the station and sell them to slave miners on Dominicus VI. Chennel engineered the situation and entrusted Talyx and Turn-Varr to carry it out in the event of her death.

Chennel's abject failure to capture StarBase 118 had lasting repercussions for the Orion Syndicate who subsequently stopped their attempts to annex the Trinity Sector for their own nefarious purposes, bringing an end to almost two years of conflict between the station's beleaguered crew and the criminal organisation.


Chennel was written by Captain Theo Whittaker in all her appearances.