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Named after the Klingon homeworld of Qo'noS, this district is connected to Laikan District access on one side, and to bridges reaching across part of the lake to the Ashalla District on the other. It is managed by a Klingon Member of the Junior Council that also serves as a board member on the Commercial Board.

The area is dotted with shops selling Klingon art, music, and clothing, along with bars, restaurants, and Raktajino cafes. There are several arenas for those wishing to display or practice their fighting prowess, schools offering training in martial arts such as the Klingon tradition of Mok'bara, and some locations even sell bladed weapons such at the traditional Klingon Bat'leth. Several locations near the Laikan District access specialize in warm clothing and mulled wine for those travelers who've not prepared for the chill of the Andorian section.

Notable Locations

  • Hall of Heroes Museum
  • Klingon Heritage Museum and Cultural Center
  • Tang Te Voc Opera House
  • The Gorkon Museum

Shops and Businesses

  • Warrior's Respite: Raktajino Café
  • The Broken Tankard: Bar


The Qo'noS District was originally part of the now defunct New York District, and was expanded to serve as a proper district during the reconstruction that occurred after Chennel's attack on the station in 2394.

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