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If viewed from a top down clock perspective, the Shi’Kahr District- modeled after the capital city of Vulcan would occupy from the 12 to 3 positions. It connects to the San Francisco District on one side and the Ohmallera District on the other. The Hurutam Sub-district is placed so that is faces toward the Ohmallera District.

Here the temperature is in line with that of its namesake on Vulcan, making it one of the warmest place on the station. Unsurprisingly, most of the citizens of the station who live in this district are Vulcan, although the presence of Starbase 118 University and the popularity of the native art and literature mean that there are also many residents of other species. The station’s civilian administration have their offices within this sector.

Notable Locations

  • Starbase 118 University
  • Spock Memorial Plaza
  • Civilian Administration and Oversight Center
  • The Katric Shrine
  • Hall of Thought

Shops and Businesses

Other Locations


Shi'Kahr is one of the original districts for Starbase 118, and managed to emerge largely unscathed from Chennel's attack on the station in 2394. The one change of note from the resulting reconstruction in the is the establishment of the Hurutam Sub-district in 2394.

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Main Dome

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