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Named after the Andorian city, this underground district is modeled after Andorian architecture. The atmosphere within is universally cool. Though some areas are chilled to true Andorian cold, most remain at a tolerably cool level for a majority of species.

While most of the commercial districts on Starbase 118 are located in the dome, the Laikan District is built beneath the network of service tunnels that serve the main dome. It is connected to both the Ohmallera & Qo'noS districts above, and to The Dungeon on the same level. There are numerous shops that sell warm drinks and heavy clothing near all such entrances.

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Originally part of The Dungeon, the Laikan District was established during the reconstruction of 2394 as its own district. This location was determined to be the best fit for emulating Andorian styles of underground architecture.

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Main Dome

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