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StarBase 118
Trojan-class SB118

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The social and economic heart of Starbase 118 is undoubtedly the “Commercial Sector” which is also known by the moniker “The Promenade”. Comprised of four distinct cities spread around a large lake with a transportation centre on a central island, the Commercial Sector is a bustling metropolis and cultural melting pot that serves a shining beacon of the cultural diversity of the United Federation of Planets and her allies. With over 200,000 inhabitants ranging from active Starfleet officers and their families, independent civilians making a living, political refugees looking for a better life and everything else in between calling this place ‘home’, the Commercial Sector is, in essence, a self-contained city in space with its own civilian oversight government that works closely with Starfleet. And in addition the permanent residents are the transient visitors for those looking for a weekend break, freighter crews who are making overnight stops, to couples eloping. It is estimated that at any one time there is no less than 300,000 people in the Commercial Sector.


Comprising almost the entirety of the bulbous middle section of Starbase 118, the Commercial District is almost 4.25 kilometres in diameter and 1.45 kilometers tall (in contrast, the island of Manhattan is 2km in diameter). Holographic clouds are simulated at a range of between 1200 and 1400 meters and the “sky” is a holographic projection as is the sunlight. At various times of the year, some of the cities are programmed to receive seasonal weather such as snow in the winter seasons on Earth and on Bajor and in addition, holographic representations of countryside are displayed ‘ground level’ to give the appearance that the dome is endless. Each of the cities are also built around various ‘rivers’ and ‘streams’ that come off the main body of the lake.

Civilians and Starfleet personnel alike make their homes in the non-standard housing of the Commercial Sector.

  • An officer must be of the rank of full Lieutenant (or Marine Captain) to move out of standard Starfleet quarters and into the Commercial sector. Lower ranked officers need to petition their Commanding Officer and receive permission to move.
  • An enlisted personnel must be of the rank of Chief Petty officer or higher to move out of standard Starfleet quarters; enlisted ranks having at least 7 years of service may petition to move with their Department Chief's permission.



Shi’Kahr District

If viewed from a top down clock perspective, the Shi’Kahr District- modelled after the capital city of Vulcan would occupy from the 12 to 3 positions. Here the temperature is in line with that of it’s namesake on Vulcan, which frequently makes it the warmest place on the station. Unsurprisingly, most of the citizens of the station who live in this district are Vulcan, although the presence of Starbase 118 University and the popularity of the native art and literature mean that in recent years there have a been a sharp rise in the number of non-Vulcans permanently residing. The station’s civilian administration have their offices within this sector.

Notable Establishments & Locations: IDIC (Vulcan Spa), Starbase 118 University, Yem-tukh, The I'vish Gallery, The Aquarium, 8x8, T’Sanek’s Meditation Retreat, Spock Memorial Plaza, Civilian Administration and Oversight Centre, The Katric Shrine, Hall Of Thought, Zhynn's Import/Export, Aitas' Quarters.

New York

New York District

If viewed from a top down clock perspective, the New York District- modelled after the Manhattan area of the Earth’s famed city- would occupy the 3 to 6 positions. The temperature is best described as average and features snow in the Terran winter months. Considered the cultural centre of the Starbase, New York district features a recreation of the famed Broadway and sports seventeen theatres on “Neo-Broadway” as well as several “off-Broadway theatres” that put on plays from all over the known galaxy. In addition, the district also features various art galleries and restaurants, catering for everyone from the casual visitor to the loftiest of art critics. In contrast, a small sub-district of New York is “New Quo’NoS”- a hub for Klingon culture and arts… and fighting.

Noteable Establishments & Locations : The Twilight's Edge, The Fourth Line Art Gallery, Neo-Broadway, The Retreat, The Ktarian Vineyards, The Promenade Convention Centre, The Acquire, The Gorkon Museum, Manolo Blahnik, The “Brooklyn” Bridge (leads to Ashalla District), New Central Park, Theo Whittaker’s Apartment, Rose d'Orléans Café, The Greasy Spoon, Tiahada’s Furniture, New Grand Central Transit Station, The Chamber.


Ashalla District

If viewed from a top down clock perspective, Ashalla District- modelled after the capital city of Bajor- would occupy the 6 to 9 positions. The temperature is balmy in line with the real Ashalla, although it is not as tropical as the San Francisco District. Viewed as the centre of spiritual life aboard the station, there is also a growing artisan community to rival that of the New York District, with exhibitions and installations frequently appearing all year round. The Temple of the Prophets attracts thousands of visitors all round and not just from believers. In addition, several dozen other faiths from around the galaxy including Islam, Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism from Earth, Fourism from Betazed and, most recently The Oralian Way from Cardassia Prime have opened temples and shrines in this district. Visitors to the Ashalla District will also notice that it is less metropolitan than the the districts- with plenty of greenery and water as opposed to towering skyscrapers. As such, this has also become popular with those people looking for peace and quiet or a break from the hustle and bustle of urban life, with several camping sites and retreats opening over the last two years. One of the most recent developments is a small community of Cardassians, who have been accepted into this predominantly Bajoran area.

Noteable Establishments & Locations: The Bajoran Temple, St. Peter’s Cathedral, The Zeigler Synagogue, The Istiqual Mosque, The Buddhist Retreat, The Oralian Way Temple, Lilith's Garden, Banny’s Salt Market, Shrine Of The Four, The Subspace Café, Virtual Lifescapes, The Li Nalas Memorial Monument.

San Francisco

San Francisco District

If viewed from a top down clock perspective, San Francisco District- modelled after the famed city on Earth- would occupy the 9-12 position. The temperature here is usually several degrees cooler than the Shi’Kahr District. Approximately a third of this district is in fact modelled after the city of New Orleans. If New York is the cultural capital of the station, then San Francisco District is seen as the entertainment capital, with dozens of night clubs, sport stadiums, concert arenas and jazz bars to be found. There is a spirit of inclusivity with architecture inspired by dozens of worlds and ways of lives, and all sports teams- including the newly established Starbase 118 Seahawks baseball team- have mixed gender teams. Perhaps the most dominant feature of the district is the scaled down replica of the Golden Gate Bridge, which despite being half the size of the original, dominates the skyline of this liberal metropolis and connects it to the Ashalla District as well as a budding holography studio- in perhaps a nod to another Earth city, Los Angeles.

Noteable Establishments & Locations: Apocalypse, Gov’s Pastries, Keal's Pub, The Advocate, The Salty Dawg, The Neutral Zone, The Flamingo Club, The Dragon's Lair, The Golden Gate Bridge Replica, Granny's Place, Baylen Anders’ Apartment, The River of Time, Little Shoppe of Sundaes, Cabo Breeze , The Blue Sparkler, La Roma's Night Spot

Central Island

Central Island Compound

The Island is the Transportation into the Commercial sector drops down from the center of the Dome and all the way to Central Island in center on 118 Bay, the Island is home to the Commercial Sector City Hall, Mayors House and Operations Center. There are also a Second Office for the Stations Commanding Officer, First Officer and Second Officer along with a briefing room and an Emergency Operations Center, for Command and Control of the Station if the Hub for any reason goes offline or is taken over by hostile forces. One top of the hidden Operations EOC there is an elegant Old World Grand Ballroom on the island that can be used for formal dress events.

Seeing how the island is the main transportation into the dome there is also a security check point center, maned by both Star Fleet Security and Federations Marshals with the Commercial Sector Police Force. VIP's may chose to exit onto the island and take a water transport to one of the main cities, but that is only for VIP's and the High Ranking Star Fleet Officers, all others will go to the underground Transport systems to the the cities.

The Dungeon

The Main Corridor on the Dungeon

Underneath the sprawling and varied surface of the Commercial Sector, and beneath the extensive underground transportation system, is a complex network of service corridors and access tunnels that, in the years since Starbase 118 was declared operational, has developed its own community, home to private clubs, businesses and clientele that desire both privacy and an element of exclusivity. While this community, referred to as “The Dungeon” by many residents, used to maintain a veneer of respectability even in the face of its reputation as “the rough neighbourhood”, recent years have seen the Starbase 118 Travel Advisory Group issue strong recommendations to avoid the area entirely and is believed by many to be the home of the station’s criminal element.

Noteable Establishments & Locations: Suena's Repair & Salvage, Mundok's Bar, Harkins’ Den, The Free Trader, The Tea Room, Dr. Wyrk's Counseling Center, The Playhouse..

Goods & Services

It is important to remember what a starbase represents in the Beta Quadrant. For the crews on a freighter, it is where they can get a new plasma inducer, and have a qualified engineer install it. Federation starbases are where you head if you are oppressed and seeking political asylum. Federation starbases are where you go if one of your crew comes down with some illness that even a veteran doctor has never seen. It is a place where a traveler can get off one ship, and wait for the arrival of another. It is where the tired, lonely, and wealthy crews can spend some time and blow off some steam. There will be refugees who made it there, but don't have transit visas to their intended destination. There will often be mercenaries looking for work. There will be spies for all the major powers trying to gather intelligence. Even with the tightest restrictions, starbases tend to get populated with a wide variety of people.

Notable Locations

New Orleans Sub-District

The French Quarter of New Orlean

Nestled at the trailing edge of the San Francisco District, the New Orleans sub-district recreates the famous French quarter of the famed Terran city while also taking the best of the New Orleans experience and adding it to another great city. Here you can ride an old fashioned horse and buggy around the area and find some of the best food and dinning on the station. There are also numerous small art shops and antique stores along the recreated famous Royal Street. There is also a strong LGBT presence in the French quarter with a few bars like the Bourbon Pun, and the Vue. There is the only Catholic church on the station, The recreation of St. Louis Cathedral is on the outside of the sub-district leading back into San Francisco. The area is separated from the city by a small canal.

Quo'nos Sub-District

The Quo'nos Sub-Distric

Nestled at the trailing edge of the New York District, Quo'nos is a place to get Klingon Foods and Blood Wine. There are some combat schools, along with a competition arena in the center of the little town square. There are street booths that sell Klingon art, music, candles and there is even a booth that sells Klingon weapons. Only blades or types, no fire power is allowed in the Dome.

If your looking for culture this is a must see place. There is the Hall of Hero's Museum and the Klingon Heritage Museum and Cultural Center. There you can lean every thing that you would every want to know about Klingon history and honor. The Quo'nos Sub-District is managed by a Klingon Member of the Junior Council that also serves as a board member on the Commercial Board. If you like Dramatic Opera, head down to the Tang Te Voc Opera house for Blood Wine and Song, there is a great song and opera of Honor and battle song nightly at this house.

The Dome and its Operations

Click Image to enlarge the cutaway of the Commercial Sector

This gives you a look into the Dome, with it sections of Famous cities inside. The outer area beyond the dome host many shuttle bays with multi docking ports for Commercial Ships, Shuttles and Cargo command pods. The outer dome also host many holodecks, gardens, civilian quarters, Cargo Bays, meeting facility's and sickbays along with repair shops for ships and shuttles and fuel stations.

Atop the Dome, hidden in the holo-matrix of the Dome is an eight deck round structure that sticks out from the top of dome flowing down wards. This unit service two purposes, The first is as the first Checkpoint scan of the lifts going down into the Dome. This Checkpoint sends all data to the Island. The second is as the Holo-matrix control center that controls the artificial weather on the dome. With all the different cities and towns among the dome, this is quite demanding and each deck focuses on a sector of the dome.

Beneath the dome and the transportation systems are the dome generator systems to keep the holo-matrix online along with all the weather and city power. This Area is run by civilian engineers but overseen by an Star Fleet Deputy Engineer.

Click Image to enlarge the map of the Commercial Sector

Commercial Sector Establishments
The Promenade

The Twilight's Edge · Zhynn's Import/Export · Granny's Place · The Acquire · The Salty Dawg
The Advocate · The 8 x 8 · IDIC, the Vulcan Spa · La Roma's Night Spot
The Neutral Zone · The Subspace Cafe · The Dragon's Lair · The Flamingo Club · Keal's Pub
The Blue Sparkler · The Aquarium · Yem-tukh · I'vish Gallery · The Night Garden
Banny's Salt Market · Galaxy Invaders Archaic Arcade · Virtual Lifescapes · The River of Time
Little Shoppe of Sundaes · Apocalypse · The Retreat · The Ktarian Vineyards
Rose d'Orléans Café · Fourth Line Art Gallery · Swedish Café · Cabo Breeze . Tiahada’s Furniture

The Dungeon

Suena's Repair & Salvage · Mundok's Bar · The Free Trader · The Bat'leth · The Tea Room
Dr. Wyrk's Counseling Center · The Playhouse

Nuova Eleganza

Piazza di Tre · Aventis Heights

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