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The social and economic heart of Starbase 118 is undoubtedly the Commercial Sector. The Commercial sector refers both to the overall civilian commerce area in on the starbase as well as the specific domed city area. The overall sector has three distinct areas, which contain eleven districts and four sub-districts between them.


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Comprising almost the entirety of the bulbous middle section of Starbase 118, the Commercial District is almost 4.25 kilometres in diameter and 1.45 kilometers tall (in contrast, the island of Manhattan is 2km in diameter). Holographic clouds are simulated at a range of between 1200 and 1400 meters and the sky is a holographic projection as is the sunlight. The various districts are programmed to receive seasonal weather such as snow in the winter or heavier rain in the tropical season, depending on the climate they are based on. In addition, holographic representations of countryside are displayed ground level to give the appearance that the dome is endless. Most of the districts also incorporate around various artificial rivers and streams which come off of the main body of the lake.

The Commercial Sector is a bustling metropolis and cultural melting pot that serves a shining beacon of the cultural diversity of the United Federation of Planets and her allies. With over 200,000 inhabitants ranging from active Starfleet officers and their families, independent civilians making a living, political refugees looking for a better life and everything else in between calling this place ‘home’, the Commercial Sector is, in essence, a self-contained city in space with its own civilian oversight government that works closely with Starfleet. And in addition to the permanent residents are those transient visitors for those looking for a weekend break, freighter crews who are making overnight stops, and all other sorts of travelers. It is estimated that at any given time there are no less than 300,000 people in the Commercial Sector.

Upper Dome

This contains only one distinct area, The Promenade. It consists of a ring of businesses and services that circle the upper dome. This serves as the first port (and first impression) for most travelers. It is also the most easily accessible area for on duty Starfleet officers and cadet attending StarBase 118's Academy. As such the shops on the Promenade are the most well established, well vetted and are some of the most popular places on the Starbase

Main Dome

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The largest portion of the Commercial Sector, this area contains seven districts and all four sub-districts, and is often referred to as the commercial sector rather than as simply a portion of it. The main dome was where most of the damage from Chennel's attack in 2394 occurred, and thus saw extensive renovations later that year.

Lower Sections

These areas are located beneath the main dome, in a space originally carved out from service corridors, access tunnels, and other areas that were at one point overlooked. Thus, it has undergone numerous renovations over the years, such as the revamping of one section into Nuova Eleganza in 2393, and the creation of the Laikan District from a portion of The Dungeon in 2394.

  • The Dungeon: Built directly beneath the main dome, this area caters to more eccentric tastes.
  • Laikan District: On the same level as The Dungeon, this cold area emulates Andorian architecture.
  • Nuova Eleganza: A trendy district of Gothic architecture located beneath the Laikan and Dungeon areas.

Commercial Sector Housing

Civilians and Starfleet personnel alike make their homes in the non-standard housing of the Commercial Sector.

  • An officer must be of the rank of full Lieutenant (or Marine Captain) to move out of standard Starfleet quarters and into the Commercial sector. Lower ranked officers need to petition their Commanding Officer and receive permission to move.
  • Enlisted personnel must be of the rank of Chief Petty officer or higher to move out of standard Starfleet quarters; enlisted members who have at least seven years of service may petition to move with their Department Chief's permission.

The Dome & Its Operations

The outer area beyond the main commercial area of the dome host shuttle bays with multiple docking ports for all sorts of commercial and civilian vessels. The outer dome also hosts many holodecks, gardens, civilian quarters, cargo bays, meeting facilities, repair shops for ships or shuttles, and fuel stations.

Atop the dome, hidden in the holo-matrix is an eight deck round structure that sticks out from the top of the dome and flows downward. This unit serves two purposes: one is as the first checkpoint scan of the lifts going down into the Dome. This checkpoint sends all data to a hub on Trinity City. The second is as the holo-matrix control center that controls the artificial weather on the dome. With all the different cities and towns among the dome, this is quite demanding and each deck focuses on a sector or two of the main area.

Beneath the dome and the transportation systems are the dome generator systems to keep the holo-matrix online along with all the weather and city power. This area is largely run by civilian engineers, but is overseen by an Starfleet Deputy Engineer.

Starbase locations · StarBase 118 Commercial Sector · Places by type
Upper Dome

Starbase 118 Promenade

Main Dome

Shi'Kahr (Hurutam Sub-district) · Ohmallera · Qo'noS · Ashalla (Coranum Sub-district)
Mak'ala (Little Risa) · San Francisco (Hong Kong Sub-district) · Trinity City

Lower Sections

The Dungeon · Laikan District · Nuova Eleganza

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