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For the previous Marine contingent, the Dangerous Company, click here. See here for information on the past Screaming Eagles contingent.

The 292nd "Iron Jaegers" Marine Regiment


The Marine Contingent on StarBase 118 is the 292nd "Iron Jaegers" Tactical Marine Regiment. The Jaegers is a division within the Starfleet Marine Corps that specializes in base operations and small scale conflicts. This specialization reflects the unique challenges that Marines face when stationed on one of the mammoth Starbase's throughout Federation Space leaving them operating in a 'catch all' role.

The regiment consists of men and women who are specialists in their fields of study. Some Engineers, others Scientists, more than not some work with Demolitions or are qualified Pilots. Whatever their occupation, the Marines are trained for heavy-duty battle scenarios that Flag-Officers would have to withdraw from, as well as defense for the station in the event of an attack. This specific division is also able to respond to the needs of federation worlds within the vicinity, providing protection both on land and in space when needed.

While most Starships employ a small company for their own security needs, SB118 is unique in that it contains a full regiment that in the event of open warfare would form the backbone of military force within the region. Currently under the command of Major Tatash, he has successfully begun to shape the regiment into a fighting force that could one day be called the pride of the Federations defensive forces.

Regimental Orbat

Regimental HQ

The Headquarters branch takes care of the day to day administration of such a large military force, handling the distribution of orders to each of the company's and platoons as required. They operate from the CIC at all times, monitoring the situation in local space relying on information from the Black Tower and more conventional sources to build up a constantly updated strategic map. All personnel are registered via the HQ and any reports that require oversight such as after-action and any media interaction are handled internally at the HQ. Generally most postings to starships operating within the sector are relayed and recorded through the CIC along with any equipment and materials required forwarded to the stations vast Quartermaster department.

  • Led by Major Tatash as CO, Captain Kro as XO and a Sgt Major
Alpha Company (Infantry) “Paladins”
The medium armor of the Paladin

The Paladins are the day to day rapid reaction unit of the Starbase's marine contingent. Always the first in and the last out in a combat situation and kept on standby for most high profile events. While not not the most heavily armed or armored, they have a reputation for getting the job done with minimal collateral damage. They pride themselves on being able to get to the battle area in half the time of any other platoon thanks to near-constant drilling and combat training. Most new troopers will find themselves posted within the Paladins before choosing a more specialized role within the other companies.

  • Led by Captain Kro, a 1st LT as XO and Corporal Taggart as a squad leader
Bravo Company (SWAT) “Juggernauts”
The 'walking tank' armor of a Juggernaut

The Juggernauts are the heavy troops of the Jaegers, specialized in high-risk dynamic entries, clearing urban areas and anti-armor operations. When it comes to carrying out high intensity operations in the built up area's of the station and it's notorious underbelly, there is no finer squad. Their gear reflects the higher operational risk they routinely face, with high levels of armor protection and access to assault weaponry as standard. Despite their terrifying appearance, the Juggernauts prefer to capture their target alive, although if they are forced to take action the results are usually swift and devastating. They routinely operate hand in hand with station security as Starfleets answer to a SWAT contingent.

  • Led by a Captain and a 1st LT as XO and Master Sgt Rozera
Charlie Company (Reconnaissance) “Blackhearts”
A typical Blackhearts Operator
The Blackhearts insignia
The Blackhearts specialize in battlefield intelligence gathering and more clandestine operations, usually involving Black Tower assets on the ground. They tend to operate in small units and pairs rather then the larger fire team and squad based deployments of the more conventional companies, their specialism resting in stealth and asymmetrical warfare. Their equipment tends to be the lightest but most specialist, with long range/suppressed weapons and laser designation systems for orbital/sub orbital bombardment. They carry the motto of 'Who Dares, Wins', throwing back to their origins from an old British military unit. They get the job done, as long as no one asks any questions. Formerly know as the "Stilettos".

Delta Company (SARS) “Archangels”

The Archangels are the specialist Search and Rescue arm of the Corps, carrying out medical evacuations and rescue from situations where conventional medic's would fear to tread. While the inside of the station is generally safe, there are still numerous pitfalls and industrial area's that present a unique set of challenges for access, not to mention any off-world missions and distress calls that may occur in local space. The Archangels also fulfull the role of battlefield combat medics during wartime situations whlist during peacetime tend to work closely or internally within Starfleet Medical.

  • Led by Major Dal and a 1st LT as XO and a Master Gunnery Sgt

Echo Company (CAS) “Raptors”

The Raptors are the stations aerial defence force. While the station itself can generally fend off any aggressors with her powerful main batteries, there has always been a requirement for a mobile force that can deploy at a moments notice to escort smaller ships or respond to distress calls faster then it would take to mobilize a whole Starship. The Raptors consist of ace pilots from numerous squadrons, 118 seen as a post of honor protecting one of Starfleets key installations. They are also capable and trained to offer close-air support to ground based operators as required, with pinpoint munition deployment. This company includes numerous ground crew and mechanics that ensure the craft remain in peak operation.

The 'Valkyrie' fighter, the posterboy of Echo Company

Echo Company can be commanded from a smaller, offset control room from the main hanger area allowing direct and uninterrupted contact with support craft and fighters currently deployed. This ensures that in the event of the CIC becoming taken out of service, the air arm of the Corp can continue to strike against the enemy or act in a defensive role.

  • Led by Captain Tem, a 1st LT as XO and a Master Sgt

Regimental Formation

  • Fire Team (4 marines) – Led by a PFC
  • Squad – 3 Fire Teams (12 marines), Led by a Sgt
  • Platoons – 4 Squads (48 Marines) Led by a 2nd Lt and a Staff Sgt or Gunnery Sgt
  • Companies – 4 Platoons (192 Marines)

Starbase 118 Total Marine Contingent: 1,152

All land and space vehicles operated by the base Marines are maintained by the Engineering Department on the Starbase in conjunction with Marines specialized in the crafts themselves.


Combat Information Centre

Starbase Marines have a semi-Bridge in their facility named the Combat Information Centre, housed in a well armored tower separate from the primary Operations tower. This hub of sorts acts as their Control Room for deployment of equipment and troops, managing their duty rosters and maintaining communications between members of the division.

The CIC Controllers work closely with Ops to coordinate rescue operations and an on base military presence when required. Theoretically, the CIC can act as a fully fledged operations centre should the primary one be captured or otherwise incapacitated.

Offset from the CIC is the Marine CO's office. This room has been electronically sealed to the counter intelligence specification of the Black Tower ensuring complete privacy against any unwanted intrusion.

The 118th Tactical Marine Division
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