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Ops-icon.gif       "The important thing is this: To be able at any moment
to sacrifice what we are for what we could become."
- Charles Du Bos

292 Tactical Marine Regiment Organisational Chart

The 292nd "Iron Jaegers" Tactical Marine Regiment

The Marine Contingent on StarBase 118 is the 292nd Tactical Marine Regiment, known as the "Iron Jaegers". The 292nd TMR is designated as the military peacekeeping force in the Area of Operations (AO) assigned to Starbase 118 Operations. 292nd TMR stands ready for any conflict requiring military intervention by Starfleet where direct action is warranted.

The 292nd TMR is composed of 1920 men and women specializing in numerous fields of study, ranging from general infantry and tactical operations to engineering and science. Whatever their occupation, every Marine is a rifleman first and very capable of combat duties should the need arise. This specific regiment is also able to respond to the needs of federation worlds within the vicinity, providing protection both on land and in space when needed.

While most Starships employ a small contingent for their own security needs, SB118 Operations is unique in that it employs a full Marine regiment in the event of open warfare, and would form the backbone of military force within the region. Due to the integrated nature of the Marines on Starbase 118, the regiment is currently under the command of Sal Taybrim, in his dual-role of Station Captain, and Marine Colonel. Founded by Major Tatash, the regiment began to be shaped into a fighting force that could one day be called the pride of the Federation's defensive forces.


Starbase 118 Marine facilities are equipped with an independent command center dedicated primarily to the monitoring of potential threats in the Area of Operations (AO). Commonly referred to as the Combat Information Center (CIC), this command center is staffed by Marines 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Access to the CIC is limited to personnel with high level clearance (TSSCI) and the information is compartmentalized and distributed only to those who are in the need to know. The CIC is housed in a well armored tower separate from the primary Operations tower. The CIC is the Control Room for deployment of equipment and troops, spacecraft flight control for the Marine CAP, and maintaining communications between members of the division.

The CIC Controllers work closely with Ops to coordinate rescue operations and an on base military presence when required. The CIC is capable of acting as the operations center for the starbase, should the primary operations center be captured or otherwise incapacitated.

Offset from the CIC is the Marine CO's office. This room has been electronically sealed to the counter intelligence specification of the Black Tower ensuring complete privacy against any unwanted intrusion.

Regimental ORBAT

The Regimental Headquarters (RHQ) branch takes care of the day to day administration of the stations military force, handling the distribution of orders to each of the company's and platoons as required via their respective battalion headquarters. RHQ operate from the CIC at all times, monitoring the situation in local space based upon information provided by the stations Tactical, and Traffic Control stations as well as from the Black Tower and more conventional low-level sources to build up a constantly updated strategic map. All Marine personnel are registered via the RHQ and any reports that require oversight such as after-action and any media interaction are handled internally at the RHQ itself. Generally most postings to starships operating within the sector are relayed and recorded through the CIC along with any equipment and materials required forwarded to the relevant units quartermaster company.

1/292 Alpha Company (Infantry) “Paladins”

1/292 TMR A Co.The Paladins are the day to day rapid reaction unit of the Starbase's Marine contingent. Alpha Company are always the first in and the last out in a combat situation, and kept on standby for most high profile events. While not the most heavily armed or armored, they have a reputation for getting the job done with minimal collateral damage. They pride themselves on being able to get to the battle area in half the time of any other company thanks to near-constant drilling and combat training. Most new troopers will find themselves posted within the Paladins before choosing a more specialized role elsewhere within the regiment.

Currently led by Captain Victoria MacMahon as CO, assisted by a 1st Lieutenant as Company XO and a Gunnery Sergeant overseeing three platoons.

1/292 Bravo Company“Paladins”

1/292 TMR B Co. is one of the specialist companies within the Marine Division of SB118, specializing in air assault operations. While every company within the 292nd Marine Regiment are trained as line companies filled with riflemen, B Company focuses on the specific task of vertical envelopment, the process of not flanking an enemy on the right or left, bur rather using their VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) capability to insert themselves into the enemy’s rear area. By doing so, Bravo Company Marines disrupt the enemy’s operations, lines of communication and supply, and tie up enemy forces, allowing for greater freedom of movement for friendly forces.

Bravo Company trains and fights at both the platoon and company-level, although the planning and direction for an air assault operation usually is organized into ‘chalks’. A chalk is simply a term for a group of Marines, or personnel to be loaded onto a runabout or shuttle together. The chalk commander is not necessarily the most senior ranking official there, however they are the person appointed by the operational commander to lead that chalk. For example, during an evacuation of a planetside Starfleet facility, several Fleet Captains demand that the shuttle touch back down to pick up several civilians on the ground. The chalk commander/chalk leader, a Corporal, denies this – despite the pilot being ordered. The Corporal may understand that other shuttles are coming in and they require the airspace to be cleared. This distinction between rank and positional authority is important, as it ensures that air assault operations can move quickly. Within every air assault operation, chalk commanders report to the operational commander’s senior NCO, who compiles load lists and manifests of equipment to allow for a basic tracking of personnel.

Within Bravo, the training and fitness standards are similar to those of regular Marines. However, a greater emphasis is placed on basic warrior skills, such as knot tying, belaying, mountaineering, long-distance marksmanship, ethics and values, SERE (Survival, Escape, Resistance, and Evasion) as well as a host of other light infantry specific tasks. This reflects on the expeditionary nature of Bravo Company – once disembarked from their shuttles, there is no guarantee that they will be resupplied or supported.

Presently the Bravo Company Gunnery Sergeant post is held by the higher-ranked Sergeant-Major Rozera A'daar.

1/292 Charlie Company (Reconnaissance) “Blackhearts”

1/292 TMR C Co.The Blackhearts specialize in battlefield intelligence gathering and more clandestine operations, usually involving Black Tower assets on the ground. They tend to operate in small units and pairs rather than the larger fire team and squad based deployments of the more conventional companies, their specialism resting in stealth and asymmetrical warfare. Their equipment tends to be the lightest but most specialized, with long range/suppressed weapons and laser designation systems for orbital/sub orbital bombardment. They carry the motto of 'Who Dares, Wins', throwing back to their origins from a Pre-Federation military unit. They get the job done, as long as no one asks any questions. Formerly known as the "Stilettos". Led by a Captain, assisted by 1st Lieutenant T’Jem as Company XO and a Gunnery Sergeant overseeing three platoons.

1/292 Delta Company (SARS) “Archangels”

1/292 TMR D Co. is a company of Starfleet Marines stationed on Starbase 118. There are 120 Marine positions in Delta Company, delegated to three platoons of 40 Marines in each platoon. Each Platoon is divided into four squads of six Marines.

Delta Company, known as the "Archangels" are the specialist Search and Rescue arm of the Marines aboard 118, trained to operate in whatever hostile environment imaginable. Each of the 120 members of Delta Company are part of the "Special Warfare" Community, trained in Combat Control, Special Reconnaissance, Tactical Air Control, and Pararescue.

FIRST PLATOON - PARARESCUE, is designated to carry out medical evacuations and rescue from situations where conventional medic's would fear to tread. While the inside of the station is generally safe, there are still numerous pitfalls and industrial area's that present a unique set of challenges for access, not to mention any off-world missions and distress calls that may occur in local space. The Archangels also fulfill the role of battlefield combat medics during wartime situations whilst during peacetime tend to work closely or internally within Starfleet Medical.

SECOND PLATOON - COMBAT CONTROL, Combat Controllers are battlefield marines assigned to special tactics squadrons. They are trained special operations forces and inter and extra-atmosphere traffic controllers. The mission of a Combat Controller is to deploy undetected into combat and hostile environments to conduct special reconnaissance, establish assault zones or landing areas, while simultaneously conducting air traffic control, fire support, command, control, and communications and forward air control. They deploy with air and ground forces in support of direct action, such as counter-terrorism, internal defense, humanitarian assistance, and combat search and rescue. Combat Controllers employ all-terrain vehicles, amphibious vehicles, weapons and demolitions in pursuit of their objectives, which may include obstacle destruction.

THIRD PLATOON - SPECIAL RECONNAISSANCE: Conventional military forces, at battalion level, will often have scout platoons that can perform limited reconnaissance beyond the main line of troops. Special Reconnaissance teams often operate behind enemy lines, deep within enemy territory, forward of battalion reconnaissance teams and cavalry scouts in their assigned area of interest. The duration of a Special Reconnaissance mission depends on equipment and supplies the team must carry, movement distance to the objective area, and resupply availability. SR teams normally operate many days without resupply depending on terrain, environment, and weather. SR units are well armed, since they may have to defend themselves if they are detected as their exfiltration support needs time to get to them. While there are obvious risks to doing so, SR-trained units can operate out of uniform. They may use various vehicles and transportation options in their area of operations, or have mountaineering, underwater, and extra-atmospheric capability. SR will have more organic support capabilities, including long-range communications, possibly Signals Intelligence and other means of collecting technical intelligence, and usually at least one medical technician who can do more than basic first aid.

When injured Starfleet personnel need saving from a hostile or otherwise unreachable area, it’s our duty to bring them home. As members of Starfleet Special Operations, Delta Company operators rescue and medically treat downed Starfleet personnel all over the known galaxy. These highly trained experts take part in every aspect of the mission and are specially trained in order to access any environment to save a life when they’re called to do so. It is the motto of the Archangels, "That Others May Live".

Led by a Captain, assisted by a 1st Lieutenant as Company XO and a Gunnery Sergeant overseeing three platoons.

Delta Company Command Flow Chart

2/292 Echo Company (Close Air Support) “Raptors”

2/292 TMR E Co The Raptors are the stations aerial defence force. While the station itself can generally fend off any aggressors with her powerful main batteries, there has always been a requirement for a mobile force that can deploy at a moments notice to escort smaller ships or respond to distress calls faster then it would take to mobilize a whole Starship. The Raptors consist of ace pilots from numerous squadrons, 118 seen as a post of honor protecting one of Starfleet's key installations. They are also capable and trained to offer close-air support to ground based operators as required, with pinpoint munition deployment. This company includes numerous ground crew and mechanics that ensure the craft remain in peak operation.

Echo Company can be commanded from a smaller, offset control room from the main hanger area allowing direct and uninterrupted contact with support craft and fighters currently deployed. This ensures that in the event of the CIC becoming taken out of service, the air arm of the Corp can continue to strike against the enemy or act in a defensive role.

Currently led by Captain Tem, assisted by a 1st Lieutenant as Company XO and a Gunnery Sergeant.

2/292 Fox Company

2/292 TMR F Co The newest addition to the 292nd, Fox Company –as with Echo - can be commanded from a smaller, offset control room from the main hanger area allowing direct and uninterrupted contact with support craft and fighters currently deployed. The company provide strategic air/space transport and supply assets to the rest of the regiment where required and fly heavily modified and specially configured variants of both the Argonaut and Danube-class Runabouts.

Led by a Captain, assisted by a 1st Lieutenant as Company XO and a Gunnery Sergeant.


3/292 TMR MARSOC is a component of the Starfleet Marine Corps Special Operations Command.

4/292 TMR MLD

4/292 TMR MLD is the Marine Logistical Battalion assigned to Starbase 118 Ops. The MLD (Marine Logistical Detachment) is responsible for the equipment, maintenance, and operational readiness of everything the 292nd TMR uses to complete their mission. This includes the Quartermaster Supply, space/air/ground equipment, and so on all the way to the mess operations and meals.

Marine Roster

Starbase 118 Ops Marine Department Crew Manifest
Marine Officers
Insignia Rank/Title Portrait Character Name Duty Post
Starbase 118 Ops Marine Department NPC Roster
Insignia Rank Portrait Name Species and Gender Current Post Posted By
Ishreth Dal Andorian Male Marine Liaison Officer Sal Taybrim
Alpha Company
Bravo Company
Charlie Company
Delta Company
Echo Company
Fox Company
Asset Protection Squad
Detached Duty


For the previous Marine contingent, the Dangerous Company, click here. See here for information on the past Screaming Eagles contingent.

The above organization is specific to the 292nd Regiment stationed aboard Starbase 118, and does not necessarily represent the organization of other Starfleet Marine regiments, even those assigned to other Starbases.

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