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Ashalla District

If viewed from a top down clock perspective, Ashalla District- modeled after the capital city of Bajor- would occupy the 6 to 9 positions, placing it between the Qo'noS District on one side and the Mak'ala District on the other. The temperature is balmy in line with the real Ashalla.

Viewed as the centre of spiritual life aboard the station, there is also a growing artisan community with exhibitions and installations now appearing all year round. The Temple of the Prophets attracts thousands of visitors all round and not just from believers. In addition, several dozen other faiths from around have opened temples and shrines in this district. Visitors to the Ashalla District will also notice that it is less metropolitan than many other districts. There is plenty of greenery, open space, and small bodies of water. As such, this has also become popular with those people looking for peace and quiet or a break from the hustle and bustle of urban life, resulting in the presence of several camping sites and retreats.

Notable Locations

  • The Bajoran Temple
  • St. Paul's Cathedral
  • The Zeigler Synagogue
  • The Istiqual Mosque
  • The Buddhist Retreat
  • The Li Nalas Memorial Monument

Shops and Businesses

  • Banny's Salt Market
  • The Subspace Café
  • The Tealeaf: Tea shop
  • Vedek's: A coffee shop [1]
  • The Tea’se Me Boutique & Lounge: Tea shoppe and boutique
  • Food For The Pagh: Bajoran Restaurant offering a variety of traditional Bajoran comfort foods.


The Coranum Sub-district grew out of a small enclave of Cardassians that were accepted into the predominately Bajoran Ashalla district, and after the commercial sector reconstruction in 2394 had become notable enough to be categorized as its own sub-district.

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