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Pit and Stage Area

Located in the Dungeon area of Starbase 118, The Playhouse is actually a 1920'a style lounge that hosts a full bar with both booth and open table seating. It is owned by a Ferengi named Guant. The main attraction is how how the seating area incorporates stages for exotic dancers and live musicians, allowing patrons to enjoy the view along with good cuisine and fine drinks from across the quadrants.

The Playhouse has become well known for its wide variety of extremely talented dancers, and tends to draw a very diverse crowd, including some of the station's Marine personnel. Guant keeps several bouncers on hand at all times, all of whom are happy to shut down any ill-behaved patrons.


  • The drink minimum is five drinks, and tables rent for the equivalent of fifty slips of latinum an hour.
  • Aitas occasionally fills in as a bartender at the Playhouse, with her specialty drink on such occasions being her own version of the Horga'hn Hammer.

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