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Named in honor of the oldest sector of Cardassia City, this sub-district is part of the Ashalla District, and is placed on the side facing the Qo'noS District. The climate here tends to be slightly warmer and more humid than that of the main district.

Notable Locations

Shops and Businesses

  • The Acquire
  • Selat Gelat - Capital City Gelat - a geleta house that sells gelat, a coffee-like Cardassian drink
  • Fèřafèřaý Geb - The Creative Kitchen - A restaurant that takes traditional Cardassian cuisine and fuses it with food from other cultures.
  • Seaside Health and Wellness - located in the south of Coranum District, close to the beach area. A complex with several private practices of Cardassian physicians.

Museums and Cultural Heritage

Museum of the History of the Union

A museum that details a (very Cardassian) version of the History of the Union. While the Dominion War is mentioned, the museum concentrates on Cardassia’s history prior to the Occupation of Bajor.

Museum of Cardassian Art and Literature

A museum that is home to several artists’ work. Due to the amount of art and literature that was lost during the war, the pieces that can be found here are less than two decades old. The museum is divided into an exhibition and a library.

Cardassian Language Institute

The Cardassian Language Institute offers free courses in Cardassian to civilians and Starfleet Officers alike.

Other Locations

Cardassian Embassy

Sitting on a large platform that marks the very center of the district, the Cardassian Embassy is constructed in the style of a typical Cardassian Villa. It houses not only the Embassy, but also an office for citizen services such as the registration of a family unit, death or birth of a citizen, or requesting documentation from Cardassia Prime.

A large pond in front of the Embassy represents wealth, and is home to several dozen large Kûpi. Surrounding that is a neatly kept park and several benches from which visitors can admire the view over the district.

The current Cardassian Ambassador is Lukin Zorkal.

Coranum Memorial

The tall, clawlike spires surround the grounds of the Embassy. The obsidian rock is shot through with gold that glistens in the artificial sun, making it possible to see the countless Cardassian names inscribed in the spires. Each angle from which the spires can be observed, reveals a new set of names. The memorial commemorates the loss of life when the Dominion turned against Cardassia in 2375.


This area was officially established as its own sub-district during the reconstruction that followed Chennel's attack on the station in 2394, having grown out of an enclave of Cardassians that were welcomed into the Ashalla District in years past.

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