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Named in honor of the Trill city, this district is bordered on one side by the Hong Kong Sub-district which then leads into the San Francisco District of the Starbase. Bridges on the other side of Mak'ala lead to Little Risa and the Ashalla District.

Notable Locations

Shops and Businesses

  • Culinary Symbiosis - Restaurant that serves both traditional Trill as well as Trill fusion dishes.
  • Euregard's Emporium - curio shoppe with all manner of items, from clothes, to real paper books, to weapons, to knick knacks. If you want it, Euregard's might have it!

Other Locations


This area was originally part of the San Francisco District, and was established as its own district during the reconstruction that followed Chennel's attack on the station in 2394.

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Upper Dome

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Main Dome

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