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Elementally My Dear Rogers

Mission Introduction

  • Mission Began: 239010.15
  • Mission Complete: Current Mission
    • Mission Proposed By:
    • Mission Outline: Before the Drake crew have even settled into their roles as the new crew of Starbase 118 Ops, a chilling new development threatens the base and leaves the lives of everyone on board and within the vicinity hanging by a thread. It begins with a delicate plumbing problem and leads into what seem to be simple temperature fluctuations, leaving some areas with sweltering heat and nearly smiling Vulcans while frigid temps in other sections of the base send Captain Rogers, Acting First Officer LCMD Atimen, and the rest of the crew scampering to replicate hot drinks and don winter parkas.

  • Comments:

Elementals Avatars:

Cinder - Fire Elemental - Sinda Essen

Flint - Stone Elemental - Alton "Niner" Tarallo (PNPC by Oliver Weston)

Brine - Water Elemental - Douglas Hardy (NPC by James)

Chan - Air Elemental - Marika Wilkarah (MSNPC by William Rogers)