USS Narendra Deck Layout

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The USS Narendra has 36 decks as follows:

  • Deck 1: Bridge, briefing rooms, lounge, Captain's ready room
  • Deck 2: Main Security, Arsenal, Transporters 1 and 2
  • Deck 3: Thruster control, upper shuttle hangar, main transporter room: Transporters 3, 4, 5 and 6
  • Deck 4: Main shuttlebay
  • Deck 5: Main Sickbay, Medical and Emergency Triage, Biological and life sciences, Transporters 10 and 11
  • Deck 6: Navigation, Astrophysics, Sciences, Computer Core, Medical and Science Storage Bays
  • Deck 7: Officer's quarters, VIP quarters, Diplomatic facilities, Officer's lounge, Transporters 12 and 13
  • Deck 8: Crew quarters, crew lounge, crew services, chapel, galley
  • Deck 9: Crew quarters, modular housing spaces for crew or evacuation
  • Deck 10: Main science labs, Transporters 14 and 15
  • Deck 11: Specialty sciences
  • Deck 12: Crew recreation areas, holodecks, crew cafeteria and dining areas, extra storage and modular housing
  • Deck 13: Auxiliary science labs, probe storage, backup sensor controls and secondary sensors, Backup shield generators

  • Deck 14: Sensor controls, Impulse highbay, Communications
  • Deck 15: Impulse Engines, Impulse engineering, Tactical sensor integration
  • Deck 16: Impulse fuel recharging stations,
  • Deck 17: Photo torpedo controls and storage
  • Deck 18: Tactical Auxillary, photon torpedo controls, Backup Command Center, battle bridge
  • Deck 19: Secondary sickbay, Secondary triage, Transporter 16
  • Deck 20: Deflector control, weapon systems controls
  • Deck 21: Secondary security, Brig
  • Deck 22: O2 tanks, intermix matter injectors
  • Deck 23: Upper warp core, warp physics labs, Transporter 17
  • Deck 24: Main Engineering upper level, warp core
  • Deck 25: Main Engineering lower level, Life support controls, warp core
  • Deck 26: Antimatter Injector, Antimatter reactors
  • Deck 27: Tractor beam emitters, tractor beam controls
  • Deck 28: Enlisted crew quarters, modular housing
  • Deck 29: Quarantine labs, internal force field generators
  • Deck 30: Shield generators, power control breaks and backup systems
  • Deck 31: H2 tanks, Auxiliary power generator
  • Deck 32: H2 tanks, reactor containment shielding
  • Deck 33: Storage area, backup systems, backup computer core
  • Deck 34: Cargo decks, cargo shuttlebay, Transporters 18, 19 and 20, Mass Cargo transporter
  • Deck 35: Cargo bays 1-4, Storage bays 1-2
  • Deck 36: Cargo bays 5-8, Storage bays 3-4


On decks 11 and 12 there is a variety of customizable, modular quarters that can be easily rearranged for evacuation and troop transport. Long range crew amenities have been removed from the ship due to its status as a support ship for a major Starbase.

Originally deck 13 was also crew quarters and crew amenities, but it has been refit to provide auxiliary science labs and sensor capabilities.

The Narendra can separate, but she cannot reattach the drive to the saucer sector unless at a starbase with external engineering. The seperation line is between decks 13 and 14

Specific Decks

Bridge: Narendrabridge.png