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Named in honor of the Terran city, this sub-district is part of the San Francisco District, and is placed up against the Mak'ala District on one side. It is centered around a narrow band of water reaching off from the main lake, thus a large portion of the shops and buildings are on the waterfront itself.

Notable Locations

Shops and Businesses

  • The Fragrant Lotus Tea House - Authentic Cantonese cuisine and tea
  • Lock Cha Tea Shop - Fresh imported teas. A sign says, Drink Better With Non-Replicated Wonders. Proprietor is Wingchi Ip, from Hong Kong, China, Dìqiú (Earth), Sol.
  • Shaolin Temple - Shaolin monks promote peace, though most visitors come to see the Kung Fu demonstrations and occasional tournament.

Other Locations

  • Kowloon Block - The Kowloon Block sits at the end of the Hong Kong waterway, deepest and near the dome. The main building is a 20 story tall apartment building, which overlooks the length of the waterway, with shops on the lowest floor.


This area was officially established as its own sub-district during the reconstruction that followed Chennel's attack on the station in 2394. The San Francisco District was also separated into the San Francisco and Mak'ala Districts at that time.

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