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Posting Requirements

Simming is extremely important to the life of the game. If people do not write, the game doesn't exist. Because of this, Ops has specific requirements in place to keep the game healthy.

1. All members are expected to commit to full time simming that means 3 sims every week with no more than two days between each sim. You should expect to write 3 days each week. Some will write much more. But you should commit the time to be able to read and write at least three times per week to play the game effectively.

2. Any member who does not feel they can meet the minimum simming requirement for the month must contact the FO or CO before the 15th of the month to discuss options.

3. If a member has not simmed in 72 hours or more, they will be contacted asking if they plan to sim and if there is anything preventing them from doing so and they will enter a period of coaching from the staff.

4. If a member has to be contacted for a second time within a three month period about their simming rate, staff will suggest the member take an LOA.

5. If a member has to be contacted for a third time within a three month period about their simming rate, staff will automatically place the member on a three month LOA.

Sim counts will be publicly posted every month to the OOC list.

It is an expectation for every player of every rank to meet minimum simming requirements without being prompted. It is a requirement for players to exceed minimum simming requirements to be considered for promotion (13+ sims per month).

While part time status is an option if a member is struggling to keep up with full time stats, it is temporary and should last no more than three months. If a member needs to remain part time for more than three months, that member will be asked to take an LOA until they are able to sim at full time levels. Part time players will not be allowed to hold department head roles.

If a member has any questions, they should contact the FO or CO.