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After 22 years of service, it is little surprise that many vessels have been assigned to it, in some capacity. Bellow is an attempt to list these vessels, along with some information on them.


USS Victory


Originally launched in 2379 under Captain Jordan Hurne; the USS Victory takes its name from a long line of ships that have bore the same name. From the early days of sail in Earth history it is a name spoken with pride. It is not the largest or indeed most powerful of ships in the fleet, but is extremely resilient.

During its service it has seen numerous Captains in charge starting with Jordan Hurne (2379), Megan Parker (2381), Robin Phoenix (2383), Rocar Drawoh (2387) and Andrus Jaxx (2387) before being assigned to Starbase 118 as its support vessel in 2387.

USS Resolution


Originally launched in 2381 under Rocar Drawoh and assigned to the Embassy of Duronis II. It was later assigned to Toni Turner in 2385, before being replaced by the Cheyenne-Class, USS Thunder. The Nova class Resolution is currently assigned as Starbase 118's Research/Laboratory Vessel.

USS Aegis


Launched in 2384, the Aegis served as the primary support vessel until it was reassigned to hot standby in 2387.

USS Columbia


The Columbia was launched in 2382 and named in honor of the old earth space shuttle Columbia that was destroyed in a tragic accident in 2003, the Nebula class ship was Captained Mal Avatar.

In 2383, following a failed attempt at creating an artificial wormhole for incredibly fast interstellar travel, the Columbia was severely damaged. After limping back to StarBase 118, Captain Avatar and his crew were transferred to Starbase 118 Operations, where it served as support vessel until 2384 when it was reassigned to hot standby.

USS Arrow


Constructed before the second Borg incursion, her first voyage was in the middle of that battle. She saw extensive combat during the Dominion War and her battle scarred surface still shows evidence of that horrific war.

In early 2383 she was assigned as the support vessel for Starbase 118 until the arrival of the Columbia. She has since been assigned as a Hot standby backup vessel on the base.

USS Braveheart


Assigned to the base 2382, the Braveheart is assigned as the bases' Hospital Ship. Usually it is found performs medical studies, research, and missions of mercy in the Beta Quadrant.

USS Phoenix-C


Launched in 2379 under Jessa Anassasi it was the first production vessel of the new Wolverine sub-class of Steamrunner vessels designed to perform better at escort duty whilst foregoing almost all the luxuries associated with the traditional multi-role Starfleet vessel. Later that year it was reassigned to Starbase 118 where it acted as its support vessel. By 2383 it was assigned as the base' escort vessel.

USS Constitution-B

Sb118 constitution.jpg

Launched in 2378 under Xan Kanthoth Hebron, the Constitution is one of the longest serving vessels in the Starbase 118 fleet. As such the vessel has had a very colourful history with adventures spanning countless crews who have visited a rich variety of different planets and star systems. It has seen many commanding officers over the years from Xan Kanthoth Hebron (2378), Jessa Kyrn Anassasi (2379), Rocar Drawoh (2383), Daydan Taboo (2384), Cura Assanti (2386) to Samuel Nigel Perkins (2386)

In 2379 it was reassigned to be the support vessel for Starbase 118 before being re-launched under Xan Kanthoth Hebron a year later. By 2388 it had returned to the base as its Cool Standby vessel.


USS Phoenix-B


The Pheonix was the first ship to be assigned to Starbase 118. Launched in 2371 under Tristan Wolf a year later it was assigned as the base' support vessel.

It served many missions supporting the base until it was decommissioned in 2377, following serious computer issues.

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