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Starbase 118 Ops has a large intelligence contingent, due to both its importance as a major spacedock and its proximity to both Klingon and Romulan space. This department is responsible for ensuring the senior staff of the base are properly informed as well as assisting the other departments with protecting both the Starbase and Federation interests.

Major Divisions

  • Intelligence Advisory Committee: A small but crucial group, this committee is responsible for directly working with and providing information to the senior staff on Ops.
  • Organized Crime: Starbase 118's position as a major crossroads ensures a notable presence from this division, let alone the recent resurgence of the Orion Syndicate.
  • Counterintelligence: Due to the Starbase's proximity to Romulan space, this division has a notable percentage of experts on Romulan intelligence.
  • Data Collection: The division that handles obtaining most intelligence, whether of the signal or human variety. A mixture of field agents and technical experts.

Minor Divisions

  • Asset Protection Squad: A small team whose purpose is to assist and advise with security and medical support for VIPs when secrecy is of the utmost importance.
  • Cultural Advisory Consultants: A variety of experts on lesser known cultures who have passed the proper security checks and have agreed to consult as needed.
  • Scientific Support Taskforce: A sizable group that works with the relevant sections of Starbase 118's Science Department on classified research and other projects.
  • Personnel Support Taskforce: This newer group assists with various personnel issues such as recruitment, and sometimes works with the local Starfleet Academy.


  • The intelligence department on Starbase 118 has a long history, dating back to the establishment of a small intelligence department in 2321, and has survived a variety of changes over the years. At one point the starbase housed the intelligence department for the sector until it was moved to Raskor I in early 2393).
  • From 2379 to 2380 the Intelligence only simming group the Black Tower was located on Starbase 118.
  • For information on the department while Ops was under the leadership of Captain Nicholotti, see here


Starbase 118 Ops Intelligence Department Crew Manifest
Intelligence Officers
Insignia Rank/Title Portrait Character Name Duty Post
Lt. Commander
Chief Intelligence Officer
Starbase 118 Ops Intelligence Department NPC Roster
Insignia Rank Portrait Name Species and Sex Current Post Posted By
Intelligence Advisory Committee
Organized Crime Division
Petty Officer Third Class
Lorise Asani Argelian Female Intelligence Analyst General NPC
Counterintelligence Division
Lt. Commander
Colt Daniels Human Male Intelligence Officer Tyler Kelly
Pisos Corvallen Female Linguist General NPC
Crewman 2nd Class
Iran Mves Orion Male Intelligence Clerk General NPC
Data Collection Division
Dion Valtese Male Intelligence Officer Taelon
Metan Boslic Female Signals Expert General NPC
Scientific Support Taskforce
Asset Protection Squad
Viktor Sokolov Human Male Shift Leader Arturo Maxwell
Cultural Advisory Consultants
Personnel Support Taskforce