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Veritas Mission History
Year 1 (2393-2394)
The Forgotten Land · Rag and Bone · Aftershock · The Mother Road
Year 2 (2395)
The Irresistible Prize · Kallo Ver & The Hunt for the Lost Romulan Treasure Fleet · The Omega Paradox · Hope Lost · Flashpoint
Year 3 (2396)
Limbo · Dawn · Home · Sentinel · Play the Part · The First Colony · Tour de Ketar V · Charybdis · Lost and Found
Year 4 (2397)
E Pluribus Unum · Nadira · Free Flight · Pirates of the Quantum Realms · Forever and Always · Heartbeat · Home Is Where the Heart Is · Wandering Star
Year 5 (2398)
Here Kitty Kitty · Reunion · Chasing Shadows · Endeavour · Loopy · Fissure
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Play the Part

  • Stardate 239605

The Veritas crew investigates a mysterious stasis box, while Ghant Xerix and Wil Ukinix head to Betazed and soon find themselves caught up in the drama of the Noble Houses. Meanwhile, with the captain's life at stake, Geoffrey Teller is forced to continue the saga of Silas Finley.

Plot Summary


Jansen Orrey wants help with a Romulan disrupter. Geoffrey Teller lets himself get shot. The captain is not amused.


After his cousin's death in a bombing on Earth, Ghant Xerix and others head to Betazed for the funeral. Wil Ukinix discovers another relative from the Ninth House of Betazed.

A Rogue Amongst the Stars

As Captain Roshanara Rahman and Geoffrey Teller enjoy a private excursion with Kinan Venroe, they are abducted by pirates, who recognize Teller as his alter ego, the fearsome pirate captain Silas Finley.

Slaver Stasis Box

In command of Veritas while the captain is away with the chief engineer, Evan Delano leads the crew on a mission to investigate a mysterious stasis box.


On their way back from Betazed on Ghant Xerix's private vessel The Celestial, Ghant, Addison MacKenzie, Andy Monroe and Wil Ukinix almost fall to an explosive trap set by the militia separatist group the Maquis Reborn.

Log Entries

Sky Blake

Personal Log, stardate 239605.15.

I have been pulled in about five different directions by a handful of different people. I don't mind traveling--it's something I've come to enjoy over the years I've been with Starfleet--but traveling half the galaxy for what essentially amounts to errand runs is starting to get old.

I met Lieutenant Rairen Caide last week. He now runs the Shoals division of the Rangers, which honestly isn't unexpected. He was gunning for the position ever since the spec-ops rangers were decommissioned. He's a nice guy. I like him a lot.


My job on Duronis is done. Kallo Ver is successfully back in the hands of marshals--I personally handed him off on Esperance, though it's debatable how long he'll remain with them. Knowing him, he'll probably slip through their fingers on their way back to Ketar V.

I've been asked to return to Betazed. Both Rivi and Eislas left me about ten messages between them in my inbox while I was busy. Something to do with a function about Betazed's liberation from the Dominion--I'm not overly familiar with the war's affects on Betazed. Way before my time. Unfortunately, my attendance is mandatory to keep appearances--if I want Betazed's help with Faith's immigration, then this is apparently part of how I get it.

And since tension is rising in the Delos system, I'd rather spent five or six hours attending a function than I would five or six days illegally smuggling my daughter from my home system.

Once this is done, I'm headed out to meet with Caide in the Shoals. Lieutenant Kehive na-Soldim is still missing--we're tasked with finding out what happened to him. This function is just one bump in a long road back to Havley's Hope.

End log.

Roshanara Rahman

Captain’s Log, Stardate 239506.12

After spending a few days here on Cait with Lieutenant Teller, Veritas has arrived with the rest of the crew. It was good to see Kinan again, and it seems more reunions are in store. Commander Delano and I have been invited to attend Commander Mei'konda’s court martial over the loss of the USS Montreal during a battle with the pirate-turned-terrorist Lenik of Vulcan. In reading his report, I’m confident the court will agree with his actions, but it is nonetheless an anxious experience that awaits him. Still, there is another happier matter I must attend to first.

Geoffrey Teller.png
Geoffrey Teller

Geoffrey Teller's Personal Log, Stardate 239605.30

The last few weeks have been some of the most challenging of my life, but with them now behind me, I feel a renewed sense of purpose. The life I've found in the Fleet isn't what I expected; it's more somehow. More stressful, more exhilarating, more demanding, more rewarding. I've been placed into life or death situations where my decisions affected more lives than my own, and I've had to face the stark realities that this life comes with. I've earned scars that'll be with me for the rest of my life. I've become part of a community, one which I've been able to learn from, and share with. I've made a positive impact on the lives of others, and they've enriched mine in turn. I'm a stronger, better man because of it. It has all been so very much more than I ever could've hoped for, yet every day this life presents new wonders and fascinating puzzles and I find myself facing them gleefully. I'm not sure what I imagined when I joined the Fleet, but the future I see for myself now is very much different. Someday, I'm going to sit in the Big Chair aboard a ship of my own, and that's a Good Job Guarantee.


Security Officer’s Log, Stardate 239605.30

After spending two weeks onboard the Y'n'Jatha with the General it feels good to be back aboard the Veritas, and amongst my Family. I didn’t expect to miss Wil this much, I owe him a lot for not being able to go with him to Betazed. I am looking forward to hearing about Wil’s experiences being on his ancestral home for the First time. Hopefully on our next shore leave we can spend more time together, as it is we still have a few days together before we start our next mission. The General has demanded to meet Wil and I am weary to bring him to Boreth, but since Wil and I are moving forward in our relationship it is proper that he meets the General and Mother.

Lieutenant JG
Wil Ukinix

Personal Log, Ensign, oops, I mean, Lieutenant Wil Ukinix, Stardate 239605.30

After the craziness on the Celestial, Addison, Andy, Ghant and I were delayed getting back to join up with the Veritas. But I still took a punt and got the Celestial to drop me off at a Starbase so I could get a lift on a Starfleet science vessel to Earth, to quickly catch up with my family. It was a whirlwind visit, I only had 4 hours to see my family in the apartment in Fremantle. But in that short time, I was able to tell them about everything that happened on Betazed. Surprisingly, Grandpa beamed when I told him about my time there, and I could also feel his sadness when I told him about seeing the Ninth House Estate in ruins. I think that was the catalyst for Gran to decide she was going to help Vaxa and Keehani, and Grandpa was again surprisingly supportive. Grandpa said he was going to talk to Vaxa. After all these years of no contact between them, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall listening in on that conversation. But unfortunately, I had to leave. With autumn finishing and winter approaching it was bucketing down in Freo and unusually cold, but even that didn’t stop us having a barbecue on the balcony (despite Mum’s protests).

It’s not lost on me that there’s possible links between the Guardians of Betazed and the Marquis Reborn, which I told my family about. The whole episode on the Celestial is a reminder that I, along with my Earth family, must be vigilant about this whole Betazed business. Thankfully Mum is in a good position in Starfleet to be able to keep an eye on the situation and re-enforce the need for vigilance to Grandpa and Gran – I’m still not entirely sure what Keehani’s game is.

But now with all that behind me, I’m nervous. I’ve only just arrived back on the Veritas, only to be summoned to Captain Rahman’s ready room. I know how that turned out last time.

I haven’t even had a chance to see G’var yet! I hope she doesn’t call me “baby cakes” again.