Veritas Lineage and Dedication Plaque

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USS Veritas Dedication Plaque, displayed on the Main Bridge

Previous ships named Veritas


  • USS Veritas (NCC-1262), Shepard class
    • In Service: 2248-2277
    • Status: Decommissioned
    • Highlighted Service History:
      • Federation-Klingon War (2256-57)
      • Battle of Caleb IV

Miranda class.jpg

  • USS Veritas (NCC-1844), Miranda class
    • In Service: 2283-2312
    • Status: Missing, presumed lost
    • Highlighted Service History:
      • Whale Probe Crisis
      • Praxis Relief Effort

Excelsior 1.jpg

  • USS Veritas (NCC-14035), Excelsior class
    • In Service: 2327-2376
    • Status: Decommissioned and turned into a museum ship
    • Highlighted Service History:
      • Cardassian Wars
      • Federation-Tzenkethi War
      • Dominion War