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The Shoals
No starships >2,000,000 metric tons Maximum speed limit of warp 5 Quantum slipstream inoperable

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Flag of the Colonial Coalition

The Colonial Coalition is a group of seven Federation colonies that line one of the most distant borders of the Federation in the Shoals. The closest trading hub to these colonies is in fact not a Federation member but the allied world Esperance, which is home to the major spaceport Star Station Esperance.


The Coalition was founded at some point in the mid-2200s with the settling of the first three major colonies within what is known to residents (and now strangers also) as "the Shoals", an area of space tucked nearby the Tholian Assembly in which tetryon fields make travel within the region troublesome past warp four. Because of the threat of piracy and other navigational hazards that had plagued the colonies, a historic route least affected by the tetryon fields was mapped out in 2303 to connect the worlds of the Coalition with each other and to the rest of the Federation.

During the height of the Dominion War, the Starfleet vessel USS Denali managed to lure a Dominion Battleship into the Shoals - a tactical error on the Vorta's part remembered favourably by locals.[1] This would be the most the Shoals ever saw of the Dominion War, however - though the effects of the overall conflict would prove beneficial to the Coalition, of which is home to many deposits of rare benamite crystals that fuel quantum slipstream drives.[2]

In 2391, the Federation News Service published an editorial by the Colonial Coalition urging the Federation Council to curtail foreign aid and focus more resources on Federation member worlds and its colonies, which were suffering from natural calamities and plagues, continued piracy and raids, and renewed Klingon aggression.[3] The outer colonies in particular were growing disgruntled at the lack of supply runs due to refusal of service by the Federation Transport Union and had begun relying on non-Federation sources for trade.


Listed in order of founding:

KetarV.jpg Ketar V, oldest colony
Meridian.jpg Meridian, largest colony
AntorII.jpg Antor II, capital
DonovaIV.jpg Donova IV
ShadowsEdge.jpg Shadow's Edge, smallest colony
HavleysHope.jpg Havley's Hope
Karakka.jpg Karakka, most remote colony