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The Veritas Search and Rescue (SAR) Team is an elite team assembled to search for and provide provision of aid to persons, ships or other craft which are, or are feared to be, in distress or imminent danger.

Operations Room

The SAR Operations room is located on deck 5.

Team Composition

Like most SAR teams, Veritas SAR is comprised of a select few dedicated SAR personnel, with the rest of the team composed of officers and crew who have a primary responsibility on the ship elsewhere (engineer, medical officer, pilot, etc.). These members of the SAR team are on "standby" and called for duty with the SAR team as required.

SAR Shuttle

Given the nature of the SAR duty and the area the Veritas is deployed, one of the shuttles has been modified to be better suited for the tasks it'll require its use. A type 10 shuttle has been modified with the help of the Chief Engineer Luna Walker, the First Officer Mei'konda and the SAR Leader Kelrod. The shuttle was given the name SHADOW, first, for the first place the Veritas visited, Shadow's Edge, secondly for the need of it to pass unnoticed in many of its operations, and third because the name was an acronym for the values of the SAR team.


SAR After Action Reports

Access to SAR AAR