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Year 1 (2393-2394)

The Forgotten Land
  • 1x01 - Mission 1: Stardate 239311-239402
    • After a Starfleet captain is killed, Captain Roshanara Rahman reunites her former shipmates to head to the Shoals and find answers.
Rag and Bone
  • 1x02 - Mission 2: Stardate 239403-239405
    • The crew of the Veritas must stop an abandoned freighter caught in a tetryon storm and carrying hazardous materials from crashing into a planet home to a pre-warp civilization.
  • 1x03 - Mission 3: Stardate 239407-239409
    • After the capital of the Colonial Coalition is rocked by a terrorist attack, Veritas crew deals with the aftermath and discovers deep divisions that threaten to tear the colony apart.
The Mother Road
  • 1x04 - Mission 4: Stardate 239410-239412
    • As two Veritas teams prepare for a friendly competition to test their new retrofitted shuttles on the proving grounds of the Mother Road, an investigation begins on a derelict way station when stores of the addictive narcotic felicium are found hidden behind its bulkheads.

Year 2 (2395)

The Irresistible Prize
  • 2x01 - Mission 5: Stardate 239501-239503
    • When the USS Astraeus, a refitted Galaxy class starship on an unauthorized shakedown cruise through the Shoals, finds herself trapped in the Shoals and unable to form a stable warp field, the Veritas crew must reach and rescue the ship before pirates get to the stranded vessel first.
Romulan Birds of Prey.jpg
Kallo Ver & The Hunt for the Lost Romulan Treasure Fleet
  • 2x02 - Mission 6: Stardate 239504-239505
    • On the hunt for a legendary treasure fleet's supposed final resting place within the Shoals, smuggler and part-time adventurer Kallo Ver enlists the help of the USS Veritas crew in his quest while outrunning competing treasure seekers and those looking to collect on his debts.
The Omega Paradox
  • 2x03 - Mission 7: Stardate 239506-239507
    • The crew of the Veritas investigates a Borg sighting and finds themselves transported back in time through a subspace conduit, only to find a drone on their ship along with Omega particles.
Hope Lost
  • 2x04 - Mission 8: Stardate 239509-239510
    • The Veritas receives orders to help the colonists at Havley's Hope search for a group of missing miners.
  • 2x05 - Mission 9: Stardate 239511-239512
    • After the Tholians destroy Astrofori One in the Menthar Corridor, the crews of the USS Veritas and USS Montreal must prevent all-out war from breaking out between the Federation and the Tholians over a Starfleet cargo vessel left adrift in Tholian territory carrying classified equipment.

Year 3 (2396)

  • 3x01 - Shore Leave: Stardate 239512-239601
    • When sabotage hits the USS Veritas, the crew is forced to abandon ship and seek refuge on an uninhabited moon.
  • 3x02 - Mission 10: Stardate 239601-239602
    • Four months since being stranded on an M-class moon, the Veritas crew embark on a bold plan to get back to their ship and rescue themselves.
  • 3x03 - Shore Leave: Stardate 239602
    • While Veritas is repaired, the crew returns home, some to families and loved ones while others fight to be reunited with theirs.
  • 3x04 - Mission 11: Stardate 239603-239604
    • With tensions still high after the destruction of Astrofori One, Veritas is sent back to the Menthar Corridor to investigate the sudden disappearance of a Tholian fleet.
Play the Part
  • 3x05 - Shore Leave: Stardate 239605
    • The Veritas crew investigates a mysterious stasis box, while Ghant Xerix and Wil Ukinix head to Betazed and soon find themselves caught up in the drama of the Noble Houses. Meanwhile, with the captain's life at stake, Geoffrey Teller is forced to continue the saga of Silas Finley.
The First Colony
  • 3x06 - Mission 12: Stardate 239606-08
    • Veritas investigates the murder of a Starfleet officer on Ketar V, where tensions have been rising between the growing Romulan refugee population and the original Federation settlers of the colony.
Tour de Ketar V
  • 3x07 - Shore Leave: Stardate 239608-09
    • The Veritas crew spend shore leave helping the colonists and refugees of Ketar V, while also enjoying the local hospitality.
Black hole.png
  • 3x08 - Mission 13: Stardate 239609
    • With a class of schoolchildren aboard on a field trip during a regional starship race, Veritas falls through a hidden wormhole into a pocket of seemingly empty subspace only to discover that they may not be alone.