Wandering Star (Veritas)

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Veritas Mission History
Year 1 (2393-2394)
The Forgotten Land · Rag and Bone · Aftershock · The Mother Road
Year 2 (2395)
The Irresistible Prize · Kallo Ver & The Hunt for the Lost Romulan Treasure Fleet · The Omega Paradox · Hope Lost · Flashpoint
Year 3 (2396)
Limbo · Dawn · Home · Sentinel · Play the Part · The First Colony · Tour de Ketar V · Charybdis · Lost and Found
Year 4 (2397)
E Pluribus Unum · Nadira · Free Flight · Pirates of the Quantum Realms · Forever and Always · Heartbeat · Home Is Where the Heart Is · Wandering Star
Year 5 (2398)
Here Kitty Kitty · Reunion · Chasing Shadows · Endeavour · Loopy · Fissure
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Wandering Star

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  • Stardate 239710-239711

While studying a protostar nebula, Veritas gets a distress call from another ship that has crashed on a large asteroid, which the crew discovers is home to the remnants of a lost civilization.

Plot Summary

The USS Veritas made a detour from her course to Donova IV to study a protostar nebula. While there, they picked up a mysterious distress call from a cargo vessel, the SS Duncan Dunbar. They arrived at the signal's origin to discover an asteroid. Scans of the asteroid further showed that its core contained a breathable atmosphere and possible life signs. Captain Roshanara Rahman sent an away team led by First Officer Sky Blake to investigate if there were any survivors from the Dunbar within the asteroid. Meanwhile, Rahman and the crew on Veritas continued to look for signs of the cargo vessel as they mapped the asteroid from orbit.

They discovered the wreck of the Dunbar on the surface and managed to beam up one survivor, a teenage boy named Niran before the transporter systems shorted out. Operations Officer Lt. Cmdr. Hannibal Parker suspected that there was an unknown AI at work within the asteroid, possibly interfering with the crew's efforts to mount a rescue of the Dunbar's crew. A robotic dog named BAXTER created by chief engineer Lt. Charlena Vanlith was sent to the Dunbar wreck to search for any additional survivors.

Meanwhile, within the asteroid, Blake's away team discovered a pre-warp civilization that worshipped a god known as the Maker. The aliens were still unsure of the away team's intentions, but new problems arose as the asteroid began suffering seismic activity. From orbit, Veritas detected that the asteroid was threatening to rip apart, and a shuttle was dispatched to retrieve the away team. As the society was a pre-warp civilization, Rahman and her staff deliberated over whether to intervene or if the Prime Directive prevented them from doing so. Ultimately, because they could not be sure if it was their arrival that had disrupted the asteroid's natural state, Captain Rahman decided to proceed forward with an attempt to make contact with the AI, which turned out to be Maker2, an ancient computer whose mission was to ensure the asteroid, a seed and sleeper ship known as the Preservation, found a suitable new planet for its inhabitants to settle on. After negotiating with Maker2, the AI agreed to allow Veritas to assist it in its repairs and the away team and surviving Dunbar crew were recovered.

The ship then resumed its course to Donova IV, one of the seven member worlds of the Colonial Coalition and the breadbasket and agricultural center of the Shoals.