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Veritas Mission History
Year 1 (2393-2394)
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Year 2 (2395)
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Hope Lost

  • Stardate 239508 - Present

The Veritas receives orders to help the colonists at Havley's Hope search for a group of missing miners.


A mining colony located on Havley's Hope, in the edge of the Shoals.

Plot Element

  • Starit Proz: The general manager for the mining company that employs the missing miners.
  • Sidney Ripley: Coalition Marshals detective called in to investigate the disappearances and now working with Veritas on a joint investigation.
  • Queen: The monarch
  • Tk'ton: A forger

Mission Summary

Some miners have gone missing, and the general manager hasn't sent an investigative team to look into it. The Colonial Marshals have requested the assistance of the USS Veritas to look for them.

Act 1

Detective Sidney Ripley has joined forces with those of the USS Veritas to investigate the missing miners. Due to the amount of ground to cover, there are three teams assigned. Commander Mei'konda's team would go and speak with general manager Starit Proz about the disappearances. Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek's team would be investigating the disappearance site, and Team 3 led by Commander Evan Delano's team would be looking into the questioning of witnesses, investigating homes and so forth.

In some sort of weird, helpful way, Mei'konda's team makes progress in questioning Mr. Proz about the missing miners. When investigating a mine, they find a dead body and proceed with a forensic investigation of the mines. Team Rosek splits off into three groups: Skyfire & Valoru, Rosek & Galven, Moonsong & Shandres. Skyfire & Valoru detect life ahead, beamed for their efforts, and leave behind a glowing beacon. Moonsong & Shandres come across it, searching from the opposite direction. They meet up with Rosek & Galven, and when Rosek attempts to check in to beam out, a transporter beam that doesn't belong to the Veritas takes the quartet away.

Act 2

While Lt. Commander Rosek's team is investigating the last known locations of the missing miners, they get attacked by the creatures and are kidnapped. Ensign German Galven is injured by a mine collapse while saving Lt. Commander Rosek. With some group effort, German survives his wounds. Ensign Valoru attacks a guard while Rosek is away dealing with negotiations with the Queen. His efforts prove worthwhile as he manages to grab a phaser rife from the unconscious guard.

When the Queen finds out what Valoru did, she orders her guards to go get him. While he's away, Ensign Galven, Doctor Skyfire, Lt. Commander Moonsong, and Crewman Shandres figure out a way to get a signal back to the ship by using the doctor's EARS device. When Rosek and Valoru are taken back, a much-needed signal boost is added by modifying the phaser rifle and it is successful.

Act 3

After Lt. Commander Rosek's team is safely back on board the ship, Captain Rahman decides to make contact with Tk'Ton, a forager and makes 2 teams. One that stays aboard the ship while her team goes to the surface and have peace talks with the newly discovered species. After some tense negotiations, she is successful and Tk'Ton goes and speaks with her own.

While on the Bridge, Mei'konda and his team search for any type of information regarding the what was taking place under the surface of the planet all the while keeping a watchful eye over Rahman's teams meeting with the species. They found a thoron field under Proz's facility that had several life forms. It was found out that Proz was keeping Orion women as services for him and his men. He was arrested for sentient trafficking among other things to be determined.

Log Entries

Roshanara Rahman

Captain's Log, Stardate 239509.08

We have arrived at Havley's Hope. One of the seven Colonial Coalition worlds, Havley has grown from its humble mining outpost origins to become a center of heavy industry and ore refinement in the region, home to 167 million. I'm scheduled to meet with the governor later this week, but first, I have the distinct pleasure of welcoming back aboard an old friend.

Lieutenant Commander
Lael Rosek

Chief Engineer’s Log, Stardate 23950908

With all of the repairs from the Veritas’ encounter with the Borg at last complete, we can focus on the situation at hand. Captain Rahman has called for a briefing, which I assume is related to our next mission. Given that we are headed toward Havley’s Hope and the Captain hasn’t seen fit to alter our course, I suspect that we are needed at the mining colony. I’m curious as to why they would request assistance from a Starfleet vessel given how independent the people of the Shoals are and how much some seem to resent Starfleet interfering with their affairs.

Roshanara Rahman

Captain’s Log, Stardate 239509.18

With our transporters still under examination and my first officer and his team isolated in an abandoned mine, I’ve gathered in Engineering with my remaining senior staff to figure out what’s happened to Lt. Commanders Rosek and the others. If they indeed are truly gone… I…

Roshanara Rahman

Captain’s Log, Stardate 239510.06

With Lt. Commander Rosek’s team safely recovered, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. From their initial report, the commander’s team encountered another faction of the same indigenous species that Commander Mei’konda’s team met, but the far more hostile response — in fact outright aggression — by abducting the team and likely the other miners — does concern me greatly.

Still, I believe Commander Mei’konda is right that the meeting with Tk’ton is worthwhile. We don’t know enough about this species to understand their society and culture and what if any relation these factions have with one another. God willing, our diplomatic tact will be what prevents any further bloodshed or escalation.

Dassa Alexander.png
Dassa Alexander

Medical Officer’s Log, Stardate 239510.13

It’s been stressful, especially with Lieutenant Commander Rosek’s away team going missing and presumed dead. However, thankfully, the team has returned safely and with relatively minor injuries. Any day where intensive surgery isn’t needed is always a good one. I’ve managed to repair Commander Rosek’s torn ligaments with a non-invasive surgery and I’m pleased to say that she should heal nicely.

Ensign Galven’s injuries, which from my understanding were obtained in a cave-in down in the mines, were also relatively minor. Time should heal these wounds, though I wonder about the lasting psychological and emotional scars that his experience will leave. I’m no psychologist, but he was projecting rather strongly a mixture of confusing feelings that I estimate will take longer to heal than his physical wounds.

I’ve made a note for Counselor Dugoras to check in with Ensign Galven once the mission has concluded. If necessary, I’ll make a strong recommendation to the Captain regarding a mandatory assessment of all members of the away team, Mr. Galven included.

Only one member of the away team remains and I get the feeling he’s not going to be overly cooperative. Doctors do, after all, make the worst patients.

Roshanara Rahman

Captain’s Log, Stardate 239510.14

With Tk’ton’s help, we have been able to locate the remaining miners that weren’t being held by Starit Proz. Unfortunately, not all of them survived their encounter with the Queen, but I hope this offers some closure to their families. Our science and engineering teams have already begun helping Tk’ton’s people with some of their resource needs, and the Havley Mining Corporation has closed off the mining sites that intrude onto the lands of the indigenous population. There will be an economic impact, no doubt, but doing what’s right will have to be the new cost of doing business.

German Galven

Personal Log, Stardate 239510.15

Just finished my first mission and it wasn’t at all what I expected. I’ve learned a lot just from it, but one thing I know for sure is that I need to be a better Starfleet Officer. I know that I can be, I just need to get my head in the right place.

It was a huge failure on my part. I didn’t do much of anything in the mines like I was assigned to do. I was given this strange device by Ms. Lyn and it led to my team’s distrust in me and aggravation between my superior officer and me. My feelings over Lt. Commander Rosek both professionally and personally set me up to fail. I used her empath abilities against her and it didn’t get much better when a cave-in happened and I got seriously injured. The way we looked at each other though... Thankfully...at least...my team was there to help me recover once we were held captive. Which I believe I was a further burden and annoyance especially with Doctor Skyfire. However, I managed to help in some way with us getting back to the Veritas.

To make matters worse, after we were rescued and my injuries were treated in Sickbay, I was sent to report to the Bridge. Due to what happened in the cell, I wasn’t ready mentally and I screwed over myself by acting out verbally. I should’ve known about the thoron field under the facility due to a Deep Space facility incident that made the crew have imaginations of holograms thinking they were real among other things. I let my experience with these creatures create a xenophobic nature which led to my distraction from studies over subspace anomalies. Thank God there wasn’t any subspace ruptures before Commander Delano found the thoron field. Also flirting with Lt. Commander DeVeau didn’t do much help either, but when she had my back over my assessment thinking the creatures could travel between universes lifted my spirits up a bit. Making a temporal sensor seems like an awful great idea right about now.

I know that I have what it takes to be amazing in my field, but if I continue letting my emotions play out...I doubt I’ll have a career any much longer.

German Galven

Science Officer’s Log, Stardate 239510.15

While in the cell when Lt. Commander Rosek was sent away to talk with the Queen, Doctor Skyfire used my device’s components along with the pieces of his phaser to figure out a way to connect them to his EARS device to make a signal back to the ship. With my knowledge in chemical thermodynamics, I came up with an idea that would help boost the signal. I asked Crewman Shandres if she’d be able to make modifications to the phaser rifle with the components to connect to the doctor’s EARS device. As the Lt. Commander came back struggling to get back up from a physical side effect from the darts the creatures used on us, I made it a priority to hurry our efforts. When our superior officer came to; she told me, Doctor Skyfire, and Lt. Commander Moonsong to keep the transmitter running as the creatures came in on us. With everyone’s team efforts on the transmitter and Crewman Shandres, Ensign Valoru, and Lt. Commander Rosek fighting the creatures away, we were able to get back on the ship.


First Officer’s Log, supplemental. Stardate 239510.15

Havley’s Hope prosecutors tell me that the future is not looking so bright for Starit Proz. With twenty seven Orion slaves hidden in the mining corporation’s lower levels - slaves who did not sell themselves into slavery, since you never know with the Orion Syndicate - it appears he has violated quite a few local and Federation laws.

Commander del Vedova has contacted the diplomatic corps and let them know of our situation with Tk’ton’s people, here. Just like most races, not all of them are friendly, and the contact between us and them is unfortunate. Now, the Prime Directive dictates that we interfere as little as possible in their development. Shore leave has been approved for the crew, though I don’t know that many are going to want to take it, given the weather.

The crew’s performance has been exemplary, particularly those who were captured briefly by the less… friendly members of this alien race. I’ll be noting commendations in the crew evaluations for several of them. End log.

Geoffrey Teller.png
Geoffrey Teller

Geoffrey Teller Personal Log Stardate 239510.15. First entry, USS Veritas

My first mission was a wild, scary, exciting, exhausting and all together invigorating introduction to my life in Starfleet, I'm just glad it wasn't also the end to it. It's amazing working with these seasoned spacers and scientists, many of whom have years of experience on me with even more mind-blowing situations. I'm looking forward to meeting the rest of the crew now that things have calmed down and hope I can get my feet under me a bit now that the immediate crisis has been resolved. Over the next few days I intend to check in with the CMO, a Doctor named Skyfire whose unique bionetic implant helped save the lives of the away team, and the ships Counselor, a fellow named Dugoras. I'll also need to finally meet my department head, Chief Rosek, and find out just how much trouble I'm going to get in for hot-wiring her ship to within an meter of melting. Maybe I should replicate some donuts? I wonder if she has recovered completely, she looked pretty beat up after that away mission. Actually, that gives me an idea of the order I should do things in. Here's to a day of no exploding consoles. Oh, that reminds me. End log.