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“Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multitudes.)”

Walt Whitman
USS Veritas
Andy Monroe
Position Security Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Human
Gender Genderqueer
DOB 237311.24
Age 27
Birthplace Maryland, Earth
Awards & Service Ribbons
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Maquis Reborn.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg

Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Maquis Reborn Service Medal
Good Conduct Ribbon

25th Anniversary
Badge 1.png

Ensign Andy Monroe is a security officer aboard the USS Veritas.


  • Full name: Andy Monroe
  • Date of birth (Age): 237311.24 (27)
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Genderqueer trans guy
  • Orientation: Panromantic, gender doesn't factor into if he likes someone. It's all about personality.
  • Mental struggles: Inasmuch as he's been diagnosed so far, Autistic spectrum disorder, Anxiety, various degrees of depression.


  • Height: 6'3" (1.91 m)
  • Hair color: Dirty blond
  • Eye color: Blue


Andy is a kindhearted individual, with a love of humor and people. Despite that, he can be quite anxious at times. He's gotten just enough help to be able to handle Starfleet on a decent level. But it still lingers significantly when he's not completely distracted. He doesn't really do formality of speech unless he needs to. He sees no reason not to be kind and immediately treat people like he's always been friends with them. Always one to get out a joke on the fly. As such, he doesn't take himself overly seriously outside of situations where that's necessary. But he also uses that as a means to mask how he sometimes feels so as to be as far from truly vulnerable in front of others as he can. There's a lot of social mirroring in certain aspects of his existence to come off as normal as he's able even with his quirks. He's taken time to practice a lot. He doesn't always know who he is, but he's trying his best to try to figure it out.

  • Positive traits: Friendly, funny, encouraging, great listener, protective, hard working even when he really struggles, loving, entertaining, smart, very generous and giving, helpful.
  • Negative traits: Sometimes unpredictable, anxious, almost surprisingly self conscious, private in a way you don't expect, spacey and forgetful, can become somewhat erratic when he's not in control of himself.
  • Neutral trait: Emotional, he feels most things very strongly in some fashion or another. It's something that is sometimes alright in situations that need an empathetic, supportive ear. Because he really does feel it. Not as good in other situations if he's not in check. But unless there's high stress, and nothing he can do about something in that moment, he's decently able to keep himself in check.


  • Parents
    • Father: Will Monroe
    • Mother: Anna Monroe
  • Siblings: Eva Monroe (eldest sister, age 33), Laini Monroe (slightly older sister, age 29)
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None

Relationship details

Name Relationship Description
Anna Monroe
Mother Born 234507.29, age 55. Andy's relationship with his mom is a little bit complicated. He of course loves her. And as much as she's able, she cares for him, too. She cares for all her kids. But she was quite a bit of workaholic growing up, and still is. So there's always been an emotional distance that he can't quite seem to cross with her most of the time. He hopes the distance from joining Starfleet ends in a "distance makes the heart grow fonder" feeling when he finally visits again.
Will Monroe
Father Born 234210.01, age 58. Similar to his mother, his relationship with his dad is also a bit complicated and distant. Both parents workaholics who worked out the understanding they both valued work, and work ethic. Sometimes above other things. And they were fine with the time apart they often had from it. Both Andy and Will hold familial care for one another as much as is possible. But he's even more distant with his dad than his mom.
Eva Monroe
Eldest Sister Born 236802.04, age 33. Andy is only somewhat close with her. At the very least, he's much closer to Eva than he is with either of his parents. Due to personal reasons, she has made a purposeful bit of distance from the family to figure herself out a little better, but she stays in touch with both Andy and their sister Laini. When she can. Andy misses her a lot, but respects that she needs some space for now. He needed the space, too. Conversation is sometimes awkward between them after enough time has passed, but they figure it out. He knows it won't be like this forever.
Laini Monroe
Older Sister Born 237105.13, age 29. As far as immediate family is concerned, Laini is Andy's best friend and confidant. He would, and does trust her with anything and everything. Since he joined Starfleet, they don't talk as much as they used to. But when they do talk it feels like they never stopped. She's one of the main people he misses from back home.

Interests and skills

  • Hobbies: Music, being active, learning new things, reading, spending time with people.
    • Specific music skills: Acoustic guitar, and singing. He's decently good at the guitar, and very good at singing. Though he's a little shy to show as much off, despite having wanted to be a famous musician at some point in his childhood. He probably does something with it in holodeck situations on his own time. Would probably feel a bit embarrassed if anyone caught him doing that.
    • Specific active skills: He's very fit, he works out. Good at self defense, and some form of martial arts. He enjoys a good spar sometimes when the situation for it strikes. He's always striving to improve that skill with others who are maybe more experienced. Also has very minor experience in certain gymnastics things. He's quite proud of being able to do a really good handstand, he's practiced a lot on that one. He can also dance.
    • Specific reading favorites: He really likes a good adventure story. Sometimes a mystery or even a horror novel of some sort. On the low-key he does enjoy trashy romance sometimes, he finds them a little funny, but you won't usually get him to admit to that one up front. This goes for both normal books, and holonovels alike.
  • Misc. skills: Puns. He can, and often will, make a pun on the fly. Also, he is fluent in English and ASL having grown up in a family that was primarily Deaf and hard of hearing. It has also lead him to be decently alright at reading people's body language at times, seeing as body language is part of the grammar of signing. He can also draw alright, though he's not professional in any capacity. But he has enough skill to be considered not bad at it.
  • Misc. things: He has synesthesia. He associates musical sounds with colors, which is part of what makes him quite good at music because he can associate those sounds and pitches with colors to help keep him on pitch, key, and notes.


  • He's extremely expressive, and a little eccentric in the way that he moves when speaking. Especially when nervous. Uses his hands a lot for emphasis. He also has restless hands so he's often moving them in little subtle ways if he's not using them to speak. He's also a pretty emotional person, and depending on the emotion it can become more or less eccentric.
  • There are times when he doesn't really have coherent words for feelings, and he will instead use incoherent noises as quick fill to express what he's trying to get at. It's okay if you don't get it. He doesn't either or he'd have used words. He also has a habit of nervous stammering when it's really bad.
  • The way that he socializes with people often differs from situation to situation. There are times when he's quite smooth. Usually in situations that are directly fun for him. And other times where he very much will ramble your ear off. Possibly nervous, possibly excited. Maybe both. Sometimes how he's talking is in between kinda smooth and ridiculously awkward. He's probably not sure what he's feeling in those moments.
  • Considering how casual and jokey he is about most things, paired with his somewhat socially awkward existence, his occasional anxiety rambling, and his highly emotional nature, he knows he probably comes off a little less immediately intelligent at times. He's very aware of himself. Maybe a little too much. But he's pretty intuitive. Smart in his own way. Sometimes processing things takes him a little longer, but he will process it. Some of the way he lives might seem effortless, and carefree but very few things are as they seem. Everything he does is something he's working hard on regardless of how it looks from the outside perspective.
  • He's not all that afraid of medical doctors, but he is very anxious of therapists and counselors to a certain, odd extent. Part of it is his mom being one. Part of it other reasons not really related to the therapy or counseling in itself, and more the vulnerable nature of it. He'll still attempt to talk to them with honesty. But in the process he'll fidget, ramble, stammer, struggle to find proper words, other things. He tends toward high stress while the talking is happening, but afterwards usually feels either better, or at least better prepared to deal with himself. But the process is stressful and a little embarrassing for him because he's already eccentric without the weird emotional vulnerability adding to it as far as he's concerned. At least right now. It's even less likely he'll go into any real amount of detail about many things with people outside of counseling or therapy, though. Far more likely to offer support and a listening ear. Or a smile, a joke, if it's appropriate. And if he tries to actually, genuinely open up, embarrassing eccentricities and all, consider yourself very trustworthy. Because that's what he feels about it.

In essence, he can be quite different with how he's acting and reacting to the things around him depending on several factors. Environment, stress levels, fun levels, mental stimulation, socialization and how people are reacting to him personally. Not unrecognizably different, but he's not always going to react as predictably to things depending on the details and context of the experience.


Andy was born and raised on Earth, in Maryland to Anna and Will Monroe, and is the youngest of three children. He hasn't always gone by Andy, but it was a change that was eventually adjusted to when he came out. Before that, his family life wasn't all sunshine and rainbows, some difficult things causing anxiety, stress, and unintended, but very notable, strain in familial bonds. He learned that, unfortunately, you can’t always trust the family who stays with you. And you can’t always trust parents to handle it correctly when it comes out. With time, and conscious effort on everyone's part, they worked on it as best as they could, actively trying to be better than they'd been. Relationships were mended to a degree, at least as much as was possible for them. Though maybe there'd always be distance in some ways. He'd always be closer to his sisters, than his parents and other parts of his family for a number of reasons. It was a process. It's still a process.

His family was, and still pretty well is, very settled on earth. His father a doctor, and mother a therapist of sorts there. His sisters chose also to stay on Earth for the time being, though who knew what the future held in the end.

Andy had always been curious about space, stars, and about meeting new people he wouldn't otherwise have the chance to know and having new experiences. Learning new things. He was the more immediately adventurous one of the bunch, and very social in nature despite the anxiety. His family was ultimately supportive of his wants and tried to help him where they could, or at least where he'd let them.

So once he was old enough he worked very hard to achieve his goals and become a part of what he felt was something more. Though he was very smart, it didn’t always translate well into processing what he learned the way a lot of others did. He struggled a lot more than he likes to admit with it. He wasn’t at the bottom, by any means, but he was far from the top of his class. He was more than happy to be part of Starfleet and the academy, though, and to be finally independent and going places in whatever way that happened.

Service Record

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Ensign 239604.16 - Present USS Veritas
Security Officer

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