Lost and Found (Veritas)

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Veritas Mission History
Year 1 (2393-2394)
The Forgotten Land · Rag and Bone · Aftershock · The Mother Road
Year 2 (2395)
The Irresistible Prize · Kallo Ver & The Hunt for the Lost Romulan Treasure Fleet · The Omega Paradox · Hope Lost · Flashpoint
Year 3 (2396)
Limbo · Dawn · Home · Sentinel · Play the Part · The First Colony · Tour de Ketar V · Charybdis · Lost and Found
Year 4 (2397)
E Pluribus Unum · Nadira · Free Flight · Pirates of the Quantum Realms · Forever and Always · Heartbeat · Home Is Where the Heart Is · Wandering Star
Year 5 (2398)
Here Kitty Kitty · Reunion · Chasing Shadows · Endeavour · Loopy · Fissure
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Lost and Found

  • Stardate 239611-12

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Shoreleave Summary

As the Veritas and the Diligent head back towards Ketar V, the crew tries to recover from the events of 'Charybids' while welcoming some new faces aboard. An unexpected visit from a Betazoid noble provides the ship an opportunity to host a formal reception dinner, while the upcoming holidays are the perfect setting for a team of Elf-gineers to leave delightful surprises for the whole crew.

A Formal Affair

Dinner Conversation

Rivi & Franz

The Diligent - Coda

-Child birth (Ukinix, MacKenzie, Vanlith, Teller)

-Highest Human Felicity

The Teller Family

Reunion on Luna


The Sitter


The Workshop

Special Delivery

New Faces/Special Ops team

Holographic Ghosts


Special Surgery (Zhou/Blake/MacKenzie/Del Vedova/Teller)

Shoreleave Hijinks

Sonic Highways

During a counselling session with Jansen Orrey, Lieutenant Wil Ukinix is told that he should run a relaxing music concert program in the holodeck. Wil leverages the ship's computer to build the program for him, which ends up being anything from relaxing - a early 21st century alternative rock band concert at a stadium. He invites Geoffrey Teller and Jayla Petras along, and before the music starts the trio have trouble purchasing "refreshments", while a tall Hawaiian shirt wearing holo-character flirts with Jayla. Eventually they make their way front and center of the concert, and are surprised by how loud it is, making it hard for them to communicate. When the crowd begins to form a mosh pit, Wil mischievously leads Jayla and Geoffrey into it. The holoprogram ends early when Geoffrey lands on his head after crowd surfing.


Pool Party/BBQ

Best Customer (Kelrod/Vanlith/Welders Diner)