E Pluribus Unum (Veritas)

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Veritas Mission History
Year 1 (2393-2394)
The Forgotten Land · Rag and Bone · Aftershock · The Mother Road
Year 2 (2395)
The Irresistible Prize · Kallo Ver & The Hunt for the Lost Romulan Treasure Fleet · The Omega Paradox · Hope Lost · Flashpoint
Year 3 (2396)
Limbo · Dawn · Home · Sentinel · Play the Part · The First Colony · Tour de Ketar V · Charybdis · Lost and Found
Year 4 (2397)
E Pluribus Unum · Nadira · Free Flight · Pirates of the Quantum Realms · Forever and Always · Heartbeat · Home Is Where the Heart Is · Wandering Star
Year 5 (2398)
Here Kitty Kitty · Reunion · Chasing Shadows · Endeavour · Loopy · Fissure
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E Pluribus Unum

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  • Stardate 239701 - Present

Federation Security of the Exterior Lily Ventu arrives on Ketar V to help mediate talks between the Romulan refugee community and the native colonists as they work on a plan forward for the troubled First Colony.

Plot Summary

Act I

Act II


  • Lily Ventu, Federation Secretary of the Exterior (Played by Rouiancet aka Del Vedova)
  • Tessara, Romulan Representative (Played by Blake)
  • Rose Thompson, Ketar V Governor (Played by Alentonis aka Cumar)
  • James Robinson, Ketar V Representative (Played by Rahman)
  • Caroline Stevenson, Ketar V Representative (Played by MacKenzie and Orrey)
  • Lucius Calbert, Colonial Coalition Marshal (Played by Teller and Alexander-Dalton)
  • Loralie Brenner, Colonial Coaltion Marshal (Played by Alexander-Dalton)
  • Alatan Barjol, FNS Reporter (Played by Alse)

Shoreleave Summary

Log Entries

Roshanara Rahman

Captain's Log, Stardate 239701.06

With the arrival of Federation Secretary of the Exterior Lily Ventu aboard, I've called an end to shore leave. Veritas has been ordered to provide transport and security while Secretary Ventu is in the Shoals. The secretary is here to help mediate talks between the Romulan and Reman refugee community on Ketar and the colonial government. I've assembled the crew for a full briefing as well as to pay special recognition for their achievements in our last mission.


Assistant Chief of Security’s Log, Stardate 239701.06

With the arrival of Federation Secretary of the Exterior Lily Ventu aboard, the Captain has called an end to shore leave. The premature end means I won’t have any time with Wil before the beginning of our next mission. There is so much to explain to him and so much to make up for. From what little the captain said, the Veritas has been ordered to provide transport and security while Secretary Ventu is in the Shoals. The secretary is here to help mediate talks between the Romulan and Reman refugee community on Ketar and the colonial government. Tensions are high and patience is at an all-time low. Coming through the starport on Ketar I could see that the anger and resentment towards the Romulan and Reman refuges has only increased. It would only take a single spark to send the whole colony spiraling into chaos. I pray to Kahless that does not happen. I don’t know what help the Secretary will be in calming things. In my experience bureaucrats rarely calm things. By the Light I hope whomever sent the Secretary knew what they were doing. There are good people on Ketar and I have no wish to see them spill the blood of their own neighbor. As Kahless taught, true strength lies in standing together, not apart. The captain has assembled the crew for a full briefing on the situation.

Zaaia Leix.png
Lt. Commander
Zaaia Leix

Mission and Strategic Operations Officer’s Log, Stardate 239701.08

After receiving the mission specs, I decided to look into what happened after the destruction of Hobus. A few of my Marine buddies who helped with the evacuation and relocation efforts said it was one of the worst disasters they’d seen in their time. With tensions high between the Ketar V colonists and the Romulans, there are concerns about riots and fights breaking out. I haven’t really encountered enough Romulans to have feelings one way or the other, but no one deserves to lose their home and loved ones the way they did. It looks like I’ll have to brush up on my Romulan. It might go a bit of a way toward building trust in case I’m put in a position to interact with one of their representatives.

Chase Masters

Ensign Chase Masters Personal Log Mission 1 - Stardate: 239701.09

I am starting this log to help me keep a personal account of my dealings with my new ship family. Observation 1: Upon arriving onboard the Vertias, I have discovered 3 things. 1: They are a warm and friendly bunch. 2: Engineering is full of surprises, I am going to have to keep on my toes around them. 3: Out of everyone here, the person I feel that I am most closest to is our returning Assistant Chief of Security G'var. I know that I am half human and half Betazoid, and our cultures are vastly different but with my Kung Fu training that I have a heart of a warrior. I hope that in the days, nar I say years to come, I hope to foster a relationship or friendship with everyone here. It feels new and not like a home yet, but I can do this.

End of personal log.

Lt. Commander
Raissa Moonsong

Personal Log: Lieutenant Commander Raissa Moonsong SD 239701.10

Apparently Roshanara has forgotten my interesting lack of tact and diplomacy in the field. Apologizing for Kel and Wil to Chief Jennings does not count. But, I did promise Jansen I would do my best to be polite and civil…. I allowed him to live even if he could not stop laughing. But I think this time, I am going to do a better job of it. It is time I moved forward and practice the same patience that I have with my daughter…. I think my personal log is laughing at me now.

Roshanara Rahman

Captain’s Log, Stardate 239701.27

With the departure of Lieutenant Commander Teller and Dr. MacKenzie, there are big vacancies to fill in engineering and medical. Lieutenant Ukinix is serving as acting chief engineer for now while a replacement is sought. In the medical department, Dr. del Vedova has needed to take a step back from his role as a department chief, and I had planned on naming Dr. MacKenzie in his place as acting chief. Fortunately, we’ve received a transfer for medical who’s both familiar with the ship and qualified to take on the role during our vital mission.

Lieutenant Commander
Dassa Alexander

Chief Medical Officer's Log, Stardate 239701.30

Per Captain Rahman’s instructions, I’ve checked in with Sickbay. I was to get better acquainted with Sickbay and some of the personnel. The Security department called for a quick briefing, which allowed me a bit more time to dig into what’s been reported so far. I have to admit I feel a bit out of my comfort zone with the tactical side of all this but I am confident in the team that has been assigned to me. They know the mission and are familiar with the inhabitants as well as their situation. As far as Marshal Calbert--I hope he’s as friendly with me as Commander Leix’s report indicated he was with her.

Roshanara Rahman

Captain’s Log, Stardate 239702.18

With progress being made, however tentatively, Secretary Ventu has elected to remain behind to continue mediating talks and to hold all accountable. The USS Kepler has arrived in orbit to assume security and transport duties for the secretary.

We’ve retrieved our away teams and will be departing Ketar V shortly.

Wil Ukinix

Personal Log, Stardate 202002.19

With the culprits responsible for the communications blackout apprehended and Ketar’s communication network back up and running, it’s time to say goodbye to Ketar V. Some would say this planet is feral. To be honest, they’d be partially right. A visit to the Explosive Decompression bar would be enough to have anyone wanting to be beamed back to the ship for full decontamination.

But there is a certain charm that can be found in this place. The planet may have stalled a little in its development, but I hold hope that this planet can, one day, become a destination planet for many.

Personally, Ketar V will always hold a special place in my heart. I’ve been involved in so many highlights and lowlights here, from pub crawls, to rebuilding Romulan buildings, to being arrested with Captain Rahman and Commander Kelrod, twice being assigned acting Chief Engineer, and saying goodbye to two of my colleagues very dear and special to me, Doctor MacKenzie and Commander Teller, the latter whom I consider my brother. I will miss them both dearly, and will always associate Ketar V with them.

But time must and will move on. They say that experiences build character. With everything under control in Engineering before our departure for Cait, there is one more experience that I intend to associate with this planet, and, by hook or by crook, I intend to make it happen.