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The Menthar Corridor Saga
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Visit to Neverland
  • Stardate 239101
    • As both captain and crew come to terms with the results of the last mission and their assignment to the Garuda, the USS Mercury’s Galaxy class successor, the senior officers partake in a pantomime of Peter Pan for the enjoyment of their shipmates.
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The Kubarey
  • Stardate 239102
    • The crew of the Garuda are excited about being involved with a historic First Contact with the Kubarey race, but things do not go according to plan.
R&R at DS10
  • Stardate 239103
    • With the fraught first contact mission with the Kubarey over, the Garuda crew arrive back to Deep Space 10 for some well earned rest and relaxation as they each cope with the aftermath of the mission in their own way.
Blockades and Diplomacy
  • Stardate 239104-239105
    • The crew of the Garuda find themselves between a rock and a hard place during their mission to the Zeta Equulei system where the Community and the Myr Luuk are hostile neighbours.
Treachery on the Mud Dome
  • Stardate 239106-239107
    • As they try to save the Eth city of Bocasa before it is engulfed by an unstable, volcanic mud dome, the Garuda's crew is betrayed by one of their own.
Ghost Ship
  • Stardate 239108-239109
    • Shore leave is cut short when the Garuda crew are called on an urgent mission to hunt down a rogue Starfleet vessel: the Garuda's predecessor USS Mercury.
  • Stardate 239110-239112
    • While Captain Egan Manno and the Garuda are summoned away, the rest of the crew remaining on DSX led by Nia Calderan are suddenly trapped when terrorists calling themselves the Maquis Reborn lock the station down in a quarantine protocol with a deadly virus.