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The Menthar Corridor Saga
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The Q Collection
  • Stardate 239207-239208
    • Just as the Invicta begins her shakedown cruise out of Astrofori One, a pair of Q appear as uninvited guests to the launch celebration, and the crew find themselves caught in the middle of their game.
  • Stardate 239209
    • While docked at Astrofori One for shore leave, a rare shipboard court martial is held aboard the Invicta for the ship’s chief of security.
The Road Not Taken
  • Stardate 239209.22-239211.08
    • After a trip through a rare space-time anomaly, the Invicta finds itself in an alternate reality where the Dominion War ended in the Federation's defeat.
  • Stardate 239211.30-239301
    • When Captain Kells is presumed killed, the crew of the Invicta discover a secret mission underneath the pomp and circumstance of the grand Invicta Expedition.