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The Menthar Corridor Saga
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Personal Request
  • Stardate 239002-239004
    • Eyas Wulfantine asks for help from his shipmates to rescue his mother, sentenced to death on the Pythron homeworld, while others on the Mercury answer a long lost distress call of a mysterious ship caught in the gravity well of a gas giant.
Journey to the Lost Library
  • Stardate 239005-239006
    • An installation had been discovered on an uninhabited planet believed to be a library of some sort, and one that may hold ancient knowledge about the dominions of races that once called the Corridor home — and, perhaps more relevantly, what happened to them.
End of Days
  • Stardate 239007-239008
    • With the incipient eruption of a supervolcano on 83 Leonis II, how far will the Mercury crew go to help without violating the Prime Directive?
  • Stardate 239009-239010
    • With the Gateway Crisis of 2390 affecting nearly every corner of the galaxy, the Mercury is sent by Starfleet from its usual haven at DSX to the thoroughly unreputable Menthar Anchorage when word gets out that an Iconian gateway is to be sold.
No Rest for the Wicked
  • Stardate 239011-239012
    • Tracking the Iconian gateway to the Nygel system, the Mercury crew face off against a Cardassian ship in orbit and a ruthless Orion on the surface, both of whom will stop at nothing to get their hands on the gateway.