Invicta Expedition

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The Invicta Expedition was a deep space expedition that ran from 2392 to 2395, exploring and charting the vast Menthar Corridor.


The Invicta Expedition was one of four such deep space exploration missions launched in 2392 by the United Federation of Planets, at the direction of Federation President Nan Bacco to recapture the spirit of Starfleet's early five-year missions of the Constitution class.

While each ship of the expedition was commanded by its own CO, the commander of the expedition itself was Fleet Captain Aron Kells, who maintained his office on the expedition's flagship, the Cardiff class USS Invicta. The Invicta was accompanied by four support vessels: the USS Garuda, the USS Mercury, the USS Tiger-A, and the USS Syracuse. The Invicta departed on its mission from Astrofori One in the Menthar Corridor, heading farther out into the frontier, away from the Federation and Cardassian Union.

After three years of operation and several crew rotations, the expedition concluded in 2395.

Vessels of the Invicta Expedition

InvictaLogo.png Cardiff-scale.png
USS InvictaCardiff class • Capt. Joseph Washington, CO
GarudaLargeLogo.png Galaxy-scale.png
USS GarudaGalaxy class • Capt. Kol Th'zhyner, CO
Mercurylogo.png Oracle-scale.png
USS MercuryOracle class • Cmdr. Tara Mirza, CO
Tigerlogo.png Prometheus-scale.png
USS Tiger-APrometheus class • Capt. Della Vetri, CO
Syracuselogo.png Saber-scale.png
USS SyracuseSaber class • Cmdr. Roshanara Rahman, CO