Myr Luuk

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Myr Luuk
Four Letter Code MYLK
Federation Status Unknown
Planet of Origin Zeta Equulei system
Encountered GRD: "Blockades and Diplomacy"
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level I
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A warp-capable non-humanoid species whose homeworld is currently blockaded by its long-held rival known as The Community. Having only been warp-capable for perhaps twenty or thirty years, they have explored little beyond the Zeta Equulei system. There are reports that they may also possess dangerous, subspace weaponry.


Zeta Equulei 3, a class K planet with a primarily carbon dioxide atmosphere. The atmosphere has a purple tint and the landscape is dominated by massive, twisting trees. The Myr Luuk tend to live in half-tree, half-mechanical constructs built into these large plants.


Myr Luukians have an appearance similar to that of Terran centipedes. The average adult is about 2.4 meters long and one half meter wide with turquoise fur and violet eyes. Long tendrils on the head are used to sense movements in the atmosphere, and are held back in an aggressive stance, forward in an inquisitive and open one, and down in a more humble one. With small legs numbering anywhere from thirty to one hundred, they are capable of rapid movement, and of quick manipulation of their environment, though they cannot focus on more simultaneous tasks than the average humanoid.


The Myr Luuk have possessed nuclear fission technology since Earth's late sixteenth century, but have advanced relatively slowly toward warp drive in the intervening years. A scientific mistake in recent history lead to the early development of advanced subspace weaponry, which they have been experimenting with at the edge of their star system without a deep knowledge of how dangerous subspace weaponry can be. The Cardassians first came across an early Myr Luukian warp ships venturing just outside their home system in 2364--and promptly destroyed it. Since then, the Myr Luukians have stayed confined to their system. Starfleet made first contact with them in 2376.

Starfleet has never been able to decipher exactly how Myr Luukians communicate – though the crew that first encountered them speculated it was a new form of telepathy they had never encountered before. Regardless, because other species they’ve encountered have had the same difficulty, Myr Luukians rely on simplistic holograms to serve as their equivalent of a universal translator. No one from Starfleet had ever actually seen a Myr Luukian in person prior to the arrival of the USS Garuda in 2391.