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The Menthar Anchorage is an independent Ferengi trading station located in the Menthar Corridor. The main defensive system of the Menthar Anchorage is a state of the art cloaking device; when fully cloaked it is impossible to find unless one already knows it's coordinates. The decloaking code is purchasable from the owner of the station, for a price. The Anchorage is cobbled together from various sections purchased over time, and grew in a coil configuration like a spring. The only times when the station normally decloaks is when a ship is docking or leaving.


The docking levels are at the bottom of the coil, and Station Control at the top, with entertainment levels, storage and facilities between. Staff facilities are in the second and third coil from the top.

The Anchorage features numerous bars to cater for all budgets, restaurants, extensive gambling areas, a brothel, accommodations and storage facilities.

  • The Drunken Targ - a bar on the main Promenade favoured by several members of the USS Mercury's crew as having good food and decent beer without being too up market.

Staff only areas include extra storage, accommodations, hydroponics which provide both food and oxygen, and the engineering core.


  • Tol - Ferengi trader and owner of the Menthar Anchorage.
  • Golt - Ferengi trader and younger cousin of Tol, just starting his trading career.
  • Tora - Orion Chief of Security. Her security officers are primarily Orion males, whom she rules with an iron fist.
  • Terl - Orion Security Officer
  • B'Trel - Orion/Klingon Madam

Regular patrons

  • Karen Harrigan, Captain of the SS Hornet, and her helmsman Hawkes and engineer Lawson.