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The Menthar Corridor Saga
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Mission Summary

Part 1

  • Stardate 238906

The beginning of June found the crew of the Mercury on shore leave, and while some chose to enjoy the uninhabited tropical ocean world they’d discovered in the Menthar Corridor, others engaged in more personal exploits. However, the discovery of a flooded city by the XO, Lt. Cmdr. Arden Cain, brought shore leave to an end. Obsolete equipment in the city helped Cain to then discover a derelict space station in a decaying orbit around the planet. Cmdr. Aron Kells ordered Cain and an away team to explore the station and save it from falling from the sky if possible. While the away team had found the station to be uninhabited, they awoke spiderlike automatons, though their presence didn’t seem to be too hostile.

Meanwhile, on the surface of the planet, ops chief Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Matthews led another team to explore the flooded city and discovered an amphibious and evidently non-indigenous race called the Corvian. While Matthews and his team continued to explore the surface, the military leader of the Corvians beamed up to the Mercury to meet the ship’s CO. His visit resulted (or perhaps simply coincided with) the strange transformation of medical crewman Gypsy Hawker from fully human into an amphibious humanoid creature — one whom CMO Lt. Velana had just discovered was pregnant.

Part 2

  • Stardate 238907

The crew of the Mercury continued their exploration of the derelict space station in orbit above Eta Corvi IV. Interactions with the amphibious and pre-warp Corvian race revealed that they did not build the structure, as they were a race of space gypsies that settled on the planet thanks to its Class O status; and while they volunteered to assist CMO Velana with restoring Crewman Gypsy Hawker to fully human, diplomatic officer Danning and Counselor Avandar at last exposed the contradiction of the Prime Directive their contact with the Corvians implied. Direct intervention from Cmdr Kells reinforced Velana’s decision to proceed, and the Corvians left the ship soon after the procedure was completed.

Meanwhile, Cmdr. Kells led another team over to the station and the away teams split into three groups, one for each of the nodal control centers the station possessed. The teams succeeded in restoring minimal power, and contact with an android evidently created by the station’s builders assisted them in shutting down the cybernetic spiders, which were nothing more than service bots with corrupted programming. As the month closed, the Mercury and the away teams worked together to move the station back into a stable orbit.